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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 11 Recap

Jiang He changed his previous mistakes, but instead cared a little about Zhou Xiaoliu and even wanted to marry her. That night, Jiang He took the initiative to show courtesy by Jiang Zhenhai’s side, and wanted him to replace himself with Zhou’s family to propose marriage. When Jiang Lingdie learned of his elder brother’s thoughts, he was still talking cool words beside him when he was surprised, thinking that he shouldn’t harm Zhou Xiaoliu again.

However, Jiang Zhenhai also disagrees with this marriage, hoping that his son can dispel the idea of ​​marrying Zhou Xiaoliu, so he resolutely refused. Jiang He saw that Jiang Zhenhai still had thoughts about carnation, so he reminded him to stop thinking about it. After all, he had done things that were sorry for Zhou’s family back then. If Zhou Qingguan was reinstated, he might not even be able to keep the black hat on his head.

The next morning, Jiang Zhenhai came to the door with a gift, and Zhou Xiaoliu warmly welcomed him, but Dianthus had a cold face and even carried his daughter back to the room. As soon as Jiang Zhenhai opened his mouth to propose a marriage, he was rejected by Dianthus, claiming that the two improper households were wrong. Zhou Xiaoliu saw Jiang Zhenhai was about to leave, and immediately stopped, and learned that the marriage had completely failed, and she was angry with Dianthus.

Liu Pansong was about to return to the provincial capital. Before leaving, he went to see Zhou Qing and checked his physical condition by the way. Zhou Qing couldn’t help feeling happy when he learned that Liu Pansong had taken off his hat. Through this period of contact, the two people gradually got to know each other and liked each other. Liu Pansong believed that Zhou Qing was an individual and would be reused by the state sooner or later, so he encouraged him not to give up hope.

Lin Yueru knew that Dianthus missed her granddaughter, so she brought her a picture of Yaoyao. It just so happened that Zhang Lanfen brought a very good news newspaper, which stated that the central government had begun to rectify unjust, false and wrong cases, which meant that Zhou Qing and Zhao Ruhai had a chance to go home. In the evening, Dianthus and Lin Yueru cried with each other in their arms. The two met with a few children to drink together. People spontaneously gathered in the square to celebrate.

Unfortunately, a high-voltage wire fell from the air, and Lin Yueru was electrocuted in the Yangko team and died. Shizhu took his children to take care of Lin Yueru’s affairs for Zhao Yingtong, standing in front of the tomb and telling many past events, the whole person fell into grief. Zhao Yingtong is grateful for the kindness of Dianthus, especially knowing that she had a blood transfusion in the hospital at the time, and at the same time experienced a series of changes, finally understand the difficulties of being a wife and mother, and then understand Dianthus’s painstaking efforts.

When Zhao Yingtong was guarding the small courtyard with her children alone, Zhou Xiaoyang suddenly came back, and went to see Zhao Yingtong during the family visit holiday and saw his daughter. Zhou Xiaoyang learned that his mother still didn’t recognize Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao, so he wanted to take the mother and daughter back to recognize their ancestors. Zhao Yingtong was afraid that Dianthus would be embarrassed, so he hurriedly stopped.

Everyone was very happy because of Zhou Xiaoyang’s arrival, even Dianthus was in tears with excitement. Zhou Xiaoyang asked Dianthus what she really thought, hoping she would recognize Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao. However, Dianthus had a hard time saying that Zhou Xiaoyang didn’t understand his mother, so he had a big fight with her and turned to leave.

Dianthus prepared meals at home and waited for Zhou Xiaoyang. At this time, Zhou Xiaoyang was taking Zhao Yingtong’s mother and daughter to take family photos. He didn’t even eat food, and hurriedly said goodbye to the train. When Dianthus chased to the train station, Zhou Xiaoyang had already left. Zhao Yingtong gave the allowance Zhou Xiaoyang left to Dianthus, but they didn’t know that Dianthus endured all grievances, and only gave Zhao Yingtong’s mother to Zhao Yingtong when everything went away. The girls took home with a beautiful scenery, and lived together peacefully.

Zhang Lanfen couldn’t cope with the new spirit of the organization and delivered to the cadres of various streets, so he wanted to bring the carnation back to take charge of the work of the carton factory. Zhou Xiaoliu proposed to marry Jiang He, but Dianthus opposed it.

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