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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 9 Recap

After seeing Zhou Xiaoan, the mother and son bought a ticket and went back. Liu Pansong, a doctor from the Provincial Medical Team, went to the farm to understand the situation, visited the sites one by one, and reiterated the key points of attention, and urged everyone to pay more attention to the mice. Since Zhou Qing met her family, her mood gradually improved and she was willing to contact other people, so she took the initiative to ask Liu Pansong how to prevent hemorrhagic fever.

That night, when Jiang He learned that Zhao Yingtong was pregnant, he was drunk with Zhou Xiaoliu. As a result, he was bewitched by alcohol and threw Zhou Xiaoliu directly under him. Until the next day, the two were naked, which became a fact. Even so, Jiang He still put on his pants in a panic expression, insisting that the incident was purely an accident, and even accused Zhou Xiaoliu of taking advantage of him.

Seeing Jiang He turn his face and refuse to recognize people, Zhou Xiaoliu burst into tears, and then took up a dagger to prepare to commit suicide. When Jiang He saw this, he stepped forward to stop him. As a result, the two lost their feet in the process of pushing and pushing, causing Zhou Xiaoliu to be stabbed in the abdomen with a dagger. Watching the blood gradually seep out, Jiang He instantly became sober and hurriedly called out loudly.

When Shizhu and Zhou Xiaoxiao came back from the farm, it happened that Aunt Li was going to send Zhao Yingtong to the hospital to give birth. She asked Zhou Xiaofeng to inform Lin Yueru, and she escorted Lin Yueru all the way, but found that Kong Linggao was waiting anxiously outside the operating room. Stabbed.

Within a short period of time, Dianthus encountered two major incidents, and the whole person was in a mess. He had just given Zhou Xiaoliu’s blood transfusion to his front foot, and immediately learned that Zhao Yingtong had a child with a hemorrhage, so he ran back and grabbed the blood bag from the nurse and sent it away. Go to the delivery room for emergency. Zhou Xiaoxiao had no other choice, and simply called Dakui brother, and the two lost three tubes of blood in total, finally guaranteeing Zhou Xiaoliu’s safety.

Zhao Yingtong gave birth to her daughter, and the mother and daughter turned to peace. When Dianthus saw that everyone was okay, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. His weak body could no longer support it and almost fell. Kong Linggao bought two chickens and stewed them to the hospital. Dianthus went to see Zhao Yingtong with a thermos. However, Zhao Yingtong was still thinking about the previous things, not only did not have a good face, but was also unwilling to let her touch the children.

Lin Yueru thanked Dianthus for saving Zhao Yingtong. If it were not for her blood bag, the consequences would be disastrous. Shizhu thought he was sorry for Zhao Yingtong, so he didn’t accept Lin Yueru’s thanks, but kept saying sorry to her.

The first thing Zhou Xiaoliu did after waking up was to intercede for Jiang He to cover up. When Dianthus learned that Zhou Xiaoliu liked Jianghe, she couldn’t help being a little angry and disappointed. He just thought of a lesson, but due to long-term fatigue and malnutrition, he fainted due to low blood sugar. Kong Linggao asked the doctor, considering Dianthus’s condition, so she was hospitalized first.

Jiang Zhenhai went to the hospital to visit Zhou Xiaoliu, but almost fought with the Zhou Xiaoxiao brothers. It was not until Kong Linggao appeared that they completely stopped. Jiang Zhenhai personally stated that he would bear the medical expenses of Zhou Xiaoliu and Dianthus. After he left, Kong Linggao set out to take care of the patients. Zhao Yingtong is about to leave the hospital and return to the countryside. Lin Yueru takes her child to say goodbye to the carnation.

Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaofeng couldn’t accept that the second sister was bullied by Jiang He, so they went home to move bricks, stole Kong Linggao’s scissors, intending to settle accounts with Jiang He. When the two came to Jiang’s house, Jiang Lingdie’s face was pale with fright. Zhou Xiaoxiao found that Jiang He was not at home, so Zhou Xiaofeng asked Zhou Xiaofeng to go back first, staying and comforting Jiang Lingdie by herself, and gave her the finished wooden figure.

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