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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 5 Recap

To celebrate the success of the cooperation, Murphy took Tang Mingxuan to the restaurant where he would never set foot on. Everything here turned into two words in Tang Mingxuan’s eyes – dirty mess. Tang Mingxuan pressed his discomfort and deliberately washed his chopsticks with boiling water. This is a habit he has developed since childhood. Murphy’s indifferent contrast to Tang Mingxuan. They look like people from two worlds, but they don’t seem out of place.

Tang Mingxuan escorted Murphy home all the way and stopped outside the door. He always felt that Murphy looked at his eyes full of admiration. When Tang Mingxuan thought Murphy wanted to confess, he heard the other party complain about the sauce left at the corners of his mouth. While the distance between the two was ambiguous, Mo Fan accompanied the landing beads out of the house, with four eyes facing each other, which was inexplicably embarrassed.

Both sides suspected that they were not a simple relationship. Tang Mingxuan took Lu Zhu away from his injury and accused the other party of being a girl for indiscreetness. Tang Mingxuan did not intend to let Lu Zhu go like this, but when she felt that Murphy was suitable for herself, she couldn’t help secretly happy.

A doll in Tang Mingxuan’s car attracted Lu Zhu’s attention, which seemed to be a pair with the dolls in Murphy’s house. Lu Zhu took out the doll in the bag and compared it. Tang Mingxuan recognized it at a glance that he gave it to Murphy. Lu Zhu finally asked for a doll from Mo Fan and lost it again.

At night, Murphy opened Himalayan Radio again, and the only fan in it chatted with her. Murphy was surprised to find that the other party knew French. When she looked up the dictionary translation, she learned that the other party had sent a lyric.

The lyrics are just like Tang Mingxuan’s mood at this moment, as warm as bathing in the sun.
Tang Mingxuan specially prepared a Mingyuan Group General Card for Murphy to facilitate Murphy to enter the company. This card allows her to enter and exit anywhere, which is a special treatment for no one. Tang Mingxuan also fantasized that after Murphy got the card, he thanked Dade to ensure that he would work hard, but reality hit him in the face.

Murphy was completely uninterested in this pass card. He reluctantly accepted it under Yang Guang’s persuasion and said that it would be returned after the relevant matters were completed. Tang Mingxuan couldn’t put it down. It was also under the steps given by Yang Guang that he found an excuse to send Murphy away. This scene happened to be caught by Xia Xueling.

In the designer competition held by Mingyuan TV station, Kaiman also intends to let Fang Xiaoyu be the judge. Fang Xiaoyu himself is unwilling to do these things, not to mention this competition is still far away from control. Fang Xiaoyu refused simply, but after Fang Xiaoyu learned that Murphy also participated in the competition, he seemed to be relaxed and had the idea of changing his mind.

Tang Mingxuan does not care whether Fang Xiaoyu will become a judge. At this moment, he and Murphy are running for the cooperation between Mingyuan and Su Xiufang. Although Su Xiufang has always been the host of the workshop, the real legal representative is her nephew, the army. Suxiufang is a family inheritance. When Mingyuan intends to cooperate with Suxiufang, the army and the family oppose it together, so that the owner of the shop is also willing to retreat.

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy came to Su Xiufang and knew that Zhu Haitian was also a relative of the owner. It was precisely this person that the army colluded with him. Tang Mingxuan was not kidnapped by the two. Even if he left with Murphy, Zhu Haitian changed his pride and took the initiative to chase him out for cooperation.

Three years ago, Zhu Haitian Company copied Mingyuan’s works. After Mingyuan won the lawsuit, Zhu Haitian did not apologize despite paying compensation. This is the reason why they can’t tolerate fire and water. Tang Mingxuan disdains to cooperate with people like Zhu Haitian without a bottom line, but he will not give up cooperation with Su Xiufang easily.

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy took a lot of effort to find the owner of Suxiufang and took out a new cooperation plan, hoping that the other party would not give up because of fatigue. Su Xiufang is the painstaking efforts of the owner. Naturally, she does not want to see Su Xiufang decline in the hands of the army, let alone cooperate with Zhu Haitian.

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