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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 36 Recap

On June 28, 1919, under the firm protest of the entire Chinese people, the Chinese delegation refused to sign the Paris Peace Treaty. This was an important sign of the great awakening of the Chinese nation. China and Japan have also signed an agreement, and the Shandong issue has been alleviated to a certain extent, but Japan still holds a large interest in Shandong.

In Changsha, Hunan, Mao Zedong stood barefoot in a bucket, sweating and printing the manuscript of the “Xiangjiang Daily”. He carefully read the first issue of the article. He was sweaty and sweaty. He edited, typeset, and printed it for more than ten days. , The inaugural issue will be completed. He thought of Chen Duxiu’s willingness to go to jail in order to awaken the public’s consciousness, but felt that his sacrifice was nothing at all. He asked the members to print out the inaugural issue so that they could be sent to schools for publicity.

In 1919, the young Mao Zedong organized the Hunan Students’ Federation and the National Salvation Group of Ten in Changsha, went deep into the society and the streets to give speeches, and widely mobilized the masses to set off activities to rescue Chen Duxiu. He pointed out that Chen Duxiu is a star in China’s ideological circle. The banner of science and democracy will not fall, and the trend of new culture will shine even more. In Tianjin, Zhou Enlai, who is also a young man, is also actively publishing articles about rescuing Chen Duxiu, striving to use the power of public opinion in the whole society to save this new thought leader.

Wu Bingxiang brought a kerosene lamp to Chen Duxiu. In private, he still had to honour Professor Chen, and handed him the report of Chen Duxiu’s imprisonment. Now the two of them have become the protagonists of news reports. Wu Bingxiang chatted with Chen Duxiu about the fictitious reality in this report, and reminded Chen Duxiu to be cautious of being killed. Chen Duxiu looked at Mao Zedong’s article in “Xiangjiang Review” and said with a smile that in the future, it may be that young people like Mao Zedong will overthrow the feudalism of the old society. He is not afraid of bloodshed, let alone the threat of Wu Bingxiang. Chen Duxiu rejected Wu Bingxiang’s suggestion to cooperate with the Police Department. Hearing Chen Duxiu’s heroic singing of Su Shi’s “Ding Storm”, he touched the gray-nose Wu Bingxiang and had to put on his hat and leave.

Chen Duxiu calmly wanders in prison every day and thinks, writing articles without stopping. A person with faith will not easily compromise with reality. Junman brought a stack of books with the children to visit Chen Duxiu in prison. Junman, who knew her husband deeply, also quietly brought him Marxist books. People across the country are now working hard to rescue Chen Duxiu, but Chen Duxiu in prison only reads and writes earnestly every day. But looking at the two issues of “Weekly Review” after Hu Shi took over, Chen Duxiu angrily denounced that this is simply Dewey’s research special issue. The research section on international affairs was also completely gone, and Chen Duxiu angrily demanded that Hu Shi be called immediately and he wanted to see him.

Hu Shi came to see Chen Duxiu and looked at Chen Duxiu haggardly. Hu Shi rolled his head and wiped the tears from his eyes, but Chen Duxiu looked indifferent and only gifted the written poem to Wu Bingxiang, while the back of the poem read “No evil is done. All good will follow.” Hu Shi’s child has been a hundred days old, but Chen Duxiu was imprisoned and failed to be there to celebrate. He was also very guilty for this. Chen Duxiu talked with Hu Shi about the “Weekly Review”.

Hu Shi explained that Wu Bingxiang repeatedly threatened and emphasized that if there are again sharp politically-oriented articles, he will immediately stop publishing and increase the crimes against Chen Duxiu. He has no choice but to change the style of the newspaper. . Chen Duxiu feels that the most important thing now is to encourage the masses to vigorously develop the May Fourth Movement in order to arouse the people’s thinking. However, Hu Shi feels that talking about the country is a mistake. Li Dazhao and Hu Shi’s thinking have already appeared very different.

At present, Li Dazhao is a Russian faction, and Hu Shi It is the American faction, and Chen Duxiu is now also inclined to the Russian faction. He advocates debate on this issue. Hu Shi agreed, but he and Li Dazhao were already opposed to each other. When asked about Chen Duxiu’s position, Chen Duxiu got up and took off the yellow paper on the wall, saying that he also had to write a picture for Hu Shi.

Yannian packed her bags and decided to find Li Dazhao to save her father. Liu Mei also went along, but Yannian refused her and asked her to go back to Shanghai as soon as possible. The current situation of the Chen family no longer benefits her, and even her family will be affected. . Liu Mei didn’t say a word and turned to leave. Yannian rushed to the station with luggage before he could eat. In Hebei, Li Dazhao helped his family cultivate the land.

The farmers caught up with the harvest, but they still didn’t have enough to eat. They even had to eat less. In difficult times, they went to beg for food. The farmers felt that it was their life to be a cow and a horse. , But Li Dazhao said that his fate was up to him. Yannian came to Li Dazhao with his luggage, and had trouble with his father at ordinary times, but blood was thicker than water at critical times.

Li Dazhao told Yannian that although Chen Duxiu’s affairs were far-sighted but not near-worries, he has now become the focus of the three-party struggle. It is a good thing that others can have less trouble in prison. Nowadays, Deng Zhongxia and others have guided the public opinion of the society through the Federation of Students. The rescue of Chen Duxiu will soon become visible. Soon Zhao Shiyan and others will come to Li Dazhao’s home, and they will be able to contribute to the May Fourth Movement and the New Culture Movement together. Made a contribution.

The Beijing Police Department held a press conference to report on Chen Duxiu’s situation in prison. Wu Bingxiang publicized Chen Duxiu’s special privileges in prison, claiming that Chen Duxiu had even gained four catties in prison, but Chen Duxiu was still unable to gain weight during the investigation. Accept interviews and cannot publish articles.

In Hebei Hanwen Gong Temple, Li Dazhao took the students to visit and explained Han Yu’s life. He disagrees with what outsiders call him a master critic of Confucianism. He respects the education of Confucianism very much. He even lives in the Han Wengong Shrine. He is deeply moved by Han Yu’s generous submissions. What he criticizes is only decadent. The three outlines of Confucianism. All the students helped to clean up where Li Dazhao stayed, and it was very lively to cook with fire.

Cai Yuanpei has given up his resignation, and the police department has not found any specific evidence of Chen Duxiu’s crime. Chen Duxiu will be released from prison in a few days. After the Paris peace agreement refused to sign, the All-China Student Federation has also decided to end the strike, and classes will officially start after the summer vacation.

Although the peace talks between the North and South governments are not very optimistic, the May Fourth Movement has awakened the consciousness of all Chinese people, and foreign media have commented on the awakening of the Oriental Giant Lion. Li Dazhao happily took out a drink to celebrate the overall victory of the May Fourth Movement, and then sat down and discussed with his classmates about the greatness of the May Fourth Movement.

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