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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 21 Recap

At the 100-day college entrance examination meeting, President Hu encouraged everyone to grit their teeth and go all out to get good results in the exam. As hundreds of balloons floated slowly into the sky, everyone was excited and joyful to welcome the upcoming sprint stage. During class seven, Zhang Chao actively rushed to answer. Even though the answer was wrong, Wang Qibei still felt very pleased. He could see that everyone was serious about studying and working hard for the goal.

At this time, Director Zhang rang the classrooms of Class 7, Wang Qibei came back soon after going out to announce two news. One was that Wang Feng was going to school in Hong Kong, so the second class was vacant, and the other was discussed by the school. Decided to transfer Nan Xiangwan to the second class.

Although Nan Xiangwan once yearned to be in Class Two, but now that her wish comes true, she has no mood swings or even a little bit of reluctance, so after repeated consideration, she finally chose to give up the opportunity to go to Class Two and continue to stay in Class 7. class. Lin Xiaoran didn’t understand why Nan Xiangwan was like this, until he heard her true thoughts, and then froze in place, unable to conceal his inner joy.

Mother Wang Feng is an old customer of the laundry. Mother Nan knows that she is leaving, it is inevitable that she is a little sad. Wang Feng wanted to say goodbye to Nan Xiangwan before leaving, so he voluntarily ran downstairs to Nan’s house and lent her his study notes. In the past, Wang Feng and Nan Xiangwan didn’t deal with each other, and they made troubles everywhere. In fact, it was caused by low self-esteem, because she was afraid that she would leave the second class and lose the qualification for the last place.

For those students who are born to get good grades, Wang Feng is very envious. After all, she is able to get to the ankle of a schoolmaster by studying hard. She feels like standing on the edge of the cliff every day, so she dare not be vigilant. Because of Nan Xiangwan’s appearance, Wang Feng felt the crisis, but after these days of getting along, she finally felt relieved, and she agreed with Nan Xiangwan that no matter where they are in the world, they should not forget to work hard.

Considering that the entire Xiangli Middle School, only the second class can get the quota of independent enrollment, so Lin Xiaoran forced himself to make a decision and contacted everyone privately to hold a farewell ceremony for Nan Xiangwan. However, Nan Xiangwan didn’t know about it. When she was about to enter the classroom, she discovered that her classmates were blocking the door and not letting in. Zhang Chao and others held a poster full of blessings and sang a farewell together.

Lin Xiaoran took Nan Xiangwan to Liu Yubai’s side, while she hid beside her and wept sadly. Nan Xiangwan cried and said goodbye to everyone, and walked into the second class in silence. Liao Shichang was not moved by this. In his opinion, instead of having time to be sad, it would be better to take the time to do a few more questions.

When choosing a seat, Nan Xiangwan applied to sit next to Zhu Cong, because her purpose was very clear, which was to come first in the school. As Zhu Cong’s tablemate, Hu Bingbing, after she endured three years of suffering, finally ushered in such good news. Zhu Cong saw that Hu Bingbing happily gave up her seat and was puzzled.

However, Hu Bingbing said that ever since she became Zhu Cong’s tablemate, she had to experience a strong sense of suffocation every day. No matter what she studied, Zhu Cong was picky about her body, and even scolded people in classical Chinese. It is precisely because of Zhu Cong’s devilish mutual help that Hu Bingbing is born with English, and facing him is more terrifying than facing the teacher.

In the days that followed, the two classes returned to calm again, and everyone was working hard. At first, Zhu Cong was unwilling to help Nan Xiangwan with his homework, but he couldn’t bear the other party’s soft and hard blisters, especially he was a person who was not straightforward. Nan Xiangwan was immersed in the learning atmosphere of the second class, and with the help of Zhu Cong and Liu Yubai, his academic performance improved by leaps and bounds. On the contrary, the seventh class was a little uncomfortable with the departure of Nan Xiangwan.

Lin Xiaoran successfully passed the pilot’s initial inspection. He couldn’t help but joking with Nan Xiangwan, pretending to be disappointed. Watching Nan Xiangwan analyze the reasons for himself, he felt full of warmth in his heart, so he told the good news. Since there will be a mid-term re-examination, Nan Xiangwan worriedly urged him to protect his body.

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