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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 13 Recap

Jiang He took part in speculation, and often went to farmers’ houses in the countryside to collect eggs, and then sold them in the city. Although the production team is tightly controlled, it still has no effect and cannot prevent most people’s greed. In the next few days, Jiang He was responsible for collecting the eggs, and Zhou Xiaoliu was responsible for reselling. The couple cooperated and made a lot of money, and they would take some eggs and canned food home.

However, Dianthus did not admit that Jiang He was Zhou’s son-in-law, and at the same time believed that the origin of these things was unknown, so they did not accept it. Zhou Xiaoan has gone home, and the family members far away in Heshan County are still worried about when Zhou Qing will be rehabilitated.

Now that the college entrance examination is resumed across the country, Zhou Xiaoan intends to concentrate on reviewing his homework. Compared with the university entrance examination, Dianthus is more worried that the educated youth will come to the door, and directly expresses his opposition. Taking into account Zhou Xiaoan’s resolute attitude, Zhao Yingtong took the initiative to persuade Dianthus, and finally let her agree to Zhou Xiaoan’s re-entry to the university, but the premise is to let the brothers Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaofeng participate together.

Shizhu suggested that Zhao Yingtong should also prepare. After all, she was among the best in her studies before. It would be a pity if she missed this opportunity. Zhao Yingtong was hesitant about the college entrance examination because there was no one at home to take care of it, so she encouraged everyone to follow the pace of the policy and review it from the beginning. She would follow the dianthus to manage the family well, and there would never be any accidents. At the same time, Zhou Qing wrote an application on the redress of unjust, false and wrong cases on the farm.

Zhou Xiaoxiao told Jiang Lingdie that she was going to take the college entrance examination, so she could apply for the art school with her specialty, and maybe she could become a movie star. Jiang Lingdie became interested, and imagined that the scenery would appear in front of everyone in the future, but Zhou Xiaoxiao was worried that more and more people were pursuing her, but she was a little depressed.

In the days that followed, the three Zhou family brothers were busy reviewing, while Shi Zhu and Zhao Yingtong held them outside their homes. Although the third brother Zhou Xiaoan worked hard, it was a pity that Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaofeng were often distracted, either playing sparrows at home or running out to touch the river, which really made Zhou Xiaoan helpless.

Jiang He and Zhou Xiaoliu were busy buying and selling all day long, and they were always on guard against those who “sweep and do”. Jiang Zhenhai warned Jiang He that he was not allowed to do anything illegal. As a result, instead of listening, Jiang He felt that this time was a brave and courageous, starved to death, so he went his own way.

In order to alleviate Dianthus’s attitude towards Jianghe, Zhou Xiaoan used Yaoyao as an excuse to replenish his body and left a few eggs. Shizhu went to the prison to visit Kong Linggao again, and brought him some changes of clothes and money, hoping that he could improve his food in the prison and don’t wrong himself too much. After Dianthus went back, she found Jiang He took the initiative to look for a pharmacy. The reason was that Zhou Xiaoliu had no bad physique since she was young. Since marrying Jiang He, she has never taken Dianthus as a tonic for her. At present, Zhou Xiaoliu is experiencing dizziness again, and Dianthus is not embarrassed by Jianghe, and directly gives him the medicine and casserole.

Zhou Xiaofeng didn’t concentrate on studying. Instead, he fetched a few big fish from the river. Dianthus scolded him and refused to listen to the other party’s explanation. That night, Zhao Yingtong went to buy materials for the three brothers of Zhou Xiaoan, so that they could review well. Zhang Lanfen came to the house and talked about how Jiang He and his wife were speculative. He reminded Dianthus to pay more attention to avoid breaking the law without knowing it. It would be useless to be found out by then and want to change it.

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