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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 7 Recap

Su Xing hurriedly asked Qingping to send the little pudding to school early in the morning. Sun Xiaoai met a little rabbit on the side of the road. Ye Lang, who was passing by, found that its hind leg was injured. It should be a rabbit who escaped from the laboratory. Sun Xiaoai asked him to make a bandage with his silk scarf, and recognized that he was the one who helped him at the dinner.

Because there were still some things to deal with, Sun Xiaoai asked him to help take care of the rabbit. Sun Xiaoai came to register for the medicated diet training class, but it was too late. The main lecturer of this course, Mrs. Ye, was the youngest lecturer. The class was full, but Sun Xiaoai did not expect that the teacher of Ye was Ye Lang. Ye Lang agreed to let Sun Xiaoai be a special auditor, and Sun Xiaoai was very grateful.

Julie and Qi Yue met. Julie was absent-mindedly looking at the phone the whole time, and Qi Yue searched for the topic awkwardly. Su Xing called to ask Julie to quickly find a nanny. Su Xing has taken care of Julie since college, and Qi Yue is a little sad. Su Xing’s fan meeting will soon begin. Pete told him about the next itinerary. “Xijiang Lengyue” started early, and Su Xing will join the group seamlessly. Under the fan meeting, a mysterious man in black suddenly rushed to the stage and gave Su Xing a vicious punch. Soon, this matter spread all over the streets.

The man who made Suxing was called Sun Yihang, who was also Sun Xiaoai’s younger brother. The police persuaded Sun Yihang and Su Xing to apologize, but Sun Yihang refused. Pete was very angry at Sun Yihang’s behavior. The police told them that Sun Yihang’s motive was Sun Xiaoai, so they advised them not to prosecute each other. Su Xing thought for a while and decided not to prosecute, because Sun Xiaoai didn’t get married. Su Xing was really a little guilty, but the only guilt in Sun Yihang’s heart was gone. Pete’s attitude was firm, and the police had to detain Sun Yihang for five days.

When Sun Xiaoai came home, Julie was still helping Su Xing pick a nanny. The nanny selected this time was named Marie Keiko. Su Xing and Xiao Puding were taken off as soon as they got home. Ye Lang boiled Sun Xiaoai’s blood tonic soup, and the two communicated by text message. Sun Xiaoai received a call from Sun Yihang, which was from the police station, but Sun Xiaoai thought they were telecommunications fraud until Sun Yihang told her that it was really a policeman. Because of Sun Xiaoai’s affairs, Julie was called by Pete to warn him.

Tomorrow Julie and Su Xing will join the group, but Pete did not send her an assistant so that she can take care of herself and not cause any trouble. Sun Yihang was very happy to see Sun Xiaoai, but Sun Xiaoai was very angry. Sun Yihang insisted that he had done nothing wrong. Sun Xiaoai wanted Suxing to meet and beg him for forgiveness not to sue Sun Yihang, and Julie begged them to stop making trouble, after all, her lifeline is in Pete’s hands. Julie was going to dry cleaning with a dress in her hand, and Sun Xiaoai offered to help her.

In the evening, Su Xing went to a cocktail party, and Peter took him to meet with investor Mr. Yu. Sun Xiaoai came wearing Julie’s gown, and Su Xing quickly took her out after seeing her. Sun Xiaoai hoped that Su Xing would clarify his innocence. After Sun Yihang was spared, Su Xing refused directly, and even mocked Sun Xiaoai for pestering him for fame. Sun Xiaoai was speechless. Sun Xiaoai had to ask Su Xing to let Sun Yihang go, saying that he was still young, and as long as she didn’t sue Sun Yihang, she could wipe out the previous things. Su Xing rolled his eyes, took out his mobile phone to record the video, and asked Sun Xiaoai to ensure that the Sun family would never have anything to do with Su Xing in the future, and he promised to let Sun Yihang go.

As soon as Sun Xiaoai came back, Julie came to gossip and asked her where she was going for a date, and she was going to join the group tomorrow. Julie asked her to go with her, and also explained that as soon as she joined the group, she would apologize to Su Xing for peace. Sun Xiaoai was a little worried about her and Su Xing’s commitment, but Julie said pitifully that she had no team this time, and Sun Xiaoai suddenly felt soft again.

Su Xing was startled when he found that Mari Keiko was sleepwalking in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night, Sun Xiaoai remembered that he didn’t go to the appointment and quickly apologized to Ye Lang. Ye Lang was not angry. He heard that she was going to the field tomorrow and told her a bedtime story. Su Xing was about to join the group, so I discussed with Xiao Puding to send him to the school for boarding. Xiao Puding was unexpectedly happy because he wanted to spend the weekend with his friends.

Early the next morning, Su Xing ran to find Julie and said that someone had harmed him behind his back.

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