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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 38 Recap

The members of the Consciousness Society used lottery to determine their own code names and pen names. Zhou Enlai drew No. 5 and decided to conduct activities under the pseudonym Wu Hao. In the Liu’s house in Shanghai, Mrs. Liu was very worried about Liumei in Beijing. Master Liu persuaded his wife to reassure her, but also said that the Chen family’s marriage can no longer be climbed. How can people who go to jail easily climb up to their in-laws. Moreover, China is still a small peasant economy. Once a three strike movement like the May Fourth Movement occurs again, it will be a disaster for businessmen like them. He is patriotic but has to survive.

Chen Duxiu returned to the editorial department of “New Youth”. Hu Shi bluntly believed that the biggest problem of “New Youth” was the rotation system of peer editors. This directly led to the randomness of newspapers and journals and undermined the integrity. He still believed that “New Youth” should be An excellent academic newspaper should not be a place for everyone to express their political opinions. These remarks aroused dissatisfaction with Liu Bannong. Lu Xun agreed to abolish the system of rotation of fellow editors, but proposed that Chen Duxiu should continue to serve as editor-in-chief directly. After the meeting, Gao Yihan couldn’t understand Lu Xun’s approach.

He felt that Chen Duxiu was too radical. Although Hu Shi was conservative, he was more careful after all and would not cause trouble. Lu Xun used an analogy. If “New Youth” were compared to a warehouse, Chen Duxiu would put up a banner at the door to show that there are weapons inside to make everyone be careful, but he would open the door to let everyone see how many weapons there are. Hu Shi would close the warehouse door and put a small note saying that there were no weapons inside, but it was difficult to tell whether it was true.

Unfortunately, Liu Shipei died of illness at the age of thirty-six. Cai Yuanpei issued an obituary. Chen Duxiu would preside over and take care of Liu Shipei’s funeral. He would also put the manuscripts and literary research of his country history compilation office into the compilation office. This is also what he did at Peking University. Last job. Cai Yuanpei stopped him and urged the compilation of other countries’ history to be hard to come by.

Once Liu Shipei left this job, only Chen Duxiu could take over this job to compile a true general history of China. However, Chen Duxiu was determined. He had already realized the reform plans he had made with Cai Yuanpei. It was time for him to leave Peking University. Cai Yuanpei has long known Chen Duxiu’s character, he still has ambitions and a broader world. Cai Yuanpei said that no matter where he goes, Peking University and his Cai Yuanpei are his backing.

Chen Duxiu packed up his things and left Peking University. Qian Xuantong, Chen Bannong, and Gao Yihan came to see him off. Hu Shi went busy to send students who were studying in the United States. Chen Bannong was about to go to the UK. Chen Duxiu felt that these familiar people were all going abroad. I feel, and I hope that those children who leave will be able to accomplish something. Huang Kan came to send Chen Duxiu. He regretted that Chen Duxiu gave up the opportunity to compile a general history, but he also respected Chen Duxiu’s decision and personality. Gu Hongming also came to send Chen Duxiu off and took off his hat to pay tribute. Chen Duxiu bowed and thanked the colleagues, turned and left Peking University.

Li Dazhao asked Chen Duxiu to listen more to the voices of these young people. Chen Duxiu agreed with him. Yannian Qiao Nian was about to go to France to study. He decided to take the children to see the Great Wall that he had never been able to see. He and Li Dazhao encouraged the children to rebuild the great glory of the Chinese nation, and told them that everything in China ultimately belongs to the Chinese people, and only the Chinese people are the backbone of this country.

The children went to admire the beauty of the Great Wall alone. Chen Duxiu finally shared his ideas with Li Dazhao. During the three months in prison, he had gained new insights into Marxism. He had determined that Marxism is the correct path for China. They decided to introduce and introduce Marxism in the “New Youth” newspapers. Their mission and mission is to recreate a new China, a beautiful and powerful new China.

In the evening, Chen Duxiu called Yannian Qiao Nian. Before he left, he told his children that the European war ended the economic depression, and the unemployment rate in France was very high. Now France can only rely on borrowing to maintain the government’s economic operations. Such government-funded Sino-French study abroad programs, he believes Not reliable. Moreover, in the past when thousands of people crossed the ocean at a time, not everyone may have to learn. Yannian is prepared for difficulties, but Chen Duxiu is more worried about their beliefs. He knows that his son’s motives are patriotism and salvation, but excessive indulge in anarchism is useless.

He has also undergone long-term comparison and verification. He mentioned that the fundamental reason for the failure of mutual aid agencies was that it was useless to change China bit by bit. What China needs is a continuous and revolutionary change. China They have been lingering for too long, and they have reached the time when they must make up their minds. He only asked the children not to reject blindly, to understand Marxism, and not to limit their own thinking. Yannian and Qiao Nian agreed that they would understand and learn. Chen Duxiu touched the heads of her sons and expressed her unwillingness to them.

Wu Bingxiang still has to monitor Chen Duxiu, especially at the time of North-South peace talks, and he should not be in trouble, and everything should be based on the principle of no accident. However, the “New Youth” put forward new political propositions and social ideals as soon as it resumed publication, which attracted considerable public opinion.

Hu Shi was discussing matters with Cai Yuanpei, Cai Yuanpei called Chen Duxiu, Zhang Shizhao is now the representative of the North and the South, he sent a telegram from Guangdong, the southern government is preparing to set up Southwest University, he hopes Chen Duxiu and Cai Yuanpei will be responsible for the preparation of this matter.

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