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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 30 Recap

King Scorpion led the people in the lair of the Qingfeng Sword Sect, waiting for the disciples hiding in the cave to come out automatically. The Poison Bodhisattva worried that Mo Huaiyang would move in to rescue the soldiers, and King Scorpion would not take it seriously.

Cao Weining wanted to confirm Wen Kexing’s true identity with Gu Xiang, but she was still eager to say something. Gu Xiang saw what was on his mind and took the initiative to admit that Wen Kexing was the master of the Valley of Guigu. Gu Xiang couldn’t tell. Cao Weining expressed his attitude on the spot. Even if Gu Xiang was a spy sent by Wen Kexing, he would kill Gu Xiang first and then commit suicide. Gu Xiang was moved with tears in his eyes and left the matter to the end. Say one five ten.

When Gu Xiang was kidnapped by the old Gu master to practice magic in Qingya Mountain, all the other children died. Wen Kexing pleaded with the old Gu master to save her life, and promised to send her back to the world when she grew up, but then Wen Ke Xing launched the bloodbath of the ghost valley, not only killed the old valley owner, but also killed the original ten evil spirits all over and replaced them with new ones. From then on, Wen Kexing became the new valley owner of the ghost valley. He gave the order The group of ghosts went to find the hanged ghosts to return to the glass armor, in fact, to take the opportunity to kill the ghosts all over the world.

After Jing Beiyuan and Dawu tried their best to treat him, Wen Kexing finally woke up. When he learned that Zhou Zishu had been captured back to Jinzhou, he couldn’t wait to save people, but they had too few staff. Duan Pengju brought Zhou Zishu back to see King Jin. King Jin deliberately dug out the old wine that was buried in Qingyuan’s courtyard, poured the wine for Zhou Zishu himself, and pretended to tell him about the past and the ten of them At the appointment of the year, King Jin asked Zhou Zishu to come back and help him complete his great cause. Zhou Zishu flatly refused, thinking of the 79 mountain villa brothers who had died tragically. He didn’t want to see anyone die for the sake of King Jin’s selfishness.

Zhou Zishu became more agitated as he talked and overturned the wine table on the spot. King Jin claimed that it was nothing to sacrifice for the great cause. Zhou Zishu became angry and drew his sword at his throat. King Jin was so frightened that he repeatedly called for help. Duan Pengju brought the guards in. Zhou Zishu was already ready to die with King Jin. King Jin gritted his teeth with anger. Zhou Zishu punched King Jin on the chest. He fell to the ground and vomited blood on the spot. Zhou Zishu was besieged, and King Jin knew that he was seriously injured, so they were not allowed to kill Zhou Zishu.

Gu Xiang opened his heart to Cao Weining to explain the truth, and the two of them vowed to live and die together. The King Scorpion brought the poisonous Bodhisattva and others guarding the entrance of the cave, deliberately placing the barbecue in the wind, letting the fragrance smell fragrant in the cave, and lure the disciples of the Qingfeng Sword Sect out to die. Unexpectedly, Mo Huaiyang brought Zhao Wangzheng to him. As soon as Zhao Jing saw King Scorpion, he slapped him with a big slap in the face and yelled at him.

Mo Huaiyang called to open the gate of the cave and rescued the disciples trapped here. Zhao Jing promised to give Mo Huaiyang an explanation. King Scorpion finally understood Zhao Jing’s true face. He was completely discouraged and Zhao Jing rushed over to fight. He, the Poison Bodhisattva pleaded for the Scorpion King, Zhao Jing forced him away, and then repeatedly confessed his guilt to Mo Huaiyang, admitting that he had no way to teach his son.

Mo Huaiyang took out three pieces of glazed armor and gave it to Zhao Jing, repeatedly reminding him to abide by the contract. Zhao Jing promised to personally present the head of the Scorpion King after the matter was completed, so that Mo Huaiyang could give an explanation to the dead disciples.

Duan Pengju arrested Zhou Zishu, tortured him, and forced him to heal King Jin. Duan Pengju threatened to put Zhou Zishu to death and divide the body by five horses. Zhou Zishu didn’t care at all. Because he died, no one could save King Jin.

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