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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 13 Recap

Jiang Darling was going to participate in a singing competition, and Lin Xiaoran was responsible for supervising Nan Xiangwan’s exercise. She thought she would give up halfway, or she would have a greater psychological burden, so she tried every means to comfort her. Nan Xiangwan disagrees, she has never put this little difficulty in her eyes, but deliberately reminded Lin Xiaoran that she is too poor in physique and should exercise more.

Although everyone was well prepared, but Tiangong did not make beauty, it rained lightly on the day of the Games and the school distributed umbrellas to the students. Lin Xiaoran personally raised an umbrella for Nan Xiangwan. Liao Shichang was concerned that Wang Qibei would catch a cold in the rain, but he still had a hard-line mouth, claiming that he did not want to be a tool for delivering medicine. Wang Qibei thought that Class 7 would definitely outperform Class 2, but Liao Shichang shot back without hesitation, and two young teachers actually fought each other on the playground.

When Wang Qibei was telling the students good news, Director Zhang came with Lin Xiaoran, because Lin Xiaoran went to Director Zhang to steal MP3 and was caught on the spot. When Wang Qibei learned of what Lin Xiaoran was doing, he immediately cursed Lin Xiaoran and wanted to calm Director Zhang, but he didn’t expect that Director Zhang would not buy it and directly announced that Lin Xiaoran could no longer participate in the school’s basketball team.

Wang Qibei couldn’t accept Director Zhang’s punishment because it was Lin Xiaoran’s dream to join the basketball team. He couldn’t let Director Zhang deprive Lin Xiaoran of his dream. However, Director Zhang felt that this matter was serious and refused to make half-point accommodation. Wang Qibei reluctantly went back to class, while Lin Xiaoran didn’t care about his inability to join the basketball team. He waited to explain to Nan Xiangwan after class that he didn’t get his MP3 back.

Nan Xiangwan didn’t care if she could get her MP3 back at all, because it was not an important thing, but she didn’t expect Lin Xiaoran to steal the MP3 and couldn’t play basketball because of this, which made her unable to accept it. Nan Xiangwan was worried that Lin Xiaoran really couldn’t play basketball, and Lin Xiaoran didn’t care about this and only cared about MP3, which made her really unable to help, so she could only curse Lin Xiaoran, and Lin Xiaoran’s whole body was utterly utterly cursed.

During the physics class, Lin Xiaoran was distracted and did not attend the class. Teacher Li trained Lin Xiaoran, but Lin Xiaoran was uncharacteristic and did not argue at all, which made everyone worried about Lin Xiaoran. Zhang Chao was busy comforting Lin Xiaoran, but Lin Xiaoran couldn’t hear a word. Zhang Chao was very angry and anxious about this, so he scolded Nan Xiangwan as if nothing had happened, and Nan Xiangwan didn’t talk back at all.

Lin Xiaoran watched other people play basketball for a day, and missed the days of playing basketball in his heart, so he sat in the basketball court for a day. Nan Xiangwan went to the basketball court to comfort Lin Xiaoran. At this time, Lin Xiaoran had calmed down, so he asked about the content in Nan Xiangwan’s MP3, because he thought it might be important, otherwise Liu Yubai would not be so nervous until Nan Xiangwan said There was only a handout, and he relaxed.

Nan Xiangwan asked Lin Xiaoran to play a few balls to show her. She wanted Lin Xiaoran to know the importance of playing basketball to him in his heart. Lin Xiaoran wanted to play basketball, so Nan Xiangwan took him to the school’s announcement, letting Lin Xiaoran know that the school advocates participating in the sports meeting in the third year of high school, and this is the bargaining chip they can negotiate with the school.

Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran went to Wang Qibei to explain about participating in the sports meeting. They promised to encourage two-thirds of the students to participate in the sports meeting. They only asked to get back the MP3 and let Lin Xiaoran return to the basketball team. Wang Qibei also felt that the conditions Nan Xiangwan had put forward were very good, which just solved Director Zhang’s urgent need, but he was afraid that Director Zhang would not agree to the two conditions, so he discussed with them whether they could give up one.

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