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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 14 Recap

When it came to the men’s 1,500-meter long-distance run, Lin Xiaoran ran very fast at first, trying to disrupt everyone’s rhythm, especially Liu Yubai’s, but Liu Yubai was not affected by him, but he still ran methodically. . At the beginning of the second lap, Lin Xiaoran started to run at the end, reducing his resistance a little bit. It was not until he started sprinting that he increased his speed again and won first place with Liu Yubai.

Lin Xiaoran and Liu Yubai both worked very hard, and finally reached the finish line at the same time. This caused the students in Class 2 and Class 7 to quarrel about the first one. At this time, the results were announced on the radio, indicating that they were tied for the first place. After the results came out, Lin Xiaoran took the initiative to shake hands with Liu Yubai to show friendship. Nan Xiangwan walked over to praise Liu Yubai at this time, which made Lin Xiaoran very jealous, and Nan Xiangwan showed that Lin Xiaoran is a sports student and should be the first. , There is nothing to boast about.

When it was time for Li Shuai to compete, Zhang Chao lost Li Shuai’s spikes. This made Li Shuai very anxious. Zhang Chao didn’t perform well in the long jump and was in a particularly bad mood, so he also liked Li Shuai’s shoes. Not being too caring, made Li Shuai particularly angry. Li Shuai had no spikes, so he could only wear his own non-slip sneakers. As a result, he fell during a sprint sprint because the sneakers were non-slip. Zhang Chao realized that he had done something wrong, so he was sent to the infirmary in Li Shuai. At the time, took the initiative to apologize to Li Shuai.

When the girls relay started, it was the time when Jiang Darling played, so she used her new song “Xiang Li Xiang Li” to give to her friends to cheer for their efforts. Zeng Jianfei recorded all of her singing for Jiang Darling on the spot. . The women’s relay was very unexpected because of the participation of Nan Xiangwan. They won the relay championship. Class 7 cheered for this. Liao Shichang could only ask the class 2 students not to lose to 5. Classmates.

Lin Xiaoran felt that Nan Xiang Wan had a sense of collective honor, so he was so desperate in the game. He felt that he had influenced Nan Xiang Wan and was particularly proud of Nan Xiang Wan. Lin Xiaoran sent Nan Xiangwan home and asked Nan Xiangwan to help him wash the clothes. Nan Xiangwan handed the clothes to Mother Nan and charged the laundry expenses to her account. When Nan Xiangwan came back to wash Lin Xiaoran’s clothes, Mother Nan thought more about it. Nan Xiangwan could only explain that there was nothing, so Nan Xiangwan was relieved.

Jiang Darling was in a particularly bad mood because he was not in the top ten. The students in Class 7 were all around to persuade Jiang Darling to be useless. Jiang Darling became happy until Nan Xiangwan spoke up. Nan Xiangwan explained that Jiang Darling lost in the selection, because the judges who listened to Jiang Darling’s song did not resonate with Jiang Darling, so they could not feel the charm of Jiang Darling’s song. But after a few years, everyone will be nostalgic for her music. Another platform, NetEase Cloud Music became popular again.

After Nan Xiangwan finished speaking, President Hu brought Director Zhang and Wang Qibei to congratulate Jiang Darling. Director Zhang also apologized to Jiang Darling for the confiscated MP3. Principal Hu regretted that he did not hear Jiang Darling’s live performance. He asked Jiang Darling to sing a song for everyone. Jiang Darling sang aloud.

The students from Class 7 responded and the entire Xiangli Middle School was infected by their singing. . In the monthly exam after the sports meeting, the seventh class did not disappoint Wang Qibei’s expectations and got the third grade in the exam. Wang Qibei was particularly happy and cancelled his agreement with Nan Xiangwan.

The school manager wanted to tear down the very meaningful auditorium of Xiangli Middle School. This made Principal Hu and the teachers in the school very reluctant, but they couldn’t change the decision. They had to tell the students the news to make them think.

Those who take a group photo can do it earlier. When Wang Qibei was talking to the students about the auditorium, Director Zhang passed by outside of the classroom. Wang Qibei changed the subject and talked about options to let Lin Xiaoran understand that Director Zhang supported the demolition of the auditorium, and let Lin Xiaoran think of a solution.

When Lin Xiaoran was discussing with Zhang Chao and others about how to keep the auditorium, Liu Yubai went to the classroom to look for Lin Xiaoran, also for the auditorium.

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