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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 14 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng couldn’t bear Zhao Yingtong’s hard work for the Zhou family, and wanted to give up the opportunity to review and persuade her to go to college. Zhao Yingtong was angry that Zhou Xiaofeng was good at advocating, so he held a family meeting. Just as a few people were criticizing and educating Zhou Xiaofeng’s affairs, Shi Zhu took Yaoyao back from the outside and then screamed at him. Zhou Xiaofeng felt embarrassed and walked away, Zhao Yingtong followed, patiently enlightening.

When Shizhu heard his sons talking about Zhou Xiaoliu at home, he couldn’t help but think of Zhang Lanfen’s advice. Therefore, he was worried that she might be arrested for speculation, so he decided to go over and take a closer look. Sure enough, as soon as I arrived at the market, I saw Zhou Xiaoliu carrying a basket and selling eggs. Zhou Xiaoliu and Jiang He went out to explain, claiming that the county leaders had also bought their own eggs. Just as Dianthus hesitated a little, Zhou Xiaoliu hurriedly left.

Yaoyao was lost outside, and the whole family searched all corners, but still did not see a trace. Just when Shizhu and Zhao Yingtong were very anxious about this, they didn’t know what to do, but Zhou Qing unexpectedly returned to Heshan County and even met Yaoyao on the street. At this time, Zhou Qing didn’t know Yaoyao’s identity, so he held him to find Zhang Lanfen, until Yaoyao took the initiative to call someone, and then knew that the child she was holding was the granddaughter.

Zhang Lanfen took Zhou Qing back to the carnation house. It happened that there was no one at home. Zhou Qing stood in the yard, looking at the strange arrangement in front of him, feeling deeply moved. After organizing an investigation, Zhou Qing was finally rehabilitated, and the dianthus can be regarded as all suffering. The family was able to get together, Zhou Xiaoxiao lied that there was no wine at home, and deliberately called Jianghe out to buy wine.

At dinner in the evening, Zhou Qingshi’s senior superior was about to transfer him to the provincial military command, so he wanted to remarry with Dianthus immediately, and the family moved to the provincial capital to start a new life. Dianthus asked Zhou Qing to do another top priority first, and that was Zhao Ruhai’s business. She couldn’t let Zhao Yingtong be so ignorant and let Lin Yueru die.

The next morning, Shizhu and Zhao Yingtong inquired about the household registration. Although Zhou’s family had no problems, Zhao Ruhai and Yaoyao could not move because of Zhao Ruhai’s situation. Hearing that the registration of the household registration was met with resistance, Dianthus was so angry that he almost quarreled with the clerks. Zhou Qing advocated to settle in the provincial capital first, but Shizhu was unwilling to leave Zhao Yingtong’s mother and daughter, so he had a dispute with Zhou Qing.

Because of Zhao Yingtong, Shi Zhu insisted on getting things done, and even let Zhou Qing be in charge of the big deal, anyway, he has been reinstated. However, Zhao Yingtong didn’t want to embarrass Zhou Qing. After all, he was a person who worked according to principles, so he persuaded Dianthus not to force it.

Zhao Yingtong feels that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t go to the provincial capital, because the provincial hospital requires a lot of academic qualifications, and she is worried that she did not have a job in the past. Shizhu disagrees with Zhao Yingtong’s idea of ​​staying in Heshan County, claiming that if Zhao Yingtong’s hukou cannot be resolved, he will not pass. However, the matter has not made any progress. The Provincial Military Region sent people to pick Zhou Qing back to the army. Even though Dianthus was a little bit reluctant, he still happily sent him away, waiting for him to come back as soon as possible to pick everyone up into the city.

At the same time, Jiang Lingdie felt distressed that Zhao Yingtong’s mother and daughter had suffered too much, and wanted his father Jiang Zhenhai to help solve the hukou problem. However, Jiang Zhenhai is now also unable to protect himself. He is famous in the Public Security Bureau and has no rights, and then said that if the Zhou family moved all In the provincial capital, I am afraid that Zhou Xiaoxiao will not continue to associate with Jiang Lingdie. Hearing Jiang Zhenhai’s words, Jiang Lingdie whispered in her heart.

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