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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 8 Recap

Su Xing came to see Julie early in the morning, and his face was not very good, because Su Xing was very depressed about looking for a babysitter, so he decided to join the group tomorrow so that Julie could reflect on it. Director Jiang came to Pete and said that Su Xing should go to the studio to show his face, otherwise he really couldn’t explain it.

Su Xing went to Ye Lang for conditioning, and it was a lot easier to be a complete individual. Pete did not forget to ask Director Jiang to help pay attention to the role that suits Qi Yue. He will let Su Xing appear on the set on time tomorrow morning. Director Jiang will let people hurry up as soon as they enter the group tomorrow, and let them follow him. After all, it has delayed him so much. Days of progress.

Pete asked Zhang Qi. Zhang Qi insisted that Su Xing was the most suitable for the role. Pete said that Su Xing’s schedule could not be arranged, and Zhang Qi left with disappointment. Sun Xiaoai went to give Ye Lang clothes and soup. Ye Lang had a stomachache and insisted on taking Sun Xiaoai to class. Pete Yopepe said that their common enemy is about to rise after less than a year. Pepe was Min Na’s agent and brought her to the United States for development, but Min Na was out of Pepe’s control, and Pete blocked her way back to China for development. Pete threatened Pepe with Huang Liangyimeng’s actor casting, saying that if this matter is done, the actor candidate is Louis Wei.

Pete wanted Julie to come to a guest role, but he did not forget to ask the director to find a role for Qi Yue. Director Jiang and Director Song were helpless. Sun Xiaoai dressed strictly followed Julie to the crew. When Julie was going to the set, she asked Sun Xiaoai to help carry the suitcase. Unexpectedly, Sun Xiaoai met Su Xing and Qingping, and Su Xing recognized Sun Xiaoai at a glance, but Qingping was still stupidly close to her, and Sun Xiaoai ran away. There are only a few scenes in Julie’s scenes, and Pete uses Su Xing’s relationship to persuade Song to add extra scenes to her. Zhang Qi and Lu Yiwei signed a letter of intent for cooperation, and Pete was a little unhappy after learning about it.

Su Xing and Julie changed costumes. Sun Xiaoai hid when seeing Su Xing. Julie quickly gave Su Xing lemonade. Su Xing and Zhu Li were shooting a scene in which their childhood sweethearts were taken apart. Su Xing’s answer was exactly the same as Fang Peng’s back then. Sun Xiaoai couldn’t help crying as she watched. Su Xing was a little dissatisfied with the next scene, and the director quickly explained that the scene was Pete’s account, in order to add a scene to Julie.

Sun Xiaoai was dissatisfied with Su Xing’s attitude, and Julie quickly persuaded her to go back to the hotel first. When returning to the hotel, Sun Xiaoai met Su Xing’s fan Yan Xi again. She was here to deliver fruit to the staff. She also said that there would be a buffet in the evening as a theater project. Sun Xiaoai really didn’t understand, what was the point of running after Su Xing all day.

Jia Changan came to see Pete, and Pete was very dissatisfied with him because of the reality show. Pete refused to let Su Xing make up the recording, and asked to delete all the footage of Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai. Yan Xi tried to explain to Su Xing the meaning of chasing stars. Sun Xiaoai was a little embarrassed after hearing that, because she thought too narrowly. Sun Xiaoai was very sad when he received the blessing message from the bridal shop. Pete wanted Qi Yue and Julie to help make up the recording. Jia Changan was a little disgusted, but Pete said how much Julie and Qi Yue were valued by Su Xing, and Jia Changan could only agree.

Sun Xiaoai was drunk in the restaurant, and the young couple at the table next door quarreled. The drunk Sun Xiaoai spread the other’s temper on each other by drinking, causing them to break up. After watching this farce, Su Xing helped them settle the bill, and also rescued Sun Xiaoai, who was almost hit by a car. Today was the day when Sun Xiaoai and Fang Peng got married. Su Xing was speechless, saying that she shouldn’t have to die because of a man. Before Su Xing’s preaching to Sun Xiaoai was over, Sun Xiaoai fainted and even kissed Su Xing inadvertently.

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