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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 5 Recap

Pete made Sun Xiaoai a crazy fan of Su Xing, and Su Xing was a little helpless. Sun Xiaoai was very disappointed with Fang Peng. She seemed to have never really known Fang Peng, but Fang Peng accused him of a problem between the two of them. Sun Xiaoai never asked him about any decisions. Yuting was pregnant with Fang Peng. Peng’s child, he will take on his own responsibilities. Fang Peng left without looking back, and Sun Xiaoai was discouraged. Su Xing asked Pete to give Sun Xiaoai a sum of money as compensation, and asked him to help him make an appointment with Zhang Qi, and Pete said that Zhang Qi would consider Louis Wei again.

Julie came to see Sun Xiaoai and learned that Fang Peng and someone else had a child and had lost all his savings. Julie sighed and said that it was not a bad thing, and she asked Sun Xiaoai to go to her own place to relax. Qi Yue said that she was going to pick up Julie, but Julie refused to say that she was going to find Su Xing. Su Xing was a little surprised when Julie said about Sun Xiaoai. When Sun Xiaoai returned home, he found that the door was surrounded by reporters.

The neighbors were interviewed and said that Sun Xiaoai had lost the face of the family. When the reporter saw Sun Xiaoai rushing over in a swarm, Sun Xiaoai’s problems gradually collapsed.

Little Pudding is in fencing class, and Su Xing comes to pick him up. When Bai Ming came back, Sun Xiaoai said that Love Fanzhan could not continue to operate, and he would pay him half a year’s salary. Su Xing apologized to Pudding and said that he would practice with him if he was not busy for a while. Su Xing stayed with Pudding all night. Mother Su was very worried about Su Xing. Su Xing sighed and said that he didn’t know whether he was sorry for Sun Xiaoai or Sun Xiaoai for him. Sun Xiaoai’s shop was mortgaged and will be taken away tomorrow morning.

Fang Peng said that he would find a way to pay it back as soon as possible. Sun Xiaoai just wanted to ask if he ever loved himself. Fang Peng replied that he used to really love her very much. Sun Xiaoai said that she would mortgage the house, and she would pay back the money Fang Peng owed. Since then, they will not owe each other.

Sun Xiaoai decided to leave here, although she didn’t know if it was the right way to do so. The next day, Sun Xiaoai packed up her things, called Julie, and said that she was going to find her. Su Xing finally took a few days to rest. Pete and Qingliang came back early in the morning and said that they could not stop working these days.

Su Xing was very angry. Sun Xiaoai came to see Julie, and Julie let her live with her. When she saw Sun Xiaoai take out the ring Fang Peng gave, she missed her, and said that no one complained about this step. Sun Xiaoai wanted to repay the debt, and the creditor asked her to pay off 500,000 within a year, so Julie offered to let her be her own broker. After all, she is the most suitable broker for her own cousin.

Julie was going to the meeting and said that there was a party. Sun Xiaoai heard that it was Su Xing’s meeting place and quickly asked to go with him. Julie agreed. Pete asked Su Xing to accompany Mr. Wei to drink for a while. When the two entered the private room, Pete kept flattering Mr. Wei, and Su Xing also introduced Qi Yue according to his wishes, hoping Mr. Wei would give Qi Yue more opportunities. Turning around, Su Xing made an excuse and left. Sun Xiaoai went to the wrong room and turned around to find that Su Xing passed by and quickly chased him up. As a result, he did not see Su Xing on the second floor. He was also entangled by a drunk.

Fortunately, a man helped her and gave her back. Took his own coat. Julie was drunk, and she complained to Sun Xiaoai about Su Xing’s past relationship, and said that she would never come back. She couldn’t let Su Xing know that she had a crush on him for so many years, or she would definitely not be able to stay with him. By my side.

Pete is strongly recommending Qi Yue’s endorsement of Mr. Wei’s new products, but Mr. Wei has no intention of cooperating.

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