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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 3 Recap

Jia Changan asked Fang Peng to go back and persuade Sun Xiaoai to sign the contract, and if he couldn’t sign the contract, he would have to pay five times the amount of compensation. However, Sun Xiaoai refused to agree easily, and Su Xing was also unwilling to team up with Sun Xiaoai. Both of them could not understand each other, and felt that no one could bear to be with each other. Fang Peng took out the contract and said that if he breached the contract, he would pay five times the compensation.

Although Sun Xiaoai didn’t care about the money, it was related to the reputation of Aifenzhan. Fang Peng even used his dignity to sell miserably, and Sun Xiaoai suddenly felt softened and had no choice but to agree. Qingping gave Su Xing an idea and asked him to play tricks on Sun Xiaoai secretly. The next day, the show began to be recorded. Julie was a little surprised seeing Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing quickly pulled her over and said that she was her partner, and said that she didn’t want to lose the game because of her.

Fang Peng was cooking, and suddenly received news that something went wrong and his money was gone. Fang Peng threw down the vegetables and ran away. It turned out that the Yidaibao he invested in was an illegal fundraising, but now the founder has been blocked by the police for absconding from a foreign company. When people went to the empty building, all Fang Peng’s money was cheated. During the recording of the show, Su Xing tripped Sun Xiaoai in various ways. He was not good at pedaling a bicycle, and even rowing a boat left him alone. 

Yuting found Fang Peng thinking that he was about to commit suicide and quickly comforted him, saying that she would be with Fang Peng from the beginning, and persuaded him to leave Sun Xiaoai and start again, but Fang Peng felt that she was living as Sun Xiaoai hoped every day. In appearance, there is no right to mention dreams anymore.

Because Su Xing had a foul in the game, even if he and Sun Xiaoai got second, it was finally invalidated. Su Xing was still in the accommodation arrangement and was drawn to live in the boat for the 100-day game. Qi Yue and Julie were drawn to a boutique hotel senior suite and dinner, Sun Xiaoai also went home after the game, leaving Su Xing alone depressed, this was carefully arranged by Jia Changan. Sun Xiaoai went home and made rice noodles for Fang Peng.

Fang Peng’s face was completely lost. Sun Xiaoai didn’t notice much, and turned around and said that he was going to the new house to pack things. In the evening, Su Xing ran to Sun Xiaoai’s house while the photographer was asleep, desperately wanting to eat and living here, Sun Xiaoai was very mad, but there was nothing he could do with him.

Julie and Qi Yue have dinner together, because they have been silent and unpopular, Julie couldn’t help complaining. Su Xing reluctantly borrowed Sun Xiaoai’s mobile phone and Su Mu’s video. Pete came to sell Qi Yue with director Huang Liang Yimeng, saying that Su Xing could not shoot because the price was too high. Su Xing was very gentle with his family, which made Sun Xiaoai a little surprised. 

When Jia Changan was cutting the film, he found that Su Xing’s lens was not good, so Su Xing’s photographer came to him and told him that Su Xing was missing. Pete received a call from Jia Changan and quickly asked him to find him. He turned to the director and said that no matter what Su Xing meant, as long as he wanted to cooperate, he had to go through him.

Su Xing visited Sun Xiaoai’s house and asked him how he got to the shore alone. Sun Xiaoai replied lightly and insisted. Su Xing apologized with some guilt, but Sun Xiaoai didn’t take it seriously either. The meteor passed by, and Sun Xiaoai quickly made a wish. She had no ambitions, but just wanted to run the love fan store with Fang Peng, and then step into the marriage palace. Pete called and cursed Qingping, and Qingping hurriedly picked up Su Xing.

Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai why he wanted to get married so anxiously. Sun Xiaoai said that they have been together for a long time, and marriage can be regarded as responsible for youth, but Su Xing felt a little absurd. Su Xing thought of Xiao Puding, and Sun Xiaoai wondered if he had an illegitimate child. Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing talked a lot, and Su Xing was a little bit emotional. He has rarely had a long conversation with others like this. Sun Xiaoai hurriedly comforted, but did not expect that Su Xing was only acting. Su Xing called Qingping and asked him to come and deliver a breakfast tomorrow morning.

Then he cheeked and wanted to stay here for the night. Unexpectedly, Fang Peng came suddenly, and Sun Xiaoai hid Su Xing in the closet in a panic. Peng stuck to Sun Xiaoai in order to get the real estate certificate, and Sun Xiaoai hurriedly drove him out because Su Xing was inside. Fang Peng found an excuse to stay in the room and pushed Sun Xiaoai away. Fang Peng looked around in the room and almost opened the closet door.

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