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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 19 Recap

Nan Xiangwan did not have any right to preach to Liu Yubai’s choice of giving up architecture to obtain finance, because she understood that the other party could see more clearly than anyone else, and she also understood Liu’s father’s hard work better than anyone else. In order to maintain his own image in his son’s heart, Liu’s father never showed fragility and troubles in front of him, and would resist all the pressure on himself, all of which was seen by Liu Yubai.

Because Liu’s father rejected Liu Yubai’s proposal, he didn’t want to see the trouble getting worse, so he simply went to Nan Xiangwan for help. Lin Xiaoran learned the real situation and offered to help. Nan Xiangwan thought of a safer method. She and Liu Yubai first asked Lawyer Zhou Huaiqiu to meet in a coffee shop, and then asked Lin Xiaoran to trick Liu’s father into it, as long as the two negotiated. On, the matter will be completed smoothly.

The three people reached a consensus and started to take action after the mock exam was over. After going through the difficult mock test, Class 7 can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone leaned on the railing and watched the juniors playing basketball on the playground. They felt a lot of emotion. After several games, Jiang Darling finally realized the importance of learning. Without a good cultural background and experience, even if he has talent, he can’t Become an excellent musician.

Even though Liu Yubai, accompanied by Nan Xiangwan, took the initiative to meet with lawyer Zhou Huaiqiu, but he was not rich in social experience and was somewhat nervous. On the contrary, Nan Xiangwan was generous, so he took the initiative to negotiate with Zhou Huaiqiu and talked about Yurun Real Estate. the problem we are facing. Lin Xiaoran took Li Shuai and Zhang Chao, and the three of them lay in ambush downstairs in Liu’s house until Father Liu appeared, so without saying anything, he was taken to the coffee shop forcibly.

After some exchanges, Father Liu gradually understood the true thoughts of his son, and at the same time self-reflected on education issues. Liu Yubai was happy that his father could listen to what he said, so he introduced him to Zhou Huaiqiu. Lin Xiaoran and Nan Xiangwan sat outside the window and watched the three chatting hotly in the cafe, so they no longer worried about accidents. Make an appointment to eat out. Liu’s father and Zhou Huaiqiu had a very happy negotiation and formally reached a legal representation. Zhou Huaiqiu will also prepare to handle the affairs. Liu’s father is very pleased with his son’s arrangement.

Nan Xiangwan gave Lin Xiaoran the completed pilot information to analyze the feasibility of flying dreams for him, as well as extremely important advice and guidance. Lin Xiaoran learned that she had spent two days and one night checking the information, and she was somewhat moved in her heart, so she took her to the playground to play basketball, and by the way, she talked about why she wanted to become a pilot.

Ever since Chen Shiyun knew about the relationship between her father and Lin’s mother, she was absent-minded every time she went to class, and she did not perform well even in the exam. She was originally third in grade and dropped to dozens of students. Not only did her classmates be surprised, but even Liao Shichang also felt incredible.

The school has set up a class exchange system, so Chen Shiyun needs to be transferred from the second class. Wang Qibei considered the environment of the seventh class and Chen Shiyun’s adaptability, so he brought her to the seventh class. As for Nanxiangwan’s grades have improved a lot, she should have had the opportunity to enter the second class, but there was a girl in Class 6 tied with Nanxiangwan’s grades, and her physical performance was not as good as others, and then missed the place.

Although Nan Xiangwan was a little sad, she was an adult anyway, and would not easily collapse. Instead, she turned her grief and indignation into appetite, took Lin Xiaoran to eat and drink, and went out to have fun. Mother Lin was afraid that her daughter’s psychological gap would be too great, so she encouraged her to continue to work hard and strive for a good result next time.

Chen Shiyun was transferred from Class 2 to Class 7, and often stayed alone in the corner. No matter how much Lin Xiaoran cared, she didn’t reveal a word. When Lin Xiaoran saw her wandering in class, she was even more worried, and couldn’t help looking for Nan Xiangwan to analyze the situation. That night, Chen Shiyun hid at the door and heard her father call Ma Lin. The content of the conversation between the two made her depressed.

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