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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 18 Recap

Knowing that Nan Xiangwan was about to celebrate his birthday, Lin Xiaoran planned to buy a gift, but he couldn’t make up his mind, so he went to Chen Shiyun for advice about girls. Since Zhu Cong frequently received the question papers handed over by school girls, he solved all the questions one by one, but the question from Guanhua University made him rack his brains and still failed to find the answer.

In the end, under Nan Xiangwan’s proposal, Zhu Cong promised to teach everyone in class seven, provided that he took this opportunity to find the person who asked the question and get the correct answer. The students welcome Zhu Cong’s arrival, because with his help, many obstacles in learning can be easily solved.

Nan Xiangwan handed Lin Xiaoran the admission ticket and invited him to attend the class. However, on the day of the class, Lin Xiaoran personally made a birthday cake in order to prepare a gift for Nan Xiangwan. As a result, he was two minutes late and was stopped by the security guard. In the auditorium, Nan Xiangwan absently recorded the knowledge points taught by the teacher, but he did not know that Lin Xiaoran had been waiting outside for a long time.

Because Lin Xiaoran was late, Nan Xiangwan was furious, and he didn’t give the other party a chance to explain. Liu Yubai was inconvenient to interrupt, and simply walked to the side. Lin Xiaoran saw Nan Xiangwan’s distrust of her attitude and was a little disappointed. He dropped the cake and turned away. Even Liu Yubai couldn’t stand it, thinking that Nan Xiangwan was in mood and tone. There is no good sense of measure.

Back at home, Nan Xiangwan saw the note Nan Ma left on the table, and then knew that today was his birthday. Looking at the cake that Lin Xiaoran personally made, Nan Xiangwan felt a warm current rushing into a certain corner of her heart, and at the same time felt regret for her previous behavior. When he went to school the next day, Lin Xiaoran was still sulking, Nan Xiangwan took the initiative to take the initiative to show her good, until Wang Feng suddenly ran to the seventh class to look for her, and couldn’t help but gossip about an accident in Liu Yubai’s house.

During Wang Qibei’s lecture, Nan Xiangwan did not concentrate on listening to the lecture, but instead wrote and drew on paper to analyze the public relations time chain of Yurun Enterprise. As a result, her behavior was seen by Wang Qibei. Nan Xiangwan went to Liu Yubai during his break, but Liu Yubai had asked for leave from school, so he was not in the second class, but Lin Xiaoran was a little annoyed that Nan Xiangwan cared about Liu’s family.

The school girls were all gossiping Liu Yubai and Lin Xiaoran were pursuing Chen Shiyun at the same time. At this time, Zhu Cong took the initiative to find Liu Jiaojiao, misunderstanding that she was the girl who had a problem for herself, so she refused her so-called confession in front of everyone and frankly confessed to them. It’s not appropriate. Liu Jiaojiao really likes Zhu Cong, so she doesn’t care about the other party’s response. Instead, she feels that learning hegemony is duplicity.

Liu Yubai went to the company to inquire about the situation, hoping that his father could tell him everything. However, Father Liu didn’t take Nan Xiangwan’s predictions to heart at all. He even felt that she and Liu Yubai were both students. At present, they should focus on learning and should not interfere with adults.

After class was over, Lin Xiaoran found that Nan Xiangwan approached Chen Shiyun to ask for the address of Liu Yubai’s house, and hurried to chase him by bike. Liu Yubai was a little surprised at the uninvited arrival of the two, but Nan Xiangwan’s main purpose was to explain to him the follow-up development of the incident.

Based on some details of his memory, Nan Xiangwan inferred that Yurun Property was suffering from a crisis of trust. If he wanted to calm the matter, he should go to lawyer Zhou Huaiqiu to at least minimize the loss. Although it seems that Yurun Property is in a lot of trouble now, Nan Xiangwan feels that if he can win this victory, Liu’s company will be able to rise to the next level.

At the same time, Chen Shiyun saw an intimate picture of her father and Lin’s mother downstairs, and she was stunned on the spot. Lin Xiaoran accompanied Nan Xiangwan to leave Liu’s house, and then sighed with emotion every time she saw Nan Xiangwan’s overall situation in hand, she couldn’t help believing that she had traveled back from the future.

Liu Yubai was waiting for his father’s return at home, and he mentioned Zhou Huaiqiu of Deep Sea Law Firm, but when he heard that he had found a lawyer, he immediately remembered Feng Qizheng that Nan Xiangwan had said. Although this person belongs to the top domestic lawyer, the scope of business he undertakes is not in line with the company. Dad Liu didn’t want his son to be nosy. The father and son quarreled over this matter. Until the next day, Zhu Cong broke through Liu Yubai’s troubles. The choice he could face clearly lacked courage.

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