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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 15 Recap

Liu Yubai took the initiative to come to the seventh class to find Lin Xiaoran, wanting to discuss with him how to keep the auditorium, and drag Chen Shiyun, Yu Meili and others into the team. Zhang Chao made a poster about the defense of the auditorium. However, Nan Xiangwan was not optimistic, so he gave some advice from the side and asked him to redesign it.

Considering the time is too short, Zeng Jianfei was called to help. In the next few days, everyone was busy with the promotion of the Xiangli Art Festival while reviewing Nanxiangwan’s study notes. Not only did their grades improve, but even the progress of protecting the auditorium was greatly improved.

Nan Xiangwan took everyone to create art works, and then invited media reporters to promote it. He wanted to use the public and public opinion to pressure Director Zheng, so that he could not refuse the feelings of his classmates towards the auditorium. However, on the day it was held, the long-awaited art festival suddenly rained, and the originally arranged venue became messy. Just when Lin Xiaoran was a little anxious, he did not expect Nan Xiangwan to care at all, but felt that if he saw it The pitiful appearance of the students in the rain will definitely be unbearable.

Although the rain is getting heavier and heavier, it still does not hinder Director Zheng from visiting. From the initial paintings to later student essays, as well as group photos of the whole school, there are a lot of emotions. Seeing that there was no response from Director Zheng, everyone couldn’t help but feel worried. Until they saw everyone playing music in front of the auditorium, Liu Yubai and Lin Xiaoran used their own ideas to explain to Director Zheng the necessity of the existence of the auditorium.

Although Director Zheng could not make a promise on the spot, he was moved by the persistence of his classmates and promised to reflect everyone’s expectations. Seeing Director Zheng change his initial attitude, this is also good news. As the music sounded, Jiang Darling sang the new songs compiled in recent days to Director Zheng, slowly expounding bit by bit about Xiangli Middle School, which also proved Hope for a clear day and sunrise.

For the time being, the dust settled, and the seventh class resumed its previous excitement. Lin Xiaoran wondered why Nan Xiangwan helped everyone a lot, but his grades were still not up. Facing Lin Xiaoran’s ridicule, Nan Xiangwan was a little helpless, and it was hard to continue to care about with him. Lin Xiaoran rejoins the sports team and is still the backbone of his teammates. Now he is about to start a fierce basketball game, so he encourages everyone to have the confidence to win the championship before going on the court, because this will be the last game of the senior third grade. Don’t shame Xiangli Middle School.

The students talked about the strong opponents in this game, including Meng Xiangsheng who entered the provincial team. Wang Qibei knew that everyone was concerned about the basketball game, so he announced a break in the afternoon so that they could watch the game. Nan Xiangwan only wanted to review his homework, so he didn’t participate.

On the court, Xiangli Middle School and Beihu No. 9 Middle School started the game. Lin Xiaoran lost the lead and fell to the ground several times. Everyone was a little frightened. Even though Meng Xiangsheng was strong, he respected his opponent very much, so he took the initiative to pull Lin Xiaoran up.

Seeing that Lin Xiaoran was injured, Yu Meili hurried back to the classroom to get a first aid kit. Nan Xiangwan was a little worried when she learned about this, but she didn’t know whether she should go, but Yu Meili didn’t think much about it, so she pulled her away, claiming that the people in North Lake No. Kill Lin Xiaoran’s rhythm.

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