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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 3 Recap

Tang Mingxuan, who talked about the failure of cooperation, wandered around in Su Embroidery Workshop, and happened to see Murphy concentrating on embroidering. She was also an apprentice of Su Embroidery Workshop. This time she came here to improve her skills. Murphy took Tang Mingxuan to visit here, and inevitably she would talk about Mingyuan’s acquisition of Su Xiufang.

Many people have used the name of cooperation and wanted to change Su Embroidery Workshop into a commercial model, and some even slandered under the name of Su Embroidery Workshop. Under Murphy’s reminder, Tang Mingxuan truly realized that to cooperate with Su Embroidery, what is important is not the contract and treatment, but the heart of persisting in promoting Chinese culture.

That night, Murphy opened the Himalayas again and opened the radio station, and Tang Mingxuan had been waiting here long ago, turning into her little fan. In the conversation, Murphy does not like the so-called combination of Chinese and Western, which will make a piece of work become four different things. In modern cities, few people are willing to stick to the skills of the Chinese nation and have the patience to embroider stitch by stitch on a piece of cloth.

Today is the Kaiman Model Trial. After passing the test, you will receive three months of professional training. Those who fail the monthly assessment will still be eliminated. One minute before the assessment, Lu Zhu also showed a calmness different from that of ordinary people, but on the spot, even walking normally became difficult.

Mo Fan sat down the stage and watched Lu Zhu standing in the middle of the runway. He had completely lost the courage to go on. He didn’t hesitate to get up and walk to Lu Zhu’s side and accompany her through the assessment. Originally, Mo Fan was a restrained boy in Linda’s heart, but today’s appearance made his impression in Linda’s heart a little deeper.

After the assessment, Fang Xiaoyu came to look for Lu Zhu and talked to Linda about Lu Zhu’s relationship by the way. Lu Zhu wanted to use his own strength to enter Kayman, but the current situation is probably impossible. Fang Xiaoyu uses the cooperation of Kayman and Mingyuan, hoping that Linda can make Lu Zhu become Kayman’s intern.

After Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei left Su Embroidery Workshop, they took her to Song Tang, hoping that the other party could give some suggestions. Mo Fei took Tang Mingxuan directly to a small shop in the ancient town to show him the flowers embroidered by the proprietress herself. Tang Mingxuan only felt that the embroidered cloth was full of hand sweat, which was the temperature that Murphy hoped him to feel. The skill should be a stitch by stitch, not a cold pattern printed by a machine.

When Morphy learns that the idol designer Sunny will attend the Kaiman charity dinner, she deliberately dresses up and thinks about how to get in. She happens to meet Fang Xiaoyu’s adult beauty. Bai Xiaoman thought that Murphy deliberately took her position, so he even more resented him, but met Zhu Haitian in this accident.

Bai Xiaoman has always been at odds with Murphy, as if as long as it is the person she likes, he will always be slammed by Murphy, and it will be blamed on Murphy for being dropped out. Tonight, Bai Xiaoman deliberately confronted Fang Xiaoyu, and was even humiliated on the spot. After all, she was passionate, but this shame would naturally be remembered by Bai Xiaoman on Murphy.

Tang Mingxuan wrote a new plan with sincerity and sincerity after Morphy’s suggestion. This plan even recorded the welfare of the retired embroiderer in detail, and finally aroused the heart of the owner of Su Embroidery Workshop. Since there were too many ups and downs before, the proprietor hoped that Murphy could get to know the Mingyuan Group personally, and then follow up on cooperation-related matters, and check the contract.

The owner of Su Xiufang gave the decision-making power to Murphy completely. The responsibility is heavy. Murphy also took the initiative to practice with Tang Mingxuan with a serious attitude. Coincidentally, Xia Xueling was persuading Tang Mingxuan to choose another embroidery workshop, but he was opposed by Tang Mingxuan. Seeing Tang Mingxuan leave in a hurry, and even withdrawing from all afternoon meetings, Xia Xueling was very curious about who was the person who called Tang Mingxuan away.

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