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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 7 Recap

As the game was about to come, Xia Xueling took the initiative to show her goodness and apologize to Murphy, and even provided her with a professional makeup artist. Perfect makeup will better reflect the perfection of the costume. Although Murphy felt that this was not appropriate, she couldn’t hold back Xia Xueling’s enthusiasm and had to accept it, and also apologized for her previous behavior.

Kayman has also selected five people with outstanding performances, of which Mo Fan has a place, talented and hardworking people have been rewarded, and they are happy for themselves. Like Lu Zhu, even if he works harder and has no talent, he can only be sad alone. Mo Fan wanted to comfort Lu Zhu, but any words seemed hollow.

The theme of the Murphy competition is Misty Rain Jiangnan. The azure color best represents spring and represents the beauty after the azure rain. Murphy’s design concept has been praised by many people, and three judges have praised it again and again. Xia Xueling, who is sitting in the audience, thinks that her work has no soul.

Until the end of the game show, Tang Mingxuan was late, even if he was busy with official duties, he still tried his best to rush to the scene. Murphy scored more than 80 points from the three judges, but Fang Xiaoyu gave Murphy the lowest score in the game, which was also very different from the scores of other judges. In the end, Murphy successfully entered the final with the last place.

Fang Xiaoyu’s low score and public criticism were unexpected by Murphy. As soon as the game ended, she packed up and prepared to leave, but Bai Xiaoman arrogantly prevented her from going. This time, Murphy was criticized by Fang Xiaoyu in public, and Bai Xiaoman came to ridicule her specially to remind Murphy that he was not qualified to approach Fang Xiaoyu. It is a pity that Bai Xiaoman’s ill-informed words did not arouse a wave of waves in Murphy’s heart.

Fang Xiaoyu deliberately waited outside the court and wanted to send Murphy home. Although Murphy knows that her work is not so good, Fang Xiaoyu’s extremely contrasting attitude really makes her unpredictable. Fang Xiaoyu also used the low score to get Murphy into his car, and this scene happened to be seen by Tang Mingxuan.

Mo Fei didn’t know that Tang Mingxuan had been looking for her for a long time, let alone that she happened to be seen by Tang Mingxuan when she got in the car. All the way home, Fang Xiaoyu seriously explained the flaws in Murphy’s work. He hoped to see a work with a soul, not a work designed to show off his skills. This kind of evaluation made Morphy accept it sincerely, and the other side’s smile was no longer indifferent.

This night, Tang Mingxuan was very worried. One was in a daze at the two dolls, and the other was lying in bed tossing and turning. He clearly wanted to send a message to Murphy, but the text message was edited, but he didn’t dare to send it. After a short message sounded, Tang Mingxuan immediately jumped up from the bed, only to see Yang Guang’s leave message, which was like an eggplant beaten by frost.

Early the next morning, Tang Mingxuan went to visit Murphy in person. He breathed so hard that he couldn’t sleep well. Tang Mingxuan all kinds of cryptic reminders, but Murphy didn’t understand what he meant. Even if Tang Mingxuan clearly didn’t want her to be too close to Fang Xiaoyu, Murphy would misunderstand that Tang Mingxuan suspected her of bribing the judges.

Regarding the relationship, after Shen Jiaxi’s speculation, she immediately thought that Fang Xiaoyu and Tang Mingxuan both liked Murphy, and all the abnormal behaviors were all because Tang Mingxuan was jealous. This kind of inference makes it hard for Murphy to believe that she doesn’t think she can attract two such excellent men.

The game entered the final stage, and Murphy also scored the lowest score in the game and entered the final as the last. Murphy is now totally unwilling to think about anything that has nothing to do with the competition. She already has inspiration. Now she is begging Shen Jiaxi to nod her head and use batik to draw Miao totems to embellish her design.

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