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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 30 End Recap

Li Yao received a call from Ye Kun and asked Jiang Li to stay at the venue to solve the remaining problems, and went to the headquarters of the Xinjiren Management Department alone to prevent Wen Haokang from opening the singularity. The staff from the headquarter of Xinjiren’s management department came to the main control room and wanted to upload the safety patches for Xinjiren, but was knocked out by Wen Haokang behind him. Wen Haokang will control the virus to upload successfully, and wants to open the singularity.

Li Yao came to the headquarters of the core machine management department, but was stopped by the security guard at the door. In order to enter the core machine management department headquarters, Li Yao injured the security and met Wan Ling. Ye Kun and the others successfully settled the matter at the venue and went to the headquarters of the Xinjiren Management Department to help Li Yao stop Wen Haokang.

Li Yao successfully cracked the code of the main control room and came to the main control room. Wen Haokang just wanted to open the singularity, but was stopped by Li Yao who rushed over. Li Yao and Wen Haokang fought for the USB flash drive containing the key to life. Li Yao was no match for Wen Haokang, and Wen Haokang took the USB flash drive away. Wen Haokang began to upload the key of life to open the singularity.

When the upload of the life key program was about to succeed, Jiang Li came to the master control room and prevented the upload of the life key program. Jiang Li apologized to Wen Haokang for taking Wen Haokang’s brain ten years ago, but Wen Haokang was still obsessed with it, and opened the bomb on his body, wanting to die with Li Yao and Jiang Li. In order to protect Li Yao, Jiang Li pulled Haokang to break the glass. The bomb exploded in the air, and Jiang Li and Wen Haokang were killed.

Half a year later, Qiao Mingyu and Qiao Yuan posted the couplet. Luo Yun, Qiao You and Sijia were making dumplings at home. The family enjoyed themselves well, but it was still sad to think of Jiang Li. The report of Cheng Shiguang’s resignation was broadcast on the TV. Cheng Shiguang came to Dr. Jin’s house and invited Dr. Jin to have a New Year’s Eve dinner at his home. Dr. Jin readily agreed.

The board of directors of Wansheng Group convened. The board of directors put forward opinions on Ye Kun’s role as general manager of the marketing department, which was rejected by Wanling. Wanling also made a mockery of the directors of the board of directors. When Li Yao and Xiao Ma were shopping, they saw Jiang Li’s shadow. Xiao Ma hugged Li Yao to comfort him and informed Li Yao that Jiang Li had died in the explosion.

As soon as Li Yao and Xiao Ma returned to Qiao’s house, Xiao Ma was pestered by Feifei to play games with her, and the two happily played games. Qiao Yuan took back Homesick’s courier, which contained a homesick doll made by Cheng Feng and a bunch of flowers. Qiao Yuan took the flowers and ridiculed homesickness. Homesick looked at the flowers and the doll and knocked over the doll.

Wan Ling and Ye Kun, Lin Xiaoyi and Yang Xiaolan also came to Qiao’s house. Lin Xiaoyi comforted Li Yao that the core robot remains from the explosion were incomplete, and perhaps Jiang Li still exists in this world. They lived New Year’s Eve happily, but everyone thought of Jiang Li, and there was always a touch of sadness.

Li Yao gave Qiao You the key of life, and wanted to take homesickness and Xiao Ma back to the place where he lived. When Li Yao and Qiao You were chatting, a woman appeared outside. Qiao You lay on the bed in a daze looking at the life key that Li Yao handed over to him. Li Yao repaired the monitoring of the lake house on the day his father Li Jianwei was involved, but he could not see the true face of the man in black. Li Yao felt that what Wen Haokang said should be the truth. It was not Wen Haokang who killed Li Jianwei. Li Yao couldn’t tell who the man in black was.

Qiao You slept with the key of life, but when he woke up, he found that the key of life was missing. He was homesick while missing. Sijia left Qiao’s house with the key of life, not knowing where he went. Lin Xiaoyi found Jiang Li’s whereabouts and informed Li Yao of the matter. The mysterious man successfully repaired Wen Haokang, and the singularity will eventually be opened.

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