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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 10 Recap

Shi Zhu and Zhou Xiaoliu were discharged from the hospital one after another. First, they personally thanked the dean, and then went home for a meeting to discuss the debt to be repaid. In addition to the previous travel expenses to Xingkai Lake and the hospitalization, the Zhou family’s expenses were too great.

Considering that the temporary salary of the carton factory is only enough to feed the whole family, Shizhu decided to go to the dean, and wanted to pick up some work that could help the hospital wash the sheets and cover, and take them home to do it. After Lin Yueru settled down with Zhao Yingtong, she went to Zhou’s house and asked Dianthus to help her child with a name.

Although Dianthus could not recognize this granddaughter for the time being, she asked the child to have the surname Zhou. Only when Zhou Xiaoyang returned from the army would he consider the issue of re-registering. In the following days, Zhou Xiaofeng would still be as usual, often carrying dianthus to help Zhao’s family.

With the complete fall of the Gang of Four, Sima Jun faces the end of being dismissed and subject to scrutiny. In order to be able to retire with his whole body, Jiang Zhenhai immediately applied to the organization for a job change, so he retired from active service and successfully served as the deputy director of the Heshan County Public Security Bureau.

Director Chen wanted Jiang Zhenhai to come into contact with familiar cases first, so he reminded him that he should pay attention to things about Zhao Ruhai. Under Director Chen’s proposal, Jiang Zhenhai issued a military order immediately after taking office and took the initiative to take charge of the case of Zhao Ruhai’s pistol loss.

Zhou Xiaoxiao thought that Jiang Zhenhai had already switched jobs, so she took this opportunity to test Jiang He’s whereabouts from Jiang Lingdie. At first, Jiang Lingdie was reluctant to tell, and almost missed her mouth. Zhou Xiaoxiao noticed something strange based on her tone, and she followed afterwards, and she found Jiang He hidden in the broken house of the mechanic repair shop.

Although the matter is over, the brothers will still fight for the second sister. Because Jiang He was practicing the seven-segment whip in the broken house, Zhou Xiaoxiao felt that she was not Jiang He’s opponent and did not dare to seek revenge on him easily.

Zhou Xiaofeng dug out Zhao Ruhai’s pistol hidden by the river. After several days of observation, he finally found the mobile phone meeting and took out the pistol at a critical moment. Jiang He was so frightened that he immediately fled home and explained the matter to Jiang Zhenhai. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Jiang Zhenhai hurriedly took people to Zhou’s house to look for dianthus.

Jiang Lingdie went to report to Shizhu in advance. Kong Linggao realized that the situation was critical and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to hand over the gun. He just wanted to grab the pistol and destroy it, but happened to hit Jiang Zhenhai and broke into the door. Faced with Jiang Zhenhai’s cross-examination, Kong Linggao took the initiative to resist all charges, falsely claiming that he witnessed Zhao Ruhai hiding his gun by the river and did not report the fact.

In the end, Kong Linggao went to jail instead of Zhou Xiaofeng and was sentenced to prison. Shizhu thinks that if Brother Kong was involved in the Zhou family, he would explain to the children that if she lived a long time, she would provide for Kong Linggao to care for her, and if she died of idleness, let everyone give Kong Linggao an end.

After this incident, Dianthus did several jobs every day in order to pay off the debt faster. Carts of cartons were pasted, and carts of bed sheets washed. The more money he saved, the faster his days. , Sometimes I go to prison to visit Kong Linggao in my free time.

In 1977, Zhao Yingtong and Lin Yueru were rehabilitated by the organization and resumed their original jobs. Daughter Yaoyao gradually grew up, Zhao Yingtong was busy with work in the infirmary, and she had to pick up and take care of her. Everyone was speculating about the child’s father, and the biggest target candidate was Zhou Xiaoyang.

Jiang He was lowered to the sand foundry workshop. He, who was originally aloof, had tasted the warmth and coldness, and missed Zhou Xiaoliu’s goodness more and more. For Jiang He’s sincere apology, Zhou Xiaoliu’s love that was hidden deep in her heart finally emerged at this moment, and she cried loudly after Jiang He left.

However, Jiang He didn’t leave directly. He just returned with the tape recorder to confess to Zhou Xiaoliu, claiming that in this life, except his mother, no one cares about himself like Zhou Xiaoliu. Because Jiang He had come to his senses, he wanted to be with Zhou Xiaoliu and promised to love her forever.

Hearing Jiang He’s assurance, Zhou Xiaoliu was in a good mood, and was finally completely relieved of what had happened before. Dianthus accidentally ran into Lin Yueru on the road and couldn’t help but go to the house with her. Standing at the door, he saw the warm picture of the family and the granddaughter in Zhao Yingtong’s arms. Lin Yueru proposed to hug the child with Dianthus, but Dianthus was afraid of being rejected by Zhao Yingtong, so she took the lead to leave without waiting for the other party to respond, leaving Zhao Yingtong standing there in deep thought.

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