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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 18 Recap

When Xing Kelei returned home, he found that Mi Ha had a mess at home, so he took the initiative to clean up the housework. As soon as he had done almost the sanitation, Chen Tao sent a message to Xing Kelei, saying that Mi Ha was on night shift today, and Xing Kelei sees today. When it was less than Mi Yan, he had to call Lu Feng to cook for herself. Who knew that Chen Xiaoyan had suddenly returned to the hospital, so Mi Yan hurried home to rest.

Lu Feng and Xing Kelei just put the food on the table, and the red wine ordered by Lu Feng arrived. Xing Kelei opened the door to sign for the receipt. He just saw Mi Ha who was going home, and Lu Feng left wittily. Xing Kele invited Mi Ha to come to his side for dinner.

The two of them were a little stiff at the dinner table. Mi Ha asked when Xing Kelei recognized him and when he liked him. Xing Kelei said that he recognized her when he stopped a car, and when they first met. I like Mi Ha, Mi Ha is a bit shy. Xing Kelei also said that he himself wanted to give Mi Ha a surprise, but he was not disappointed when he heard that he was not coming back.

Mi Ha looked at Xing Kelei and said that he had been telling everyone that he could not change shifts. She would actually be disappointed, but she knew the particularity of Xing Kelei’s work, so she didn’t dare to hold too much hope. Both of them were in love for the first time and had no experience, so they agreed not to make any surprises in the future. Up.

Because Xing Kelei’s hand was injured, Hao team gave Xing Kelei a vacation, but Xing Kelei still went to the team to watch the players training. Xing Kelei was not very satisfied with the training results of several people, and said that he can compare it now if he is injured. Of them, Li Nian was a little unconvinced, and under the instigation of Zhuo Wenjing, he bet with Xing Kelei.

As a result, Xing Kelei really defeated Li Nian, and Li Nian had to accept the bet and practice alone. The special police contest is about to begin. When Xing Kelei and Shu Wenbo were discussing the candidates to play, Ruan Qingxia sent a message to Shu Wenbo to restrain Wenbo from coming out to meet, but Shu Wenbo rejected Ruan Qingxia.

Ruan Qingxia was running, and when he saw the news, he threw his phone aside. Lu Feng guessed what was happening when he saw the news. He persuaded Ruan Qingxia not to hang himself on a tree. He also said that he wanted to pursue Ruan Qingxia. Ruan Qingxia refused on the spot. Land breeze. Lu Feng has been following Ruan Qingxia again and said that he will start chasing her. No one has ever been able to refuse him, including Ruan Qingxia.

Today is the last day of Mi Jie in the emergency department. She is very grateful to Director Wei. Director Wei has taught her a lot. Director Wei is also very emotional. When she entered the emergency department for the first time, she met a boy who died of food poisoning. Since then, she has learned to control her emotions, because in the emergency department, emotions are the most useless thing. All they can do is do their best.

Lu Feng pulled Xing Kelei to talk about Ruan Qingxia, and asked about the progress of Xing Kelei and Mi Ha. After learning that the two had not held hands, he gave Xing Kelei a trick and asked Xing Kelei to continue to tie the bandage on his right hand. Mi Yan pretended to be weak in front of him, and Ruan Qingxia also asked Mi Yan to dress up. Although the two said that they would not listen to their opinions this time, they still listened to their opinions when they went out. Xing Kelei took Mi Ha to watch a horror movie. He wanted to take the opportunity to hug Mi Ha when he was scared, but Mi Ha was not afraid at all, and Xing Kele was a little disappointed when his plan fell through.

After watching the movie, the two of them were walking on the road and were almost hit by an electric car. Mi Yan subconsciously wanted to protect Xing Kelei, and Xing Kelei also protected Mi Ha. Only when Mi Ha realized that Xing Kelei’s hands were already healed, Xing Kele said frankly. I wanted to pretend to be pitiful to win Mi Ha’s sympathy, but Mi Ha did not eat this set, Mi Ha was amused by Xing Kelei, and the two of them naturally held hands.

Shao Yuhan saw Xing Keyao on the side of the road. Xing Keyao’s car was hit. Shao Yuhan took the initiative to help carry Xing Keyao home. The two chatted in the car. Xing Keyao asked why Shao Yuhan suddenly came back from abroad. Shao Yuhan said that he missed this place a little, Xing Kayao joked that this might be a sign that Shao Yuhan was getting old. After chatting, Shao Yuhan suddenly said that he owed Xing Kayao an official apology.

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