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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 32 Recap

After Jing Beiyuan rescued Zhang Chengling, he sent him back to Shen Shen and Gao Xiaolian, and sent his disciple Aqinlai to serve Zhang Chengling. Zhang Chengling learned that Wen Kexing was the master of the Valley of Ghosts. Practicing exercises day and night, wanting to learn as soon as possible and seek revenge on Wen Kexing, Gao Xiaoping pity and persuasion will not help, Zhang Chengling still angered and drove Aqinlai away.

Zhou Zishu gradually healed from his injuries. He hosted a banquet in honor of the great witch, Jing Beiyuan, Gu Xiang, and Cao Weining. Several people greeted the wine. Ah Qin Lai hurried back to return to Jing Beiyuan. Zhou Zishu learned that Zhang Chengling was going to seek revenge from Wen Kexing. He decided to go to Guigu to find Wen Kexing personally to resolve the misunderstanding between Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing. Before leaving, Da Wu Give Zhou Zishu some pills.

Zhou Zishu quickly came to the foot of Qingya Mountain with a whip. He accidentally heard that Zhao Jing led the various sects of the rivers and lakes to level the Guigu Valley. The owner of the Guigu Valley was trapped, and Zhou Zishu was anxious. Wen Kexing was surrounded by Zhao Jing and others. Shen Shen and Zhang Chengling also rushed over. Wen Kexing was severely injured. He was desperate and threatened with the key to the arsenal.

Wen Ke Qu was willing to die in Zhang Chengling’s hands and promised not to fight back. Zhang Chengling wanted to kill Wen Ke to avenge his father and brother. Shen Shen worried that there was a fraud, and desperately stopped Zhang Chengling. Zhou Zishu suddenly fell from the sky. He tightly guarded Wen Kexing and did not allow anyone to hurt him. Zhao Jing warned Zhou Zishu not to help him be abusive, and Zhou Zishu ridiculed him.

Ye Baiyi suddenly came, he drew his sword and fought Wen Kexing, Zhou Zishu went to help, but was dragged by the impermanence ghost and the anxious ghost, Zhang Chengling flew off, and he used a hidden weapon to injure Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing was unstable and staggered into the cliff. Zhou Zishu desperately rushed to save the people, but it was too late. Zhao Jing laughed triumphantly when he saw Wen Kexing falling off the cliff and dying. The King Scorpion urged everyone to find the key to the arsenal on Wen Kexing’s body.

Zhou Zishu woke up in a daze and learned that he was in the Ping An Inn. He heard that Wen Kexing had been thrown to death. He also picked up the whole body and returned. He vomited blood on the spot because of the anger. Zhao Jing hosted a banquet to celebrate. Thanks to Ye Baiyi’s help. Ye Baiyi believed that King Scorpion was the greatest hero. He designed to lead Wen Kexing out of Qingya Mountain, and then went away without drinking any wine. Zhao Jing solemnly introduced King Xie as his son to the heads of the various sects present, and Fan Huaikong left the meeting because he couldn’t bear it.

Gu Xiang brought Cao Weining to inquire about Wen Kexing’s whereabouts, and ran into Fan Huaikong head-on. Fan Huaikong forced Cao Weining to leave Gu Xiang, and Cao Weining resolutely quit. Zhou Zishu came to the Five Lakes League and saw Liu Qianqiao burning paper money at the door to worship Wen Kexing. Zhou Zishu forcibly opened the door and saw Wen Kexing lying on the cold wooden board. The disciples of the Five Lakes League rushed to hear the news. Zhou Zishu didn’t want to be in love with the war, let alone trample on Wen Kexing’s innocence. He kicked a burning firewood to Wen Kexing’s body on the spot, and the flames burned instantly. Zhou Zishu left with pain Up.

Gu Xiang and Cao Weining later caught up with him and learned that Zhou Zishu had not rescued Wen Kexing. Gu Xiang fainted because of sadness. Zhou Zishu asked Cao Weining to take Gu Xiang and Jing Beiyuan back to southern Xinjiang. Zhou Zishu lost his confidant Wen Kexing. He was heartbroken. He came to the place where Wen Kexing was killed alone to borrow wine to seduce his sorrows. He couldn’t help but remember the scenes of the two of them who were born and died together. Zhou Zishu immediately decided to take Wen Kexing away. The thing is done.

Zhao Jing publicly announced the resumption of the Heroes Conference tomorrow, calling on all sects in the rivers and lakes to flatten the ghost valley and wipe out three thousand ghosts, and then choose a martial arts leader, he has a good deal to toast the dead, Shen Shen, the king of scorpion and Zhang Chengling respectively to Zhao Jing Toast, congratulate him on his victory tomorrow, everyone elected Zhao Jing as the leader of the martial arts, wishing him what he wanted, Zhao Jing happily closed his mouth from ear to ear.

Ye Baiyi bought drunk alone and cursed the dead apprentice Rong Xuan, not only killed himself, but also killed more innocent people. Ye Baiyi thought of the tragic death of Wen Kexing, and felt very uncomfortable. King Scorpion sent someone to look like Duan Pengju, and came to Master Zhao Jingxing to inquire about his crimes, and condemned him that he should not be in the same way as the evil way. Jing’s actions were completely chilling to him.

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