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Mouse 마우스 Episode 3 Recap

Mei Jing, who was killed in the vineyard, was the 20th victim. This incident caused panic among the citizens. Daniel suspected that Han Xujun’s son was a murderer many years ago. Because there was no conclusive evidence, he came to Cheng Zhien to see. Seeing the photo of her and her son Cheng Yaohan, Cheng Zhien looked flustered, and Daniel did not ask much. He came to the hospital to find Cheng Yaohan. He happened to see a conflict between him and the patient’s family, and he even took out a scalpel to threaten and intimidate the family.

Gao Wuzhi saw the meal delivered to him by his older brother, Father Gao, at the door of his house, and reminded him not to drink anymore. Gao Wuzhi was very angry and came to his brother to reason directly. Father Gao is about to leave this church. He bids farewell to the nearby residents. Just as Zheng Barin wanted to send him back, Gao Wuzhi hurried over. Zheng Barin recognized from the TV that Mei Jing, who was killed in the vineyard, belonged to Luo Zhiguo’s wrist. Watch.

Gao Wuzhi learned that the murderer who stabbed Luo Zhiguo was Han Xujun’s best friend, so he came to the prison to conduct a graphic trial on him. He confessed, and Gao Wuzhi asked the prison guards to search for the murder weapon. Zheng Barin demonstrated the magic that day on the spot, and finally analyzed the murderer. At the time of the crime, they spent 30 minutes eating at noon that day. Gao Wuzhi checked the monitoring of that time and found no abnormalities. On the way back, Gao Wuzhi recognized Zheng Barin as the person who saved the bird and learned of him. Work at the police station.

Wu Fengyi was in panic every day. She considered repeatedly deciding to date with Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin always regarded her as a little sister. Wu Fengyi had to leave in disappointment. She came to Gao Wuzhi for help but didn’t have the courage to go in. Gao Wuzhi went to the car. Taking the evidence, he recognized Wu Fengyi from a distance, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Gao Wuzhi clearly remembered that Wu Fengyi came to him for help when he was a child, and Gao Wuzhi promised to bring the murderer to justice.

Song Xiuhao’s mother, Wu Meishun, attempted to commit suicide but was rescued by Cui Hongzhu and sent her to the hospital. Cui Hongzhu came to Gao Wuzhi, and the airborne police officer Shen poured the instant coffee that Zhao Meijing held in her hand before her death. Gao Wuzhi was furious. That was important evidence. Afterwards, Gao Wuzhi came to the hospital to visit Luo Zhiguo, then went to see Wu Meishun, and advised her not to commit suicide again, otherwise she would not see the day when the murderer was arrested. Wu Meishun begged him to catch the murderer as soon as possible.

Wu Fengyi likes that bird very much. Zheng Barin bought a bird cage and gave it to her. Wu Fengyi personally came to thank Zheng Barin, and also sent her chicken chops, falsely claiming to be the meat of a bird, Zheng Barin scared him. I have to vomit. It was exposed on TV that Gao Wuzhi drank the evidence coffee. Gao Wuzhi was very angry and came to Cui Hongzhu. He saw Cui Hongzhu holding a man from a distance. Gao Wuzhi remembered that Cui Hongzhu had confessed to him at the scene of the crime.

Cheng Yao Han Yue met Daniel on the Ferris wheel in the amusement park. Daniel arrived on time and was beaten to death by Cheng Yaohan alive. The amusement staff found blood stains and reported the crime. Gao Wuzhi and his assistant Police Officer Shen were suspended from duty and had nothing to do. , The two of them came to the amusement park for investigation, and there was no Daniel’s body at the scene. Immediately afterwards, Gao Wuzhi and the others came to the hotel where Daniel was staying and watched the surveillance video.

Wu Fengyi heard her classmates discussing her rape in private. She clashed with them in a fit of anger. The teacher called her grandma to school, and her grandma kept apologizing to the parents. Wu Fengyi had to say what they said, and her grandma grabbed the classmates. Yelled at his collar.

After returning home, grandma found out that the rapist Jiang Dexiu was released in two months. She was very upset, so she asked Zheng Barin for help. Immediately afterwards, grandma went to an agency to find a job as a nanny. The staff thought she was too old to accept her. Grandma took a lot of drinks and snacks while the staff went to the toilet. She just wanted to leave and suddenly received a call from a client.

Grandma hurriedly applied for the job according to her address. She didn’t expect that the other party was Cheng Yaohan. Cheng Yaohan left the reward and went to see Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi found Cheng Yaohan’s phone number from Daniel’s call record. Cheng Yaohan denied knowing Daniel, and Provided Gao Wuzhi with the phone number of his friend Jin Juncheng, and asked Jin Juncheng to confirm that they were together at the time of the case.

Zheng Barin received Luo Zhiguo’s finger and found that there were no scars left by them fishing together. He hurriedly reported the incident to Gao Wuzhi. The two of them rushed to the church and found Luo Zhiguo’s police uniform on the roof of the church. A dagger was stuck in his chest. Grandma cleaned up Cheng Yaohan’s house. She went to the basement and saw the pictures of the victims on the wall. She was frightened. Cheng Yaohan worried that his grandma discovered the secret of the basement and drove back. Grandma hurriedly left without even taking the reward. Cheng Yaohan drove out and saw her grandma get on a bus.

Grandma didn’t get home in the rain until it was dark. Cheng Yaohan chased after her. Grandma was so scared that she called Zheng Barin for help. Zheng Barin returned to the police station and saw the grandma’s missed call. He hurried to ride a bike. When I went back, I saw my grandmother being killed in a pool of blood. A black shadow flashed by. Zheng Barin chased him, and when he passed the intersection, he was hit by a speeding car and hit the ground. Before Zheng Barin fell into a coma Seeing the murderer was in the crowd.

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