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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 33 Recap

Shen Kuo expressed his attitude face to face. Even if Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen got married, he still has the right to admire and admire Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue persuaded him to converge to an extent that others could not see, and then got off the car and went home. , Bai Xiangwen saw this scene, feeling sad. Bai Xiangwen made a bowl of noodles for Wen Ruxue and deliberately put a lot of vinegar in that bowl. Wen Ruxue guessed that he was jealous. Bai Xiangwen took the opportunity to propose a wedding with Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue knew he was In order to declare sovereignty, Bai Xiangwen repeatedly explained the importance of this wedding, and Wen Ruxue had to compromise.

Today is the wedding day of Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen. Friends and family came to congratulate him. Bai Xiangwen publicly expressed his love to Wen Ruxue, promising to protect her and stay with her forever. Wen Ruxue also expressed the truth. Testimonials, she has witnessed the weddings of many people and can’t believe that she can also enter the marriage hall. She promised to love each other wholeheartedly, and Dai Xixi’s eyes were moved with tears.

The wedding continued in accordance with the procedures. Friends took photos with the bride and groom. Dai Xixi fell to the ground because of excitement. Ding Huiqiao suddenly received a call and learned that her hotel’s intelligent upgrade plan had been killed. She ignored Luo Shang’s retention. He hurried back to the company to find Li Wensen’s theory. Li Wensen put on an official business appearance. Ding Huiqiao knew that he wanted to use Salsa’s plan and slammed the door in anger. Shen Kuo and Cheng Tianye came to congratulate Wen Ruxue, Bai Xiangwen hurriedly called Wen Ruxue away, Shen Kuo publicly provoke Bai Xiangwen, threatening to take away the bride, Bai Xiangwen sneered at him.

Duan Xu helped Dai Xixi deal with the wound. Dai Xixi once again proposed to get married. Duan Xu found all kinds of excuses. Dai Xixi was very distressed. Not only did Duan Xu disagree with the marriage, but he didn’t even say anything to love her. Duan Xu believed that Dai Xixi was forcing him. Dai Xixi broke up in a fit of anger.

Bai Xiangwen and Wen Ruxue spent a romantic wedding night. Wen Ruxue received a large sum of money to change her tongue. She opened the WeChat group and saw Dai Xixi crying in the group of her grievances. Bai Xiangwen felt left out and took the opportunity She proposed to exchange mobile phone passwords with Wen Ruxue, so that each other could have enough security in the marriage. Wen Ruxue wanted to keep her own space. Bai Xiangwen questioned what secret she wanted to hide in the space. Wen Ruxue sneered at each other. When asked what he wanted to see, the eyes of the two were relatively speechless, and the air was a bit embarrassing.

Wen Ruxue put on her clothes and wanted to go downstairs to relax. Although Bai Xiangwen tried to stop her, she still went out resolutely. Bai Xiangwen kept calling Wen Ruxue, but she just refused to answer. Wen Ruxue strolled to a bar near her home to get drunk. Bai Xiangwen was worried, and hurried downstairs to look for it. Suddenly received a message from her mother-in-law, she asked her to take good care of Wen Ruxue. Bai Xiangwen finally got through Wen Ruxue’s phone call. Ruxue lied that she had slept at Ding Huiqiao’s house.

Early the next morning, Wen Ruxue returned to Ding Huiqiao’s house in exhaustion, falsely claiming that Bai Xiangwen’s house had no hot water. She just came back to take a bath. Ding Huiqiao didn’t think much about it. Dai Xixi suspected that Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen had quarreled. , But dare not ask more. Sa Sa asked the outsourcing team to make a hotel intelligent upgrade plan. She brought her secretary to invite the cool manager Liang to have a meal.

The secretary accidentally revealed that Sa Sa’s plan was done by the outsourcing team. Mr. Liang was very angry, and Sa Sa promised to make one as soon as possible. After the new plan came out, Manager Liang did not pursue it anymore. After the incident, Sasha gave the secretary a severe lesson, and she was so scared that she could apologize again and again.

When the assistant saw Wen Ruxue going to the show with a diamond ring, she persuaded her to take it off as soon as possible, so as not to destroy the personality of the strong woman in the hearts of fans. Wen Ruxue didn’t care about it. After the show started, Wen Ruxue was always absent-minded and even forgot his words in the middle. Shen Kuo had to let everyone rest for ten minutes first. He asked Wen Ruxue and said warmly to Wen Ruxue, believing that Bai Xiangwen angered Wen Ruxue, and said a lot of bad things about Bai Xiangwen. .

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