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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 32 Recap

Wen Xiaoyang came to the comics hall alone, and couldn’t help but think of the good time spent here with Du Jiamu. She was touched by the scene and couldn’t help crying.

Dai Xixi was in a good mood and bought gifts for each of her best friends. She couldn’t wait to tell the good news that Duan Xu was about to propose. Ding Huiqiao was happy for her. Dai Xixi decided to lose weight starting today to prepare for her wedding dress. In order to cover up the red eyes, Wen Xiaoyang came back with a blindfold. Dai Xixi wanted to give her a gift, and Wen Xiaoyang went back to his room without looking back.

Ding Huiqiao wrote a letter of resignation overnight, and met Sasha in the elevator entrance early in the morning. Sasha publicly declared war on her and was determined to win. Ding Huiqiao returned to the office and saw that Sammy had been waiting for her, encouraged her to apply for the manager of the public relations department, and promised to go all out to help her, but Ding Huiqiao was ready to resign and leave. She didn’t want to work in such an intriguing environment. , Looking for a suitable place for her development, Sammy’s trenches had one less soldier, she was disappointed.

Bai Xiangwen wanted to spend his honeymoon with Wen Ruxue, Wen Ruxue persuaded him to give up as soon as possible, they were fake marriage, there is no need to engage in these fancy things, Wen Ruxue casually said that she wanted to spend her old age in Queenstown. Shen Kuo brought her beloved dog to please Wen Ruxue, and begged her to be the host of several sessions.

Wen Ruxue had long wanted to be the host, but Shen Kuo didn’t dare to delay, and immediately took her to find Cheng Tianye for a showdown. The program was revised to “Eating Melon Conference”. Wen Ruxue was confident and led the team members to prepare program materials. Cheng Tianye and Shen Kuo attended the program planning meeting and were very satisfied with Wen Ruxue’s creativity.

Ding Huiqiao came to the Gary Hotel to apply for a job. Unexpectedly, Li Wensen and the manager came out together. Ding Huiqiao understood everything immediately. She wanted to do a bold job in her new position, but she did not expect that this position was recommended by Li Wensen. , Regardless of Li Wensen’s obstruction, drove away.

Dai Xixi had been waiting for Duan Xu to propose to her, but Duan Xu remained indifferent. Dai Xixi had to make it clear that Duan Xu suddenly realized that he was helping Liu Kela to invest. Dai Xixi felt disappointed. Bai Xiangwen did not want Wen Ruxue and Shen Kuo to get too close, and advised her not to cooperate with Shen Kuo. Although Wen Ruxue repeatedly cleared up the relationship with Shen Kuo, Bai Xiangwen couldn’t let it go, and even regarded a big diamond ring as the last. The main dish was served and put on Wen Ruxue personally.

Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao happened to see this scene. Dai Xixi was very envious. Wen Ruxue did not want to get married, but received such a romantic proposal, but her situation was so miserable. Wen Xiaoyang was seriously injured in a fight with others, Douzi sent her to the hospital, and immediately called Du Jiamu to inform Du Jiamu. Du Jiamu hurried to the hospital despite Qi Yue’s obstruction. Du Jiamu greeted Wen Xiaoyang, and Wen Xiaoyang fell into his arms and cried sadly.

Wen Ruxue, Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao rushed to hear the news and saw Wen Xiaoyang crying in Du Jiamu’s arms, they pulled Du Jiamu away forcibly, Wen Ruxue comforted Wen Xiaoyang, and called Du Jiamu alone, Wen Ruxue ruthless He gave him a severe lesson and warned him not to step on the two boats. From tomorrow on, Wen Xiaoyang is not allowed to get involved in their lives, otherwise he will never be polite.

Qi Yue saw this scene, she forced Du Jiamu bitterly, forcing him to explain whether he could not let Wen Xiaoyang go all his life, Du Jiamu was very impatient, and hurried away. Qi Yue became addicted to stealing because of her sadness. Wen Ruxue took Wen Xiaoyang home. Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao took turns to comfort her. Wen Xiaoyang apologized to Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue learned the whole story from Douzi and knew that Wen Xiaoyang was not at fault this time. She also encouraged her not to lose. .

Due to poor internal management of the Civic Hotel, the employees leaked the information of more than 28,000 customers for their own benefit. This incident caused an uproar in the industry and also affected the Wei Hotel. Customers asked to delete their consumption records. Li Wensen immediately called an emergency meeting , Let everyone express their opinions, Sa Sa proposed to give customers 5000 points to show sincerity, Ding Huiqiao suggested strengthening network security management, Li Wensen decided to temporarily adjourn the meeting and ask for your opinions after five minutes.

Dai Xixi took Duan Xu to the furniture store to hang out. They lay on Simmons bed. Dai Xixi imagined a happy life after marriage. Duan Xu was always sober, worried about losing freedom after marriage, and fearing a period of exhaustion after marriage. That night, Dai Xixi came to the party. Xiaomi showed off the diamond ring in her hand.

Everyone congratulated her. They urged Dai Xixi to marry Duan Xu as soon as possible. Dai Xixi found all kinds of excuses to cover up. Everyone in the room gave her an idea. , Let her hurry up and get the marriage done, so as not to have long nights and dreams.

The company leaders were very satisfied with Wen Ruxue’s first episode and agreed to prepare two more episodes. Cheng Tianye took the opportunity to offer to sign a contract with Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue politely declined. When the colleagues saw the big diamond ring in her hand, they were curious. When asked who the bridegroom was, Wen Ruxue generously admitted that it was Bai Xiangwen, and Shen Kuo felt disappointed. After the dinner, Shen Kuo sent Wen Ruxue home, and soon arrived at the door of the house. As soon as Wen Ruxue wanted to get out of the car, Shen Kuo hurriedly stopped her, suspecting that she was really willing to get married.

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