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Mouse 마우스 Episode 2 Recap

The police took the young Han Zhuo to the police station for questioning. He denied killing and was calm and calm. Even the polygraph could not detect it. The police had no evidence, so he released Han Zhuo. From that day on, Han Zhuo became more determined and continued. The determination to kill, fifteen years later, he became a murderous madman, specifically targeting the families of those killed by Han Xujun, and Gao Wuzhi became a criminal policeman. Due to the influence of his childhood, Gao Wuzhi is very concerned about the perverted homicide case. Once he hears of such a case, he will rush away as soon as possible.

When Bian Shunying was killed, Gao Wuzhi drunk and rushed to the scene of the crime. He determined that the murderer was Han Xujun’s son, Han Blessing. He also promised media reporters that the murderer would be brought to justice through Jiu Jin. When Han Zhuzhu came to the prison to see Han Xujun when he was very young, Han Xujun taught him the techniques and methods of killing.

Gao Wuzhi came to the prison to ask Master Han Xujunxing about the crime and forced him to tell the whereabouts of Han Blessing. Han Xujun ignored him. He clearly remembered that Chengzhi Enlai Prison informed him that she had killed Han Blessing. Han Xujun listened to Gao Wuzhi’s words. Believing that Han Zhuan was still alive, he was secretly proud.

Gao Wuzhi hated Han Xujun. He clearly remembered that after the incident, he went to Cheng Zhien to ask for his brother’s surgery. After a moment of distraction, he almost ran into Zheng Barin who was passing by. Gao Wuzhi learned that he was almost trying to save a bird. Zheng Barin was shocked to make amends after being hit, and even more so out of anger.

Luo Zhiguo is a new prison guard. Han Xujun forced him to get some needles and threads. Luo Zhiguo had no choice but to get them. Police Constable Zheng Barin came to Luo Zhiguo. He wanted to use needles and thread, so Luo Zhiguo gave it to him. The two of them lifted the table together. At the time, Luo Zhiguo saw Han Xujun who was out there, and talked to Zheng Barin casually about what had happened. Zheng Barin found that Han Xujun’s calm appearance was hidden underneath, and Han Xujun saw them both pointing and pointing. Order his men to deal with Luo Zhiguo.

Gao Wuzhi found a bag of leftover rice trash downstairs at the deceased Bian Shunying’s house. He saw blood on the leftover rice, so he surveyed the scene and found a row of deep footprints. Gao Wuzhi took photos of them and took them back to the police station. As soon as she entered the door, she was entangled by the female reporter Cui Hongzhu. Cui Hongzhu had been waiting to ask him for clues to the murder of Song Xiuhao, the curator of the gymnasium. Gao Wuzhi was so troubled that she was forced to drive her away.

Colleagues arrested the suspect’s bus driver for interrogation. Gao Wuzhi saw that his feet were too small and ruled out his suspicion on the spot. The colleague warned him not to confuse the matter and asked him to concentrate on investigating the murder of Song Xiuhao. Cui Hongzhu came to Gao Wuzhi again and threatened with a photo of her gambling. Gao Wuzhi had to compromise. He just didn’t understand why Cui Hongzhu was so concerned about this case. Cui Hongzhu explained that Song Xiuhao was killed by Han Xujun 25 years ago. Song Xiujing’s younger brother, she wants to seek justice for all the murdered relatives. Back then, Cui Hongzhu witnessed Song Xiujing being killed. She took a look and sent the boxing gloves back, and saw Song Mu and Song Xiuhao crying for Song Xiujing’s death.

Gao Wuzhi took Cui Hongzhu to the downstairs of Bian Shunying’s house and showed her the evidence one by one. They went to the sewage pipe where the murderer threw the body. Then, Gao Wuzhi took Cui Hongzhu to the gymnasium and simulated the scene of the murder of the deceased. It was the murderer who stole the boxing gloves Song Xiujing gave to Song Xiuhao. Gao Wuzhi also turned up a bloody bible. Guessed that the murderer forced Song Xiuhao to read that page. Gao Wuzhi analyzed the murderer from his modus operandi and analyzed that the murderer was probably a surgeon. .

At the same time, a gala event is being held in the prison. Zheng Barin came to the stage to perform magic tricks. He also invited a prisoner to cooperate. The first time he performed the big change of life, he failed. The second time Luo Zhiguo appeared in the magic box, he was covered in clothes. It was blood, two fingers were cut off, and the scene suddenly became chaotic. Han Xujun took the initiative to help treat him. Zheng Barin firmly disagreed, and the prison doctor was helpless. The warden agreed with Han Xujun to rescue the wounded.

Luo Zhiguo was sent to the hospital. Zheng Barin had been guarding outside the emergency room. He suddenly heard Bian Shunying’s mother crying in the hospital bed nearby, so he hurried over to comfort him. Neurosurgeon Cheng Yaohan came to perform surgery on Luo Zhiguo. Zheng Barin felt that something was wrong with him and wanted to change to a doctor, but it was too late. He had to give up. The operation was successful. Cheng Yaohan learned that Han Xujun had bandaged Luo Zhiguo beforehand and left quietly. Zheng Barin saw everything in his eyes. He searched the Internet for Cheng Yaohan and found nothing unusual. Han Xujun determined that Cheng Yaohan was his son and offered to meet him.

It was dark after school, and it was raining heavily. She did not dare to go home, so she called her grandma, but there was no one at home, so she had to bite the bullet and cross the road. Zheng Barin kept protecting her from behind. He mistakenly thought it was a gangster and was so scared that he shouted for help, thanks to grandma who came to rescue him in time. Zheng Barin sent Wu Fengyi and his grandmother home. Grandma cooked food to entertain Zheng Barin. She also tried her best to match Zheng Barin and Wu Fengyi. Wu Fengyi had bad words against Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin was curious and Wu Fengyi was so afraid of rain. , Grandma is vague.

Grandma went to a nearby church for Mass early in the morning and reminded Wu Fengyi to come back early to meet Father Gao. Wu Fengyi went out and saw Zheng Barin posting a notice and gave her a copy. Gao Wuzhi received the report. The murderer threw the victim’s body in the vineyard and put all the things stolen from the murdered person on her body. Gao Wuzhi rushed over and saw the murderer left on the wall. Threatening letter.

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