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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 6 Recap

Amidst the misty rain, the azure color of nature is the most rare. Tang Mingxuan and Murphy are standing on the pavilion and enjoying the drizzle. Murphy is worried that Su Xiufang and Mingyuan will not be able to cooperate. In her heart, Tang Mingxuan is not a pure businessman, but a person who truly likes Chinese traditional culture.

At this moment, Tang Mingxuan was very concerned about Murphy’s thoughts. He cared whether Murphy was because of his dedication to Su Xiufang, and when he looked at him this way, he really thought he was good. Just like Tang Mingxuan, in his heart, Murphy herself is a special girl, and Morphy also thinks that Tang Mingxuan is very good. Such recognition made Tang Mingxuan feel good.

In the TV station designer competition, Kayman will select five places from the trainees for the model, which can also be regarded as a staged reward. Lu Zhu’s ambition since childhood was to become a world famous model, but she is the most scolded and heaviest trainee every day. For her, this road is difficult and wronged.

Until everyone left, Lu Zhu stayed here alone to practice, over and over again. Mo Fan was supposed to work part-time, so he really didn’t have time to accompany Lu Zhu, but after dark, he couldn’t help coming back to accompany Lu Zhu specially.

Under the persistence and entanglement of the army, Su Xiufang has decided to cooperate with Zhu Haitian, even the owner of the workshop is unable to recover. Hearing this news, Tang Mingxuan was not at all anxious. Instead, he took Mo Fei and Master Li to a garden, which was much larger than Su Embroidery Workshop, and the conditions were much better than Su Embroidery Workshop.

It turned out that Tang Mingxuan had already paved the way for the acquisition of this garden. As long as Master Li was willing, he could reopen an embroidery workshop to cooperate with Mingyuan without worrying about investment and livelihood issues. Compared with the signboard of Su Embroidery Workshop, Tang Mingxuan values ​​the craftsmanship of Master Li and her embroiderers, and Tang Mingxuan’s sincerity has also successfully impressed Master Li.

Murphy still shared her feelings at night, and Tang Mingxuan listened quietly on the other side of the radio. After this incident, Murphy had a deeper understanding of Tang Mingxuan and trusted him more, which made Tang Mingxuan happy solo, as if he really held Murphy in his arms.

As the game is about to come, Mingyuan Group and Kaiman, as partners, will naturally hold a press conference. Fang Xiaoyu was originally a judge because of Murphy, and she also showed her personality at the press conference, but Tang Mingxuan was more able to maintain dignity and maintain the harmony between the two sides on the surface.

Murphy will also start preparing for the competition. Today is the day for shooting materials and interviews. Shen Jiaxi is willing to be nervous for Murphy, who knows that when she is really facing the camera, she can talk freely, very natural.

In this competition, Murphy’s theme was Misty Rain Jiangnan, which reminded her of the rain that day. After the rain passed and the sky cleared, Murphy chose to use azure as the main theme, and her idea was greatly appreciated by the director.

Murphy is now a designer of Mingyuan, and the clothes prepared by Mingyuan’s new product launch conference are about to come to an end. Tang Mingxuan happened to take Murphy to check it out. After checking by Murphy, it was found that two of the new products were exactly the same as the clothes at an exhibition many years ago.

Tang Mingxuan called out the clothes at the time and found that it was impossible to describe the two by coincidence, which was completely plagiarism. Tang Mingxuan hates plagiarism, and has no impression of the designer behind the clothes. Even Xia Xueling is responsible for this. Although Murphy was not wrong objectively in this matter, Xia Xueling hated her more and more.

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