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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 19 Recap

Shao Yuhan said that he had misunderstood Xing Kayao before, thinking that Xing Kayao was doing a show through disaster relief, but he later learned that Xing Kayao had done a lot of things. He thought that after seven years, they would all have some changes, but Some things on Xing Keyao’s body remained unchanged. After Xing Keyao went home, he happened to meet Xing Kelei and Mi Hao who had made an appointment to go for a run. Mi Ha saw Xing Keyao and was not embarrassed to tell Xing Keyao about her and Xing Keyao’s stay together.

She wanted to prepare a little bit before telling me. Xing Kelei had no choice but to listen to Mi Ha about the relationship between Xing Keyao and the others. When the two of them had breakfast together after exercising, Mi Yan said that he was going back to neurosurgery on the first day of the day and that he could not be late. He urged Xing Kelei to eat quickly. She was going to work quickly. Xing Kelei said that he was going back to the police force tonight. It may not be until next week to come back. Xing Kelei felt a little disappointed when he saw that Mi Ha had no nostalgia.

After Mi Ha returned to the neurosurgery department, Yan Shan was not very happy. The time was almost up. Shao Yuhan led everyone to start a round of the room. Yan Shan performed very well. Shao Yuhan specifically instructed Yan Shan to assign some patients to Mi Ha, but Yan Shan didn’t obey. Instead, she told Mi Yan to beat herself with orders. Mi Yan was not angry, and accepted Yanshan’s confession with a good temper.

In the evening, Xing Kelei came to pick up Mi Hao from work. Mi Hao said that he would invite Xing Kelei to dinner. Xing Kelei was a little jealous. The last time Mi Ha and Shao Yuhan had a meal together, he said that he was going to eat at that restaurant. He also said what Shao Yuhan and Mi Ha had eaten last time. I have to eat exactly the same. Mi Yan is a bit funny. Just like last time, I ordered a raw brain flower and said that either Xing Kelei had eaten the raw brain flower, or he ate all the other dishes. After Xing Kelei naturally chose However, he was unsurprisingly struggling and could only return to the team to practice.

The Panthers came to the police to exchange training the next day. Team Hao introduced Xing Kelei to Xing Kelei, the captain of the Panthers, Zhuang Zhiwen. The Tigers were very famous in the province, which made Zhuang Zhiwen very unconvinced, but Team Hao Xing Kelei told the Panthers to entertain the Panthers, and they could only endure their anger. After the morning training, Xing Kelei hurriedly finished his meal and went back to make a video call with Mi Ha. Seeing that Xing Kelei hadn’t got the office key, Shu Wenbo went back to give Xing Kelei the key. Several people happened to see Xing Kelei and Mi Ha in the mess. While speaking, he lay down at the door and eavesdropped, but it was accidentally exposed. Mi Yan hung up the phone very shyly. Xing Kelei became angry and drove away several people.

Yanshan and Shao Yuhan were discussing the patient’s condition. It happened that Mi Hao came to tell Yanshan that the patient in her hand had been checked. Mi Hao wanted to leave after speaking. Shao Yuhan left Mi Ha to discuss together, and Mi Ha will be with Mi Ha tomorrow. Following up on this operation, it made Yanshan a little unhappy. Shao Yuhan also heard from Mi Hao’s words that Yanshan did not assign the patient to Mi Ha, and once again asked Yanshan to share some of the patients with Mi Ha , So Yanshan can also relax.

But Yanshan still looked sullen, just as Chen Tao came to ask her to go to the music festival in the evening, and Yanshan casually agreed to Chen Tao. In the end, Yanshan forgot about it. After get off work, she took the initiative to stay for rounds with Shao Yuhan and have dinner with Shao Yuhan. Chen Tao saw this scene and left with great disappointment.

Xing Keyao went to the hospital to find Shao Yuhan and said that Spader College wanted to set up a branch in China. Spader College was a neutral academic platform. On the one hand, it promoted medical science and technology application and promotion, and on the other hand, it also produced some To sell the equipment, Spade wants to find a company to cooperate to establish a branch, Xing Keyao wants to fight for it, and hopes that Renxin Hospital and Spade College will cooperate together. Shao Yuhan expressed support, but this matter is under the supervision of the dean, and it is in the hands of the dean. If they cooperate, it will cost a lot of money to buy their instruments, and Shao Yuhan can only promise to help as much as possible.

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