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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 1 Recap

In the early Northern Song Dynasty, after Zhao Kuangyi succeeded to the throne, in order to recover the sixteen states of Youzhou, he was injured by an arrow. The arrow wound was not healed for a long time. Zhao Kuangyi decided to establish a crown prince to stabilize the country. The three princes are now all grown up. Zhao Kuangyi asked the prime minister Zhao Jin about the views of Li Chu.

Zhao Jin affirmed the three princes who are both civil and military and worry about the country and the people. Zhao Kuangyi bluntly said that he was not the three princes who worries most. According to the old rule, the throne should be handed over to the King of Qin, but the king of Qin, who is usually arrogant and lawless, is hard to convince the public. On this matter, Zhao Kuangyi and Zhao Jin reached an agreement and prepared to preemptive.

In the early dynasty of the second day, Zhao Kuangyi made an imperial decree: the three princes who gave birth to the emperor’s grandchildren first will be able to be crowned prince. The eldest son of Chu Wang Zhao Yuanzuo who heard the imperial decree exchanged glances with this son, Xu Wang Zhao Yuanxi, and he could only kneel down to receive the decree. After the dynasty was dismissed, King Xu complained angrily to King Chu. Now that the concubine of the third prince Yuan Kan is about to give birth, the father is obviously partial, and King Chu is silent, but can’t believe that the father will break the old system for the sake of the third brother.

In the hall, Yuan Kan knelt in front of Zhao Kuangyi, begging the emperor to take his life back. He didn’t want to get the throne too soon. This remark made Zhao Kuangyi very angry. At this time, General Yunzhou came to report that Yunzhou was attacked by foreign enemies, and now the soldiers are coming down the city. In distress, Yuan Kan on the side took the initiative to ask after listening. Zhao Kuangyi frowned when he heard it, but in order to conquer the hearts of the people in the future, he nodded and agreed.

With constant wars and constant natural disasters, the court fell into internal and external troubles, and the future was uncertain. Yuan Kan was fending off the enemy while his princess Xiang was about to give birth. It coincided with the earthquake and the palace was shaking. The maid Li Wan’er hurried to help, and the nurse hurried to fetch hot water to deliver the princess.

At this moment, the imperial palace collapsed into ruins, and the emperor and his fourth brother Chu Wang were trapped. Fortunately, the princes actively searched for it, and the elderly Zhao Kuangyi took his life back. As the saying goes, if you don’t die in a catastrophe, you will have a blessing. Huang Sun happened to be born in this shock.

In the early dynasty, everyone confessed to Zhao Kuangyi, but the general rushed into the hall and said that the three princes fell to the cliff and died in the earthquake. Before the joy of the happy event had dissipated, Princess Xiang and Zhao Kuangyi began to guard Yuan Kan. Looking at the burning brazier in the hall, Zhao Kuangyi recalled that he was crushed under the ruins at the same time as the King of Chu, thinking that he was bound to die, facing the King of Chu.

When asked, Zhao Kuangyi simply admitted that he had killed his second brother for the throne and forged a will, and promised that if he could survive, Zhao Kuangyi was willing to make Dezhao the prince. Princess Xiang was still immersed in grief, and suddenly a maid came to inform and said: The prince is not dead, but has returned safely.

King Chu, who survived the same catastrophe, was unable to calm down at this moment. The emperor’s frank statement made King Chu feel disgusted, and the false promise could no longer be trusted by King Chu. He thought that the remaining two princes would intrigue for the throne, but heard the prince We eagerly came to the ruins to rescue Zhao Kuangyi’s voice, and Chu Wang’s expression became a little annoyed.

Yuan Kan was not dead as expected, not only that, he even led a horse with a woman in plain clothes sitting on it. Princess Xiang eagerly greeted her, but found the figure of a strange woman. Liu E was rescued by Yuan Kan under the flames of war, and then he was taken all the way back to the palace. The servants groomed Liu E, but deliberately talked about the unshakable status of the princess in the palace in front of Liu E. Liu E wondered why Princess Xiang was willing to promise Yuan Kan to bring herself into the palace. The servants just said that the princess wanted the palace with all his heart. Add more fire.

It seemed that it was just a simple service. In fact, these servants were trying to figure out Liu E’s body for the princess. Looking at the pattern on Liu E’s shoulders, the old servants recognized that it was a sign of having a child and quickly forwarded the information to the princess. Said comfortingly, it turned out that Liu E was just a village woman brought back by the prince, who was regarded as a servant, which made the prince relieved a lot.

