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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 6 Recap

Su Xing asked Xiao Chen to hear whether there was a smell of alcohol on his body and was misunderstood by Su’s mother. Su’s mother was very angry. Su’s mother refused the invitation from her friend, saying that she refused to go because she was afraid that no one would take care of Pudding. Su Xing asked her to play with her friend, and Pudding would be taken care of by him. Pete asked Su Xing to give Su Xing a five-day notice, and also pointed Qi Yue that he would never reach Su Xing’s position. The next day, Su’s mother saw Xiao Chen and Su Xing together very angry, and immediately expelled her and said her purpose was impure.

Julie was about to join the group and came to Pete to send some snacks, but Pete thought it was useless to abandon her, because when she signed her, she wanted her to look at Su Xing for help, but she didn’t expect Su Xing to be a full-time nanny now. Su Xing, dressed as an old man, ran to find a nanny, and Julie and Sun Xiaoai also happened to be here. Julie went to the bathroom.

Su Xing was interviewing for a babysitter on the other side. Because she had a misunderstanding with her aunt, she was torn off her wig. Sun Xiaoai immediately recognized Su Xing, which immediately attracted crowds. Su Xing ran away. , And get rid of those people after getting in the nanny car. Sun Xiaoai also followed the car all the time, and occasionally ran into a fan of Su Xing.

Qi Yue has been in the gym recently, and Pete said that Cheng Ke was going back to China to make a movie, so he wanted to take him to an interview. Pete received the call and hurried back to the company. Su Xing asked Pete to find a nanny back no matter what method he used. Pete said that the reliable nanny had been driven away by Su’s mother. Julie said that this matter could be handed over to her, after all, she was the best at calling people. Su Xing said that if Julie could find a satisfactory babysitter, she would be the first female in the second part of the play, and Julie quickly thanked Su Xing.

When Su Xing left, Pete asked Julie what she thought of Qi Yue and said she should be obedient. Pete thinks the interaction between Julie and Qi Yue is good, but he refuses to say anything. Julie didn’t understand what it meant. Qi Yue said that there was good news to share and asked her to meet in the evening. Su Xing went to a traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy center, where the Chinese doctor is called Ye Lang. During physical therapy, Su Xing always had Mina’s figure in his mind. Unexpectedly, when he turned his head, Mina became Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing was satisfied with Ye Lang’s treatment and felt hypnotized.

Sun Xiaoai followed Su Xing all the way back to his home. Su Xing said he was going back to the villa for three days. Pete became anxious and said that he had arranged a fan meeting for Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai knocked on the door and ran in to find Su Xing to give himself an explanation. The previous incident was caused by Su Xing and asked him to clarify that she was not a crazy fan of Su Xing. Pete quickly drove Su Xing away, and also determined that Sun Xiaoai was his crazy fan, and called many people in to take pictures of Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing hurriedly stopped, saying that she could write off a few autographed photos of her. The camera in front of him left Sun Xiaoai at a loss, crying and leaving.

Sun Xiaoai walked down the road in despair and was pointed to take pictures, saying that she was a lunatic, and Sun Xiaoai collapsed again. Mr. Xue called Pete and asked him if Su Xing was disobedient. Pete quickly calmed down. Peter and Su Xing have not signed the renewal contract for a long time, so Mr. Xue is a bit dissatisfied. Sun Xiaoai went on a hot search. Julie didn’t expect that her purpose in coming to Beijing was like this. Sun Xiaoai also sighed and said that it is better to earn money. Julie asked Sun Xiaoai to find a housekeeper for herself, saying it was for seniors, but Su Xing was not satisfied.

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