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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 29 Recap

Li Yao’s family finally got together and discussed together how to prevent Wen Haokang from opening the singularity. Jiang Li remembered what Wen Haokang had said. Li Yao discovered through research that Wen Haokang’s goal was the RIS conference. The RIS conference was held on the second day at the Pearl Hotel. They decided to go to the conference tomorrow to find Wen Haokang to prevent Wen Haokang from opening the singularity.

At night, Jiang Li remembered what Li Jianwei had said to her in the virtual world. Li Jianwei knew the news that Wen Haokang was alive. Li Jianwei apologized to Jiang Li, saying that he was wrong to make Jiang Li perfect. Too perfect was a pity. Jiang Li remembered what his father Li Jianwei had said, and seemed to understand what his father had said.

Wan Ling gave Sijia a new arm. The arm was made by the best engineer of Wansheng Group, and it was modified by Ye Kun and Li Yao. Homesick looked at the new arm, a long-lost smile appeared on his face, and he teased that Wan Ling was his sister-in-law.

Qiao You wanted to sneak out of the house and fight with Li Yao, but when he went out, he was stopped by a mysterious person.

Li Yao believes that Wen Haokang will appear at Cheng Shiguang’s new product core robot press conference in the venue, and Li Yao went to the venue to block Wen Haokang’s plan. Cheng Shiguang and Li Yao met and told Cheng Shiguang that Wen Haokang would appear at the new product launch. When Cheng Shiguang left, Cheng’s sample core robot was joined by Cheng Shiguang to control the virus. The new product launch conference was held as scheduled.

In order to stop Wen Haokang, they checked the venue and checked the entry and exit staff at the entrance of the venue. Qiao Mingyu’s family of four received Li Yao’s news and rushed to the scene of the press conference, but Li Yao did not send such news. Wen Haokang’s exit to the venue was completely blocked and a bomb was planted at the venue. Li Yao found that there was a vent in the venue, but only a few people could escape. People became chaotic when they knew it, and they all wanted to escape from the venue.

At the critical moment, Luo Yun controlled people’s hearts and successfully persuaded people to agree to let Li Yao and Jiang Li leave with their children. Li Yao and Jiang Li successfully took the children out of the vent. Seeing people’s feelings at the critical moment, Jiang Li understood what his father Li Jianwei had said.

A bomb exploded prematurely, and the people in the venue were panicked. The vent was destroyed by a bomb, and they lost contact with Li Yao. Ye Kun and the others learned that a bomb was in the parking lot below the hotel, but their mobile phones and computers were in no signal state. Qiao You found the location of the signal jammer, contacted Li Yao, and informed Li Yao of the location of the other bomb. There was not much time left.

The people in the venue watched Li Yao’s every move through the screen, and the atmosphere became tense. Li Yao and Jiang Li found the two unexploded bombs at the same time. Since the two bombs were installed together, the time required to dismantle them must be within microseconds. At the critical moment, Li Yao and Jiang Li succeeded in dismantling the bomb through the tacit understanding of the two, saving everyone in the venue.

The people in the venue successfully escaped the danger, and Ye Kun also received a call from Wan Ling. During the telephone conversation with Wanling, Ye Kun discovered that Wen Haokang’s real purpose was not the RIS conference, but the Xinjiren headquarters. Wen Haokang used the RIS conference to successfully hold Li Yao and the others, while he went to the Xinjiren headquarters to open the singularity.

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