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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 37 Recap

Li Dazhao succinctly pointed out that the May Fourth Movement was a mass patriotic self-help movement against both feudalism and imperialism. This movement gave him inspiration that China still has to follow the road of Marxism in Russia. Zhao Shiyan proposed to argue with Yannian on the two theories of Marx and anarchism.

Deng Zhongxia published Hu Shi’s “More Research on Some Issues and Less Discuss on Doctrine” published in the “Weekly Review” and Lan Gongwu’s publication in the “National Gazette”. Li Dazhao was told about the controversy in “Questions and Doctrines” that Chen Duxiu did not approve of the two people’s ideas, and Li Dazhao had read Hu Shi’s article and immediately responded to and discussed the views in his article.

On the campus of Peking University, Hu Shi proposed to use social donations as a bonus to send aspiring young people to study abroad. He also explained his own book “Study More Questions and Discuss Less Doctrine”. Hu Shi believed that we should talk about politics but not empty talk. Do not examine what China needs today. At the same time, Li Dazhao refuted Hu Shi’s article in the Han Gong Temple. He felt that the most urgent task was to find a new way to save the country and the people.

Without scientific doctrine as a guide light, he would not be able to find it. Doctrine cannot be talked in empty talk, but it is also necessary to talk about it. Hu Shi’s proposition is only to improve without solving the problem fundamentally. Nowadays, Chinese society can even use schools as prisons to detain students. Such a society is hopeless, and he can What practical problem to solve. Russian socialism is an example of first discussing doctrine and then solving practical problems.

The economic structure is the foundation. Only when economic problems are solved can political and legal problems be solved. Li Dazhao talked about Bolshevism. He admired this doctrine very much. He believed that the prevalence of this doctrine was a major change in human culture. He was not cruel and rude. He believed that the solution of social problems must be achieved through the majority of people in society. Only a common movement can be solved, and social problems will not be solved without the leading of ism.

Wu Bingxiang sent the police to call Hu Shi away from Peking University. Wu Bingxiang laughed and said that Hu Shi is now as famous as he is surpassing Chen Duxiu, but Hu Shi did not buy it for Wu Bingxiang’s goodwill, and made it clear that he was not the same as him. people. Wu Bingxiang was no longer polite, and directly asked Hu Shi to suspend the publication of “Weekly Review”. Hu Shi argued for reasons, but Wu Bingxiang threatened that if he did not suspend the publication of his own accord, he could only file a case and investigate the government’s ban.

“Weekly Review” is a registered publication of Peking University, and its editor-in-chief is Chen Duxiu. Hu Shi claimed that he was just a substitute and could not call the shots. However, Wu Bingxiang verbally claimed that if “Weekly Review” ceased publication at this time, Chen Duxiu would be released from prison safely, but if he is investigated again Chen Duxiu will probably add to the crime. For Chen Duxiu’s safety, Hu Shi had to agree to go back and discuss with colleagues in the editorial department.

Li Dazhao, who was cleaning up the sanitation of the Red Mansion, was very happy to receive the news that Cai Yuanpei was about to return to Beijing. Zhou Enlai took the students from the Tianjin Federation of Students to come to Li Dazhao for advice. Li Dazhao also liked the “Innovation and Revolutionary Heart” written by Zhou Enlai, and they sat down. Explore how to deepen the influence of the May Fourth Movement. Zhou Enlai proposed to establish a consciousness society in Tianjin to form a core group armed with new ideas that can take on leadership responsibilities.

Li Dazhao agrees very much. Now they have indeed reached the critical moment when they need new guiding ideology. It is very meaningful for Tianjin Federation of Students to dare to break the gap between men and women. Zhou Enlai and others invited Li Dazhao to give a speech in Tianjin. Li Dazhao proposed to give a speech at the bottom of “My View on Marxism”. Zhou Enlai was very excited about Marxism, and Li Dazhao was also happy to give out money to let Zhao Shiyan take the students to eat. Fried noodles.

The southern government has decided to release Chen Duxiu, and Wu Bingxiang, who had long been expected, has left behind. Xu Shichang emphasized that Chen Duxiu must not be left alone, and he must be monitored when he is out of prison. Wu Bingxiang plans to release Chen Duxiu on bail due to illness. After he is released from prison, he must also be monitored and reported to the police station regularly.

If he agrees to these two items, Chen Duxiu will be released. Chen Duxiu, who had been in prison for three months, heard the news of Gu Bao’s release, and released the pigeons left by his daughter from the prison window. He showed a long-lost smile when he looked at the free pigeons.

However, the children didn’t understand what the father did. The daughter cried and asked why the father let the pigeons go. Yannian had to comfort her sister quickly. Cai Yuanpei took the Bei master and students to Chen Duxiu’s home, and the two embraced affectionately. They both sacrificed too many people for the new culture.

Hu Shi, Chen Bannong, Li Dazhao and others were very pleased with Chen Duxiu’s safe return, and Cai Yuanpei shed tears in public. Thanks to Lu Xun, he laughed and opened the table. Qiao Nian even brought out the lotus leaf scalper’s dish that once mocked his father and apologized to his father in public. Chen Duxiu never blamed his son, because today’s Chen Duxiu will be another brand new Chen Duxiu.

The Tianjin Consciousness Society was formally established. Zhou Enlai explained the determination and goals of the Consciousness Society. They just wanted to make concerted efforts to move on the way to enlightenment and hope that the people of the whole society would move on to the way of enlightenment. Due to the need of struggle, the names of the members of the Consciousness Society are not allowed to be disclosed to the public, and can only use the names drawn by lottery as the communication code and pseudonym.

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