It was late at night, Yuan Kan and the princess were on the same bed, but their thoughts were completely different. Yuan Kan recalled that he had encountered an earthquake after he had rescued Liu E. Liu E tried his best to rescue him, even taking care of him. Listening to Liu E’s humming ballad, she seemed more charming in Yuan Kan’s eyes under the candlelight. Princess Xiang climbed onto Yuan Kan’s shoulders and proposed to keep Liu E as the girl in the mansion, but Yuan Kan just kept silent and blew out the candlelight, saying indifferently that he would take Liu E to see the emperor.

The next day, Princess Xiang gave Liu E a reward for Yuan Kan, in order to reward Liu E for saving Yuan Kan. Who knows that Liu E has no gesture of surrender at all, but politely refuses. In recent days, Yuan Kan’s relative indifference has caused Princess Xiang to worry, and the appearance of Liu E has made Princess Xiang suspect that her status is threatened.

The unfamiliar environment made Liu E feel less, and she couldn’t bear the female maid Li Wan’er being cold for herself. Liu E kindly greeted her to go to sleep with herself. When asked about worries, Liu E fell into memory again and was born in Shu. The land itself was persecuted by the war, familiar villages and towns were destroyed by the Liao army, and even the mother-in-law he relied on died tragically by the enemy’s knife.

Yuan Kan was very moved after hearing this and decided to rescue Liu E from the crisis. But seeing the situation right now, Liu E would rather have a light meal with Yuan Kan, rather than intrigue like this. Seeing Liu E’s situation, Li Wan’er recalled her dead sister. Under the true feelings, the two recognized the sisters. Wan’er excitedly led Liu E to look down at the palace and introduced them carefully.

Princess Xiang watched Liu E break into her life and stepped into the palace, even if she was unwilling, she had to accept it. Yuan Kan decided to take Liu E up to ask the emperor for a name. But when he saw the family of the three princes, Zhao Kuangyi was anxious to see the emperor’s grandson. Who knew that the emperor’s grandson cried non-stop as soon as he reached the emperor’s hand.

Liu E took the initiative to ask and coaxed the emperor’s grandson, and the emperor became curious. Yuan Kan took the opportunity to ask for a title for Liu E, and Zhao Kuangyi offered to let Yuan Kan hold the emperor’s grandson to hold the first-born Li to celebrate. After the ceremony, he agreed to let Yuan Kan marry Liu E.

On the day of the birth ceremony, the people watched the princess Xiang taking out the emperor grandson. Unexpectedly, in a peaceful atmosphere, the assassin mingled in the crowd, and shot the princess with an arrow. The princess hurriedly handed the emperor grandson to the attendants. In the chaos, Liu E was handed it to Liu E.

In desperation, Liu E took the imperial grandson and fled all the way to the market. Liu E was about to take the princess back to the palace. Unexpectedly, a passerby suddenly took out a knife to force the imperial grandson. Emperor Sun died in the bazaar. The princess who was injured by the arrow heard the news. Liu E suffered a misunderstanding and went to jail. Wan’er trusted Liu E very much and asked the nurse to intercede in front of the princess. On the other hand, Yuan Kan kowtow to the emperor in the hall.

In exchange for Liu E’s life, but the emperor insisted on giving poisonous wine, the nurse finally persuaded the princess to spare Liu E in exchange for Yuan Kan’s favor. After thinking about it, the princess reluctantly took out the token sent by his father Guo Hanlin and asked Wan’er to hand it to Chengshi Lang Su Yijian to rescue Liu E. Upon hearing Liu E’s name, Su Yijian seemed to think of something, thinking about it.

Yuan Kanjiu knelt in front of the temple, and the princess also rushed to intercede for Liu E. Looking at the sensible Concubine Guo, the emperor couldn’t help but feel even more angry that Yuan Kan was confused by Liu E and decided not to change the imperial edict. Liu E, who was trapped in the prison, looked at the poisoned wine sent, but was so unwilling to swallow it. Liu E picked up the poisoned wine and drank it all at once.

In the palace, Li Wan’er broke into the hall and said with regret that she was late and did not rescue Liu E. Yuan Kan, who was angry at his heart, didn’t say anything, and the imperial edict came again.

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