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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 12 Recap

Between the dense forests, guns and guns continued to exchange fire. With the roar, several fighter planes roared past, smothering corpses everywhere. Zhou Xiaoyang fought bloody battles. Seeing a grenade thrown next to his comrades, he couldn’t even think about it anymore, and then rushed to his comrades and sacrificed heroically.

At the same time, Zhao Yingtong was distracted at work and accidentally broke the cup. When she reached out to pick up the glass shards, she felt panic in her heart. It seemed that something was breaking ground and sprouting. The comrades in the army came to Zhou’s house holding Zhou Xiaoyang’s ashes and medals to inform him of the bad news. Dianthus burst into tears and couldn’t help asking about his son’s dying situation. Because of excessive sadness, he cried out on the spot.

Zhou Xiaoliu had a firm attitude, made up his mind that he would not marry, and even stole the household registration book from his home in the middle of the night to find Jiang He, and the two kissed affectionately. Just when Zhou Xiaoliu and Jiang He received the marriage certificate and held a wedding in the machine repair factory, they learned the news of the death of their eldest brother.

Zhao Yingtong took the blood-stained photo from the soldiers, and when he learned that Zhou Xiaoyang always missed the mother and daughter during his lifetime, he burst into tears. In the company of Zhang Lanfen, Dianthus brought the whole family to a simple funeral for Zhou Xiaoyang. Jiang He expressed a lot of emotion and promised to help the family as his second brother-in-law in the future. Jiang Zhenhai couldn’t bear it, so he sent Zhou Xiaoyang off again in the manner of a soldier, firing three shots at the sky, and those present wept bitterly.

When everyone left one after another, only Dianthus and Zhao Yingtong were left. The two mother-in-law and daughter-in-law talked frankly in front of Zhou Xiaoyang’s tomb, and finally resolved their knots. Because of Zhao Yingtong’s understanding, Dianthus was very guilty, and then hugged her tightly in his arms, indicating that she and Zhao Yingtong’s mother and daughter would never be separated in the future.

Even though Zhou Qing was extremely sad about the news of his son’s sacrifice, he still resisted tears and told Zhou Xiaoan to remember that he was the hero’s younger brother. Since then, Zhao Yingtong moved into the carnation house completely and shouted out the long late “mother”, Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaofeng seemed to have grown up suddenly, and the brothers became the pillars of the family and afforded the whole family.

With the passage of time, Yaoyao gradually grew up, and everyone slowly walked out of the shadows. Although not prosperous, it was easier than before. Only Zhou Xiaoliu was the unquenched anger of Dianthus. The employees of the carton factory came to persuade Dianthus to go back to be the factory director. It happened that Jiang Zhenhai came in from outside. Considering that Zhou Xiaoliu had already married, he wanted to take the initiative to show his favor and make a good in-laws.

Dianthus is unwilling to accept Jiang He from the bottom of his heart. No matter how soft Jiang Zhenhai is, he still scolds him away. Seeing that the eldest brother’s hundred-day memorial ceremony was approaching, Zhou Xiaoliu wanted to go back to participate, but she was worried that Dianthus would not let herself in, so she was in a very bad mood and couldn’t help but get angry with Jiang He.

Zhou Xiaoliu came to the infirmary with a basket of eggs, intending to follow Zhao Yingtong’s attitude about dianthus. However, on the day of the burning hundred days, Zhou Xiaoliu could only stand silently in the distance. Just when she was about to beg her mother’s forgiveness, Zhou Xiaoan suddenly appeared and ended his educated youth career.

Seeing his son shave off his beard and restore his former handsome appearance, Shizhu felt a little relieved, at least he did not have a bad life. This time Zhou Xiaoan came back with new ideas, but before he could explain to Dianthus, he saw Zhou Xiaofeng pulling her second sister out. Seeing that Dianthus’s complexion was not good, Zhou Xiaoliu immediately found an excuse to leave. Zhou Xiaoan sensed that the atmosphere was not right, so she learned the truth from Dianthus’s mouth.

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