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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 20 Recap

Chen Shiyun didn’t want to study, so she found an excuse to ask for leave from the school. After following father Chen all day, she found out that he was dating Lin Mu secretly, bought flowers and wine, and returned home. Now that the facts are in front of him, Chen Shiyun feels even more sad. She wanted to get drunk and relieved her sorrow. However, the supermarket shopping guide was unwilling to sell wine to students, so she bought a lot of bonbons and sat downstairs in Lin’s house, eating chocolate while waiting. Father Chen went out.

At this time, Lin Xiaoran came home from school and met Father Chen. At the same time, he saw Chen Shiyun sitting in a chair alone, and couldn’t help but curiously ask, until Chen Shiyun took an intimate picture of both parents. Lin Ma knew that her son had discovered her secret and told the truth frankly, hoping that he and Chen Shiyun would understand.

Although Lin Xiaoran didn’t care about the relationship between her mother and Chen’s father, Chen Shiyun’s heart knot was still not completely unraveled. The two of them bowed their heads at school and did not raise their heads to see each other. Nan Xiangwan guessed that the main reason for Lin Xiaoran and Chen Shiyun’s awkwardness was the love and hatred of their parents, so she took him to talk to Chen Shiyun.

Faced with Lin Xiaoran’s proactive gesture, Chen Shiyun didn’t buy it. Nan Xiangwan was embarrassed to be caught in the middle. She simply reminded Chen Shiyun that she should think clearly about what she wants and solve the problem fundamentally, instead of just sulking. Because Chen Shiyun repeatedly chewed on the meaning of Nan Xiang’s evening talk, she finally found out her heart knot.

As time passed quickly, the New Year came in a blink of an eye. After the school holiday, everyone was making arrangements at home, feeling the joy of the New Year. Father Liu understood his son’s dream and took the initiative to find books on architecture, and enrolled him in a sketching training class to enhance his skills in painting and design.

Chen Shiyun followed her father to Lin’s house for New Year’s Eve dinner. She took the initiative to ask three questions. Fortunately, Lin Ma’s answer made her very satisfied, and she naturally accepted the new member’s arrival. Lin Xiaoran wondered why Chen Shiyun suddenly figured it out, so she learned from her that all of this was related to Nan Xiangwan. If it weren’t for the other’s reminder, I’m afraid Chen Shiyun didn’t know until now that the reason for her anger was entirely due to her father’s concealment. It’s not Lin’s mother.

With the help of his father and friends, Liu Yubai finally perfected the plan for the renovation of the auditorium, which was favored by the school board. When Nan Xiangwan learned that the auditorium had been saved, he couldn’t help sighing that Liu Yubai was too powerful, but for Liu Yubai, Nan Xiangwan’s appearance changed his life. Nan Xiangwan received a call from Lin Xiaoran, and the two exchanged blessings with each other, their mouths couldn’t hide their smiles, and they all looked at the fireworks in the sky.

After the Spring Festival, the holiday is completely over, everyone has to face the first step towards university. Li Shuai wanted to apply for the teacher’s exam, Zhang Chao tried to go to the same school as Yu Meili, but Jiang Darling was depressed because he did not receive the admission notice. On the first day of school and the last day of the basketball team, Lin Xiaoran and Zhang Chao packed up and prepared to leave. Unexpectedly, the team’s juniors would send them off. The teacher sincerely sent blessings to encourage them to cheer for the college entrance examination.

Among all the students in Xiangli Middle School, only two intend to get into Guanhua University. One is Liu Yubai, a well-known student tyrant, and the other is a motivated student. Zhu Cong is quite confident in his own strength, so it is entangled whether to choose Xiangbei University, which has a better physics major, or Guanhua University, which is relatively weak in physics. As a result, Liu Jiaojiao learns that Zhu Cong is considering Xiangbei University and misunderstands him for himself. interesting.

Lin Xiaoran made up his mind to be admitted to Guanhang University, mainly because this university is very close to Guanhua, and it usually takes less than half an hour to meet each other. The school held a vows meeting for everyone. Everyone wrote their dreams on balloons and prepared to fly into the sky. Wang Qibei also made a super large paper airplane, which means carrying everyone’s dreams and moving forward bravely.

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