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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 27 Recap

Luo Yun was discharged from the hospital and returned home. She was very worried about Jiang Li’s safety and wanted to help Jiang Li to do something. At the same time, Luo Yun didn’t want Qiao You and Qiao Yuan to encounter any danger because of this incident, and didn’t want Qiao You to participate, all of which was heard by Qiao You at the door. Qiao You received a call from Li Yao and wanted to find Jiang Li with Li Yao.

When Jiang Li was shut down, Wen Haokang deleted Jiang Li’s network device, fearing that Jiang Li would pass the message to Li Yao. Qiao You secretly drove out of the car at home and went to find Jiang Li with Li Yao and Xiao Ma. Qiao Mingyu found that the core robot suppressor and the car were gone. He guessed that Qiao You and Li Yao went to find Jiang Li together, but they did not stop Qiao You.

Wen Haokang wanted to give Jiang Li a gift. While Wen Haokang went to get the gift, Jiang Li restored his network device and deleted the record before Wen Haokang arrived. Wen Haokang gave Jiang Li a red dress and invited Jiang Li to dance with him. At this time, Li Yao, Xiao Ma and Qiao You also came to the hut by the lake, trying to rescue Jiang Li. Jiang Li found that there was no pipe that his father loved most, and found that their place was not a hut by the lake, but one of Wen Haokang’s bases.

Li Yao and the others came to the cottage by the lake and found that Jiang Li and Haokang were not here. Jiang Li used the shared family information to send a message to Qiao You, and Li Yao preliminarily determined where Jiang Li was. Li Yao discovered that Jiang Li had turned on the black box function, and felt that Jiang Li should be very dangerous.

Ye Kun and Wan Ling went abroad to look for Wen Haokang’s whereabouts. When they were discussing matters in the hotel room, Ye Kun brought the little boy who was eavesdropping outside the door back to the room. The little boy’s mother was taken away, and he came out alone to find his mother. When Ye Kun gave the boy a bath, his hand was accidentally cut, exposing the identity of Xinji. The little boy’s mother was caught by the core machine, so he was very afraid of the core machine, knowing the identity of the Ye Kun core machine, and hurriedly hid behind Wan Ling.

Wen Haokang didn’t want to rekindle his relationship with Jiang Li, but for revenge. Ten years ago, Li Yao drowned his brain and died. The only way to save Li Yao was to replace it with a new electronic brain. Li Jianwei wanted to create a brain for Li Yao to replace. Jiang Li felt that time was too late and wanted to use his brain to help Li Yao, but Jiang Li’s brain was a female brain and could not be used on Li Yao. Jiang Li proposed to use Wen Haokang’s brain to rescue Li Yao, but Li Jianwei refused. Seeing that Li Yao was in danger, Jiang Li and Wen Haokang made his own proposal, but Wen Haokang refused. Jiang Li shuts down Wen Haokang and knocks Li Jianwei unconscious, replacing Li Yao with Wen Haokang’s brain.

Wen Haokang asked Jiang Li if he regretted the decision he made at that time. Jiang Li was very convinced that his decision was correct. If he did it again, he would still choose. Wen Haokang shuts down Jiang Li and asks Jiang Li to pay for his actions.

The little boy’s mother is the administrator of the Wansheng Shikong Core Robot Factory, and his mother was taken away by the Core Robot. Ye Kun felt that the little boy’s mother was taken away by the killer core robot. According to the little boy’s narrative, Ye Kun found the address of the factory.

Ye Kun and Wan Ling came to the factory and found that everything in the factory was gone. Wen Haokang was paying attention to Ye Kun and their every move, and wanted to deal with Ye Kun and Wan Ling. Li Yao and Xiao Ma wanted to rescue Jiang Li, but Jiang Li appeared at the door.

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