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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 1 Recap

In a certain studio, Su Xing was facing the camera, crying silently. This is his personal experience. Once Su Xing was arrogant and blinded by strange things, but fortunately he could still find himself. He is an actor, Su Xing.

The agent Pete told Su Xing that the hot IP “Yellow Liang Yimeng” in the circle, he helped him win the opportunity of the actor, but Su Xing didn’t bother to pay attention to it. He was fancying a low-cost film. Pete chased him behind his ass and tried to persuade him that the company wanted him and asked him to renew his contract. Su Xing’s left ear went in and his right ear went out. Pete said that there was a reality show project. Su Xing refused directly. He is an actor and only acting. Pete could only reject the reality show director according to Su Xing’s ideas, but gave him a chance to meet Su Xing and personally convince him. The ratings of a TV series that Su Xing was broadcasting were very low, and the comments on the Internet made Su Xing annoyed.

Fang family restaurant. Sun Xiaoai’s rice noodles were very hot, which made Fang Peng feel a little uncomfortable. The two are a couple. The next day, they went to the building to take wedding photos together. Su Xing covered it tightly and bought two skewers of grilled squid at the food stall. The boss took off his mask so that Su Xing instantly exposed his identity. When escaping, he almost ran into Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing hurriedly gave her the squid skewers.

Just ran away, Sun Xiaoai looked dumbfounded. After finally getting back to the nanny car, Su Xing turned up the crew again and said that he would meet his mother in the villa, and Julie was very helpless. The crew heard that Su Xing had taken a leave of absence and was very angry. If the gold master hadn’t bet the treasure on him, he wouldn’t have been so rampant. Su Xing didn’t care about other people’s feelings at all, thinking that he didn’t need to follow Pete’s words. Su Xing accidentally discovered that the bracelet he was carrying was missing.

Su Xing quietly went to see Little Pudding after returning home. The two of them had a very good relationship, but Little Pudding didn’t like Su Xing as Monkey King anymore, but hoped that he could accompany him more. Little Pudding asked why the bracelet given to Su Xing had disappeared. Su Xing said it was too precious and he was reluctant to wear it. The assistant reminded Su Xing that it was time to leave, so Su Xing had to change clothes and leave. Su Xing was presumptuous in the evening radio program, leaving the assistant helpless. Sun Xiaoai and Fang Peng in the taxi were acting coquettishly, but Fang Peng was thoughtful.

Sun Xiaoai wanted to rename the Fang’s restaurant to rice noodles after he got married, but Fang Peng was very angry and felt that Sun Xiaoai always made decisions for himself. Pete introduced director Jia Chang’an to meet Su Xing, and various hobbies that cater to Su Xing. Su Xing has always been too lazy to take care of him. Who wants to finally agree to it. Peter hurriedly drove Jia Changan back and scolded Su Xing, saying that his price had not been negotiated. How could he easily agree? Su Xing didn’t care at all, and asked him to call Julie. She hadn’t been for a while. Already working.

Julie looks beautiful, but she is not welcome. Seeing that Su Xing was going to participate in a reality show, Julie hurriedly begged Pete to take herself there. She also said that the restaurant where the show was filmed was opened by her cousin and was very famous in her hometown. Julie rushed to find Su Xing, begging him to take herself to the reality show. Su Xing was helpless to her. On the way home, Julie called Sun Xiaoai and said that she had helped her get the box lunch contract for the reality show, but Sun Xiaoai didn’t plan to take the job.

She just wanted to cook for everyone, and didn’t want to participate in those messy things. But Sun Xiaoai didn’t expect that Fang Peng had taken the matter behind her back, because he had borrowed other people’s money behind his back and was being collected. Sun Xiaoai was very angry when she learned about it, but Fang Peng didn’t tell her the truth. He also said that he wanted to make more money to marry Sun Xiaoai into the house gracefully.

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