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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 31 Recap

Bai Xiangwen made a large table of dishes and naturally called his mother-in-law to come to eat. Wen Ruxue hurriedly stopped him. Unexpectedly, his mother liked the son-in-law of Bai Xiangwen, and went to dinner with him happily.

Wen Xiaoyang is well aware of Wen Ruxue’s personality and is worried that Bai Xiangwen can’t help her, but Dai Xixi is very optimistic, thinking that Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen are a very suitable pair. After the meal, Wen Ruxue asked Wang Qingyuan to meet and wanted to break him off completely. Bai Xiangwen felt uneasy and wanted to accompany her. Wen Ruxue felt Wang Qingyuan was pretty good, and wanted to see him alone and let Bai Xiangwen help make two bowls of heat. Noodle soup.

Wen Ruxue specially invited Wang Qingyuan to the Huangpu River, where Wen Ruxue first came to Shanghai to distribute flyers. She spent the day in the sun on the riverside and slept in a basement like a dove’s nest at night. Until today, Wen Ruxue doesn’t want to be home again. Wang Qingyuan also likes Shanghai very much, but still reluctant to leave the vast prairie. Wen Ruxue thinks that they are not suitable, and Bai Xiangwen is the most suitable person for her.

Wen Ruxue served Wang Qingyuan the bowl of hot noodle soup and explained that she could eat such a bowl of noodles every night when she came home. She felt very warm and solid in her heart, and Bai Xiangwen knew her heart best.

Wang Qingyuan suddenly understood him and I regretted knowing the gap between Wen Ruxue too late, and immediately decided to let it go to Wen Ruxue, and sincerely wish them happiness. Before leaving, Wang Qingyuan also belittled the Shanghai man before leaving. Bai Xiangwen then rushed over, pulled Wen Ruxue and went home.

Liu Ke came to Duan Xu to complain, and Duan Xu accompany him to drink his sorrow, and Liu Ke asked him to help introduce investors. At this moment, Dai Xixi rushed to find Duan Xu and ordered a takeaway. Duan Xu didn’t want Liu Ke to be embarrassed to see her, and wanted to drive her away to buy beer. Dai Xixi forcibly broke in because she suspected that there was a woman hidden in the room. Only when Liu Ke knew that Dai Xixi was dating Duan Xu, he hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Duan Xu told Dai Xixi about Liu Ke’s current situation. Dai Xixi was not interested in it. She just wanted to get married early. Duan Xu made various excuses to buckle. Dai Xixi slammed the door and left. She deliberately spent a long time in the car before Duan Xu went downstairs. Seek her to reconcile, admit that he loves Dai Xixi deeply, but the marriage has to be slowed down, Dai Xixi only slightly relieved.

Ding Huiqiao took Luo Shang to visit the Gary Hotel. They came to the restaurant and the guest room. Ding Huiqiao carefully checked and found no flaws. She was very satisfied with the hotel and had the idea of ​​quitting. Luo Shang decided to come here for employment afterwards. Bai Xiangwen accompanies Wen Ruxue to the airport to send Wen Ruxue to her mother.

Wen Ruxue goes through the formalities. Wen and Bai Xiangwen talk separately. She knows that Bai Xiangwen is to help and get the marriage certificate with Wen Ruxue. She thanked him and hoped that they The two really walked together, and Bai Xiangwen promised to take good care of Wen Ruxue.

After Wen Ruxue sent her mother away, she couldn’t wait to go through the divorce procedures with Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen wanted to wait for her to find a suitable man. Wen Ruxue naturally couldn’t ask for it and couldn’t help but secretly joy. Since Dai Xixi proposed to marry, Duan Xu tried every means to avoid her, and Dai Xixi was speechless with anger.

Liu Ke came to the studio to apologize to Chen Jiaqian, and saw a male boss pestering Chen Jiaqian in every possible way. He declared his sovereignty on the spot and drove the male client away. Liu Ke repeatedly apologized to Chen Jiaqian. Chen Jiaqian felt that it was not easy for the two of them to get together, so she no longer cares. She borrowed from the bank in advance and returned the half-year rent advanced by Wen Ruxue to her. Chen Jiaqian promised to go all out to support Liu. Ke, Liu Ke was deeply moved and couldn’t help but hug her tightly.

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