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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 17 Recap

Xing Kelei was held down by the falling rock, Mi Ha was unable to move the stones with great effort, Xing Kele told Mi Ha not to waste his energy, and just sit with him for a while, because the pit was buried, the pit was soon deprived of oxygen. Seeing that Xing Kelei was not in good condition, Mi Ha hurriedly took out the oxygen cylinder to give Xing Kelei oxygen. Xing Kelei took a few breaths, and then handed the oxygen mask to Mi Ha. Xing Kelei panted heavily and said that he had something to say to him.

Said that when Xing Kelei wanted to confess to Mi Ha last time when I went to the Lavender Garden, he originally wrote a cheat sheet, but now he found that he could memorize that paragraph by himself. He told Mi Ha that he knew he was not perfect, but He can make Mi Ha a solid city, let the wind and rain roar, and he will also support a clear sky for Mi Ha.

If Mi Ha likes him a little bit, he promises him that he must persevere and escape. After that, Xing Kelei lost consciousness. Mi Ha quickly put an oxygen mask on Xing Kelei’s face, and soon the oxygen was used up. Mi Ha desperately gave Xing Kelei artificial respiration, but finally lost consciousness.

Fortunately, Li Nian and the others rushed to rescue Xing Kelei and Mi Ha in time. There was nothing serious about them. Xing Kelei asked Li Nian about their Mi Ha situation as soon as they woke up. Li Nian and several people deliberately remained silent and did not say anything. Xing Kelei became anxious. At this time, Mi Ha came. Seeing that Mi Ha was fine, Xing Kele felt relieved a lot. Xing Kele drove Li Nian away again.

When the two had time alone, Xing Kele confessed to Mi Ha again, and said that when he was in a coma, he heard Mi Ha say that he liked him, Mi Ha agreed to associate with Xing Kelei, Xing Kelei saw that Mi Ha agreed and took out the original rice. The doll pendant that Ha gave him, said that he had saved Mi Ha’s life, and Mi Ha saved his life again.

The two were a courtesy exchange. Mi Ha was very surprised. Only then did she know that the special police who saved her life was Xing Kele. Asked why Xing Kelei didn’t tell him earlier, Xing Kelei said that he hoped that Mi Yan would really like him, not out of gratitude. Mi Yan looked at Xing Kelei seriously and said that he likes him, and the two embraced him closely.

The work of the rescue team was almost over. Ruan Qingxia and the medical team were going back, and Shu Wenbo and Lu Feng stayed behind to participate in post-disaster reconstruction. Before leaving, Grandma Zhang found Ruan Qingxia and gave her and Shu Wenbo a parting gift. She also said that she and Shu Wenbo match well. Lu Feng listened to it. After Ruan Qingxia sent Grandma Zhang away, Lu Feng told Shu Wenbo that he saw Ruan Qingxia’s serious and responsible side, and he became more determined to pursue Ruan Qingxia’s thoughts.

I also asked Shu Wenbo if he had any comments. Although Shu Wenbo was not happy, he still said that he was not qualified to judge. This matter should still be asked by Ruan Qingxia. Before Ruan Qingxia left, let Shu Wenbo come back and tell herself that she had something to talk to Shu Wenbo.

Mi Jia returned to Jiangning City with the medical team. After returning home, she had time to recall the bits and pieces she had spent with Xing Kelei during this period. She was so sweet in her heart and missed Xing Kelei even more. And Xing Kelei looked for places with signals everywhere on the mountain, just to confirm the news that Mi Yan had arrived home. Mi Jia returned to the hospital to continue working, while Xing Kele was involved in reconstruction in the disaster area.

Xing Kele was about to return to Jiangning on Monday. Mi Jia was a little nervous after learning about it, and asked Ruan Qingxia if he would prepare something to welcome Xing Kele. Ruan Qingxia advised Mi Jia not to be too proactive, but to wait for Xing Kelei to take the initiative. Here, Lu Feng also advised Xing Kelei not to be too enthusiastic about Mi Jia, but to be cold first and then hot. They both had no love experience, so they listened Words of friends. Both wanted to see each other, but both pretended to be reserved. One said that he would go back to the team, and the other would be on night shift.

Originally, Mi Yan didn’t need to be on the night shift, but after he believed what Xing Kele said, he changed shifts with Chen Xiaoyan and helped her on duty. After returning to the hospital, Mi Ha received good news. Shao Yuhan told the hospital leaders about Mi Ha’s performance in the earthquake relief. The hospital leaders decided to transfer Mi Ha back to neurosurgery. Mi Jia was on duty in the hospital, and Lu Feng took Xing Kelei to buy food in the supermarket. Xing Kelei said that he didn’t plan to listen to Lu Feng, and he would meet with Mi Jia tonight.

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