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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 22 Recap

As time passed quietly, the students in each class were nervously preparing for the exam. Every day, they were lifeless and devoid of vitality. They opened their eyes and they were doing a stack of questions, and they were still doing the questions in their dreams when they closed their eyes. Nan Xiangwan was worried that her daughter would not be able to eat it, so she made a lot of tonic soups. However, Nan Xiangwan didn’t drink healthily. Instead, she felt unwell in class and her body became more and more uncomfortable.

The second class teacher asked Zhu Cong and Nan Xiangwan to solve the problem. Nan Xiangwan gained the advantage with a simple algorithm and finally won first. However, as soon as the teacher announced the result, Nan Xiangwan fainted on the ground, and everyone was so frightened that they rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, there was no serious problem. Lin Xiaoran was worried about Nan Xiang’s good night, so he missed the review. Nan Xiangwan didn’t want him to miss this opportunity, so he pretended to be pitiful to win the sympathy of the medical teacher.

Lin Xiaoran successfully passed the review, which meant that he was a step away from his dream of being a pilot. The two returned to Xiangli Middle School side by side, talking and laughing along the way. When passing by Class 7, Nan Xiangwan watched Lin Xiaoran walk into the classroom, and the classmates straightened up and picked up books to prove everyone’s efforts.

After several days of getting along, Nan Xiangwan still couldn’t adapt to the repressive learning atmosphere of the second class. She took the initiative to explain to her mother that she wanted to go to the seventh class and submitted an application to the teaching office. Liao Shichang respected Nan Xiangwan’s decision. Liu Yubai believed that no matter where Nan Xiangwan was, he could achieve good results. Although Zhu Cong didn’t understand this approach, he still admired her from the bottom of his heart and felt that she was a well-matched opponent. .

Now that Nan Xiangwan had left, Hu Bingbing became Zhu Cong’s tablemate under Liao Shichang’s arrangement, so that Zhu Cong quickly moved the table away. Nan Xiangwan came to Class 7 with excitement and announced in public that he would continue to supervise everyone’s study. Everyone could not hide their joy, and once again restored the previous atmosphere.

According to school regulations, the top ten students in the school exam can participate in the independent enrollment of major colleges and universities. Therefore, in this assessment list, except for nine students from the second class, including Liu Yubai and Zhu Cong, the remaining one is The southbound of Class 7 is late. Next, Nan Xiangwan needs to go to the Children’s Palace to accept a written test and interview for independent enrollment. All the members of Class 7 are ecstatic, but they don’t know that this is the quota that Wang Qibei exchanged with Director Zhang for the beautiful boy. After all, it was previously stipulated that only Class 2 would have the opportunity Take the school exam.

Director Zhang believes that since the school has established a class exchange system, as long as the students are in the first 50 grades, they can choose whether to join the second class. Besides, Nan Xiangwan had studied in the second class. She had the qualifications. On the contrary, other teachers always felt that Director Zhang was not flexible. In fact, Director Zhang, as the acting dean, could see clearly and learn to accept it. Teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Lin Xiaoran met a liar at the school gate, so he personally sent him to the Public Security Bureau. Nan Xiangwan worried that he would be dangerous if he acted rashly, and couldn’t help being angry. Lin Xiaoran quickly apologized. Director Zhang saw the scene of the two getting along, so he called Nan Ma to go to school.

Because of Nan’s intervention, Nan Xiangwan promised to study hard, but when he was in school the next day, he heard a few vicious bullies and wanted to go to Xiangli Zhong to get a reply. Nan Xiangwan didn’t care about his own safety, and immediately ran to Lin Xiaoran. Unexpectedly, Lin Xiaoran called the police in advance to help the police manage the criminal gang.

Since then, Lin Xiaoran’s bravery has spread throughout the school and has become a man in everybody’s mouth. Near the eve of the college entrance examination, Wang Qibei wrote inspirational words on the blackboard as the slogan of the seventh class. Everyone recited the slogan in unison, and even the second class next door was deeply encouraged.

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