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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 1 Recap

White represents purity. The girl is telling a story to the boy. They play together without worry. Tang Mingxuan wakes up from hypnosis. He doesn’t understand why he always sees such scenes, but only in such scenes can he feel the long-lost sense of security and relaxation.

As a design major, Murphy has only clothing design in his mind. Recently, he is studying Su embroidery. Costume design is Murphy’s ideal, so I won’t miss the new product launch of Mingyuan Group, and carefully record every design in my sketchbook.

Xia Xueling’s cranes were designed by Su embroidery and drawnwork, which surprised Murphy. She didn’t think this highly praised style was special. Instead, she didn’t like Xia Xueling’s gimmick for forcibly linking the design to the theme of love. Xia Xueling heard what Mofei said clearly, and quickly apologized for her offense.

Tang Mingxuan on the side was attracted by Murphy’s notebook. When Murphy was suspected of plagiarism by the other party, her humble appearance instantly converged. If Shen Jiaxi hadn’t dragged it away, she would have the momentum to confront Tang Mingxuan. Murphy accidentally lost the sketchbook and was picked up by Tang Mingxuan. She wanted to go back and find it, but she was stopped by Shen Jiaxi again.

As night fell, Xia Xueling was accompanied by Tang Mingxuan’s father Tang Qiren and mother Lu Dan for dinner, as if Xia Xueling was already a daughter-in-law of the Tang family. Tang Mingxuan, who was not at the dining table, was hiding in the study at this moment and remembering what Murphy said, Eugensha would make Xia Xueling’s design more outstanding, which also made Tang Mingxuan curious about Murphy and opened her shorthand notebook.

Murphy tried to sneak into the Mingyuan Group several times but failed. At night, she couldn’t wait to log in to the radio station created by the Himalaya account to complain. All of Murphy’s accounts were recorded in the shorthand notebook. She didn’t know that the goal of Tucao today was a new fan that had been rare in a thousand years, and she was vowing to be ready to favor her fans.

Kayman Model Company is conducting a new model interview, and Murphy’s younger brother Mo Fan is also on the interview list. His biggest wish is to become a world famous model. Linda, the person in charge of Kayman, has news that France will expand its presence in China and specifically called Fang Xiaoyu, who traveled around the world, to come back for this interview, also to leave him a place to prepare for the future.

Fang Xiaoyu was surrounded by Yingying Yanyan from the company as soon as he came back. Among them, Bai Xiaoman was the most active and attentive. He was deliberately approached just right and not annoying. Tang Mingxuan’s cousin Lu Zhu and Fang Xiaoyu’s childhood sweethearts, although Fang Xiaoyu and Tang Mingxuan had a disagreement, it did not affect his relationship with Lu Zhu.

Fang Xiaoyu was blocked by Bai Xiaoman when he was leaving, and wanted to ask the other party to take him to the Kaiman charity dinner. Once the two attended together, they would definitely be Fang Xiaoyu’s female companion. Fang Xiaoyu didn’t intend to agree, but he didn’t know what he was seeing. He was eager to leave and agreed casually, which also made Bai Xiaoman excited.

These days, in order to get back his shorthand notebook, Murphy had been guarding the downstairs of Mingyuan Company, and finally waited until Tang Mingxuan agreed with him. However, Tang Mingxuan did not return the shorthand notebook immediately. Instead, he obtained Morphy’s home address and phone number by mail. Before leaving, Xia Xueling obviously felt the extreme reaction to Murphy, and even suspected that she would steal things in the office, but Tang Mingxuan exited the siege.

Murphy recently took up a job on tea ceremony clothes and has been studying Su embroidery and design schemes with great concentration. Murphy accidentally saw a painting that echoed her design philosophy in a window on the street. Even if the glass reflected Tang Mingxuan, who also happened to pass by, she didn’t care.

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