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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 31 Recap

The impermanence ghost brought Heiwuchang to return to King Scorpion and reported the results of the battle of the Qingfeng Sword Sect. The king Scorpion asked Liu Qianqiao to send them the antidote for this month, and the anxious ghost arrested Cao Weining and Gu Xiang for business. .

Fan Huaikong was very dissatisfied with Mo Huaiyang’s actions. He did not expect that he would collude with evil ways. Mo Huaiyang explained that it was Zhao Jing and King Scorpion, and he did not give the real glazed armor to Zhao Jing at all. I was wrong to blame him, and apologized to him repeatedly.

That night, Bi Changfeng’s disciple Bi Xingming brought the disciples of the former part of Tianchuang into the Prince Jin’s Mansion with a mask, and rescued Zhou Zishu from the jail. They drove a carriage to escort Zhou Zishu out of Jinzhou, and were led by Duan Pengju on the way After chasing and blocking, Duan Pengju had discovered their whereabouts a long time ago, just to let them succeed, and then kill Zhou Zishu without knowing it.

Duan Pengju ordered Zhou Zishu and Bi Xingming to be killed. Wen Kexing suddenly descended from the sky and asked Bi Xingming to take the others to leave. Duan Pengju’s army, known as King Jin, was about to arrive. Unexpectedly, the ghosts of Ghost Valley swarmed up, and Duan Pengju hurriedly led the people in despair. Withdrawn. It turned out that before Han Ying died, he entrusted 17 disciples of the former department of the skylight to Wen Kexing, and asked Zhou Zishu to take everyone to revitalize the Four Seasons Villa. Wen Kexing called out Bi Xingming and others, and he took the lead to kneel down to Zhou Zishu, Zhou Zishu Touched tears filled his eyes.

Wen Kexing negotiated with King Scorpion, then rescued Gu Xiang and Cao Weining, and settled them in Dagushan, Jing Beiyuan’s residence. Wen Kexing and seventeen disciples escorted Zhou Zishu here. Gu Xiang saw Zhou Zishu’s body wounds all over and vowed to kill King Jin. The great witch hurriedly healed Zhou Zishu’s injuries, Wen Kexing took care of Zhou Zishu carefully, and Zhou Zishu wanted to let them do the apprenticeship together after Zhang Chengling came back.

When Jing Beiyuan learned that Gu Xiang and Cao Weining had eloped, he curiously asked why. Gu Xiang explained the whole process vividly and vividly. Cao Weining learned from Fan Huaikong that Mo Huaiyang and Zhao Jing had reached an agreement, and he was not allowed to question too much, Cao Weining. Very disappointed, he eloped with Gu Xiang, and Gu Xiang concealed the conspiracy between Wen Kexing and King Scorpion.

Zhao Jingguang posted a hero post, calling on the various schools of the rivers and lakes to implement the Bailu Town under the Qingya Mountain, and then work together to destroy the ghost valley. The more Gu Xiang thought about it, the more disturbed he persuaded Wen Kexing not to go back to Guigu, and asked him hard about his agreement with King Scorpion. Wen Kexing refused to answer. Gu Xiang saw King Scorpion use medicine to treat impermanence and irritable ghosts Man surrendered, worried that King Scorpion would be unfavorable to Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing didn’t care at all. Gu Xiang knew that he could do anything to save Zhou Zishu, and was indignant.

Wen Kexing returned to Ghost Valley again, King Scorpion waited here for a long time, and still sat in the chair of the Valley Lord. Wen Kexing laughed and said that he wanted to give him the position of Lord Valley, but King Scorpion did not dare to accept it. Luo Fumeng came to see Wen Kexing and complained that he shouldn’t come back. Luo Fumeng remembered that it was Zhen Ruyu and his wife who rescued him that year. She regretted that they did not rescue them and only rescued Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing admitted that he had no glazed armour at all.

He killed the hanged ghost and lied that the hanged ghost stole his glazed armour. He wanted to repeat the battle of Qingya Mountain and put all the filth in the world and the hypocritical guilds upright. All burned down, Wen Kexing was ready to die with them long ago. When he met Zhou Zishu, he understood the meaning of surviving. Wen Kexing persuaded Luo Fumeng to leave with the girls from the Qingsi, and she insisted. Stay here.

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