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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 16 Recap

Even if Lin Xiaoran was injured, he still clenched his teeth and persevered. As the game entered the white-hot stage, the scores of the two schools were comparable. Seeing that Beihu No. 7 Middle School made a few consecutive shots, widening the gap, Xiangli Middle School became more and more courageous, and Lin Xiaoran and others went all out.

At the moment when the winner was finally decided, the teachers and students of the school were eagerly waiting for the result, and saw Lin Xiaoran snatching the basketball from Meng Xiangsheng, a jump and dunk, and finally won the game. Meng Xiangsheng was very happy to be rivals with Lin Xiaoran, so he proposed to exchange jerseys as a souvenir. Nan Xiangwan came over and asked Lin Xiaoran to sign the jersey and gave it to Meng Xiangsheng, which caused Lin Xiaoran’s displeasure.

In the following class, the physics teacher wrote the basic topics of the second class on the blackboard, but no one dared to come forward to solve the problems, only Nan Xiangwan volunteered. At the same time, the second class can not only solve the more difficult physics problems, but can even separate several problem solving methods. The gap between the two classes is obvious.

Lin Xiaoran knew that Nan Xiangwan came to the game in person, so she thought she was caring about herself, so she thought that Nan Xiangwan was cold and warm, and there was no need to be embarrassed. At this time, Chen Shiyun passed by, Nan Xiangwan handed Lin Xiaoran to her, and then turned and left. Chen Shiyun understood Nan Xiangwan’s character, so she reminded Lin Xiaoran that if she wanted to pursue Nan Xiangwan, she had to improve her abilities. If she kept staying in place, sooner or later she would not be able to keep up with the opponent’s pace.

The simulation test of Xiangli Middle School is coming soon. Wang Qibei is very pleased with everyone’s calmness. Compared with when they hugged their heads and cried and cried when they heard the test, at least they have made great progress now. Lin Xiaoran knew that this was a good opportunity to exchange class students, so he hoped to help Nan Xiangwan rush into the second class, because he knew this was a chance to enter Guanhua University.

That night, Nan Xiangwan remembered what Lin Xiaoran had said in class during the day, and couldn’t help smiling, and then sent a message to Lin Xiaoran to remind him to go to the classroom to study early tomorrow. Lin Xiaoran was a little puzzled. He didn’t expect Nan Xiangwan to announce in public that he would lead everyone to review the physics class. As soon as the voice fell, there was an uproar in the classroom. The classmates argued and protested. It was not until Lin Xiaoran opened his mouth to express his stance.

Even Nan Xiangwan patiently explained the subject, but her way of teaching made everyone very confused, just fifteen minutes, like spending a century. Zhang Chao and Li Shuai have different opinions. One finds it difficult and the other thinks it is good, but Lin Xiaoran cares about Nan Xiang Wan and brings her lunch personally.

Seeing Nan Xiangwan’s hard work, Lin Xiaoran couldn’t help asking her if she still wanted to take the second class. After learning the other party’s true thoughts, he decided to use her own strength to help the other party. Lin Xiaoran took the initiative to discuss countermeasures with Zhang Chao and Li Shuai, but the two of them arbitrarily formulated a “request plan” and searched for the top-secret review materials of the second class for Nan Xiangwan.

However, under everyone’s demanding requirements, the southward late results are still in their original state. Lin Xiaoran and the others were puzzled, so they wanted to start with the second class, and Zhang Chao went to seduce Wang Feng, the last one in the second class, in an attempt to misrepresent her academic performance. In the next few days, while supervising Nan Xiangwan’s study with his brothers, Zhang Chao approached Wang Feng in various ways. Fortunately, Nan Xiangwan lived up to expectations and made great progress in all aspects.

Zhang Chao accompanied Wang Feng to the stationery store, only to accidentally encounter an intimate scene of a beautiful and unfamiliar man, and then rushed out, unexpectedly the other party was Yu Meili’s brother. Because of this oolong incident, Zhang Chao leaked their plan to approach Wang Feng, and it was too late for him to react.

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