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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 34 Recap

Shen Kuo has been with Wen Ruxue all the time, Wen Ruxue quickly adjusted her mood, and then continued to record the show. Dai Xixi and Mr. Teng played games together and were as happy as two children. Dai Xixi realized the pleasure of controlling the situation in the game, and felt more enjoyable than ever.

President Teng personally cooked the exquisite meals. He shared with Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi took the opportunity to confide in his confusion. Teng always felt that the other party was hesitant to refuse to marry, and persuaded Dai Xixi and Duan Xu to have a frank and open talk. The hotel’s intelligent upgrade system plan formulated by the Ding Huiqiao team was supported by the group company. As soon as Ding Huiqiao received the e-mail, he began intensive preparations, giving everyone on the team a detailed division of labor.

A colleague suggested to invite Momo, the internet celebrity, to do publicity. Luo Shang knew everything about Momo, the queen of goods. Ding Huiqiao watched Momo’s live broadcast and felt that her promotion was very contagious. He bought a lot of products in one breath, and immediately decided to cooperate with him. She signed. Shen Kuo persuaded Wen Ruxue to take the initiative to find Bai Xiangwen to reconcile, and he personally took her home. Bai Xiangwen went home from get off work. He happened to see Shen Kuo downstairs and voluntarily added his WeChat account and paid 100 yuan for the bus on the spot.

Duan Xu bought a ring specially. He wanted to call Dai Xixi. He didn’t expect Dai Xixi to come to him with beer. Dai Xixi drank a lot of alcohol in one breath, and asked him bitterly about the reason for not getting married. Duan Xu was worried that she would drink too much and rushed to grab it. After drinking beer, Dai Xixi was very distressed and suspected that she did not have the charm of a woman, so no man had the impulse to her. Duan Xu knows his own conditions. He has no money, no house, no car, and a pair of worry-free parents. They are not worthy of Dai Xixi, let alone drag her down. Dai Xixi doesn’t care about this at all. She doesn’t need a house or a wedding. Just want to be with Duan Xu. Duan Xu admits that he dare not get married. Dai Xixi hugs him tightly and encourages him not to be afraid. Duan Xu is deeply moved.

Wen Ruxue couldn’t sleep at night and wanted to get up quietly to drink, but she finally held it back. She carefully looked at the Bai Xiangwen beside her, and her heart was mixed. When Bai Xiangwen woke up early in the morning, Wen Ruxue had to pretend to sleep, and Bai Xiangwen gently kissed. She woke up right away. Dai Xixi woke up early in the morning and found that she was undressed and sleeping on Duan Xu’s bed, with an extra ring on her middle finger. Duan Xu promised to change the ring from her middle finger to the ring finger as soon as possible. Dai Xixi showed off on her Moments on the spot.

When Wen Ruxue saw Dai Xixi’s circle of friends, she told Bai Xiangwen the good news. Bai Xiangwen wanted to take her out for breakfast, and promised to let her go back to Ding Huiqiao’s house for one day occasionally, but not too often, and Bai Xiang, who never liked driving. Wen deliberately bought a car, just because he didn’t want Wen Ruxue to take the Shen Kuo car home again. Wen Ruxue was moved by his sincerity, and the two of them settled their suspicions and reconciled as before.

Momo brought a large group of assistants to the hotel on time to sign the contract. Julie told her about the terms of the contract. Momo had no objection, and the two parties signed a letter of intent for cooperation. Qi Yue peeped at Du Jiamu’s email. In his reply, Du’s father said that Wen Xiaoyang’s painting style was too naive. He chose a talented author to focus on training. Du Jiamu strongly recommended Wen Xiaoyang and wanted her to be an assistant first. Qi Yue saw it. At this email, she gritted her teeth with anger, and while Du Jiamu was not paying attention, she hacked Wen Xiaoyang’s phone from her mobile phone.

Qi Yue called Wen Xiaoyang. Wen Xiaoyang refused to answer. She kept calling. Wen Ruxue wanted to pick it up for her. Wen Xiaoyang had to take out her mobile phone. This time it was the bookstore owner who called Qi Yue. The other party claimed that Qi Yue was in the store. Steal something, and ask Wen Xiaoyang to redeem her, otherwise the boss will call the police. Wen Xiaoyang considered having to rush to the bookstore again and again, and Wen Ruxue went with her.

Qi Yue repeatedly claimed that Du Jiamu had copied Wen Xiaoyang’s manuscript and that Du Jiamu had copied her. Wen Xiaoyang was dubious. She could not get through Du Jiamu’s phone, so she had to send a WeChat message to him and found that Du Jiamu had blacked her out. Dai Xixi felt that Qi Yue was provoking, and Ding Huiqiao suggested going to Du Jiamu’s agency to inquire about the publication of comics.

Momo came to Wei Hotel on time to do a 24-hour non-stop live broadcast. As soon as she entered the lobby, she began to experience intelligent services. Ding Huiqiao led the team members in the meeting room to follow Momo’s every move. Momo came to the guest room and experienced the powerful functions of the housekeeper Xiaoyi. The number of fans in the live broadcast room quickly reached one million.

During the intermission, the assistant sent a big bag of snacks to Momo. Momo was addicted to cigarettes. She hid in the bathroom to smoke, and asked the assistant to turn off Xiao Yi so that the fans would not see it.

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