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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 38 Recap

Aunt Wen was assigned to the farm, and Mrs. Wen came to see Aunt Wen and asked Aunt Wen to bear the matter. The relationship between the Wen family and the district family must not be known to the Xu family, otherwise it would affect Brother Yu’s future. Xianling Pavilion was carried forward because of the embroidery matter. Eleven Niang did not see Lin Shixian for many days. She worried that Lin Shixian would be punished by Jingyuan Hou for the embroidery matter, so she asked Amber to find out.

Amber came to the district government. She applied medicine to Lin Shixian. She was so distressed that she shed tears. Lin Shixian knew what Amber was thinking and only told Amber that he already had a favorite. At this moment, Ou Lixing led people to Lin Shixian’s room. Lin Shixian first avoided Amber and dealt with Ou Lixing by himself.

Ou Lixing wanted to give Lin Shixian a ruthless hand. He asked him to give Lin Shixian medicine. Lin Shixian couldn’t refuse. Amber half untied his clothes, revealing his back. Ou Lixing mistakenly thought that Lin Shixian was very romantic when he was seriously injured, so he left after a few sarcasm. After everyone left, Humber finished her clothes. She knew who she was, but she still hoped that the people she loved would be safe and happy. She wanted nothing more than that.

Jingyuan Hou imprisoned Wang Jiubo’s wife and children. Wang Jiubo was the leader of the pirates. If Wang Jiubo’s trust could be obtained, it would be easier for the court to recruit him. Xu Lingyi was deeply troubled by this matter, and decided to go to Nanjing to find him. Wang Jiubao’s wife and children. In Nanjing, Xu Lingyi rescued Wang Jiubao’s wife and children and intended to enlist Wang Jiubao. Wang Jiubao did not believe what Xu Lingyi said. Hearing Xu Lingyi’s intention to impose a maritime ban, he only asked Xu Lingyi to wait for the imperial court to reopen the maritime ban.

In Maoguo Gongfu, Erniang’s adoptive son stole family wealth to his biological mother. When Erniang found out, she became furious and prepared to deal with her elder son according to family rules. Jin Lian persuaded Er Niang to fulfill the elder son’s will, or else the elder son would inherit the title, and Er Niang’s life would not be easy.

After listening to Jin Lian’s persuasion, Er Niang found out that Jin Lian had been in contact with Eleven Niang. She wanted Jin Lian to leave the Guogong Mansion. Jin Lian said that Eleven Niang’s painstaking efforts, she couldn’t do without Er Niang. Erniang, don’t drive her away. Erniang couldn’t see the handmaid weeping so much, she only let Jin Lian get up. Today’s thing did not happen to her, and she will continue to do what Jin Lian should do in the future.

Ou Lixing asked Aunt Qin to come out. It turned out that Aunt Qin was the eyeliner of Ou Lixing. It was Aunt Qin who came to Shangqu Lixing. This time, Ou Lixing asked Aunt Qin to leave Xu Lingyi and Xi Niang. He also mentioned Lin Shixian to follow. Eleven mothers were unclear about the relationship, and wanted Aunt Qin to make a fuss about this matter at a banquet.

Xu Lingyi returned home after handling his official duties. He stood at the door of the room and looked at the appearance of Eleven Niang deeply missing him. After seeing Xu Lingyi, Eleven Niang was delighted, and the two hugged each other tightly. The next day, Lin Bo came to Xu Lingyi, he also saw Dongqing, and gave Dongqing the scar removal medicine he bought outside the city, so that Dongqing could think about the matter between the two.

Although Dongqing did not respond, she was delighted in her heart. She knew that Linbo wanted a belt with exquisite embroidery, so she had to think of Xu Lingyi’s belt as a reference and prepared to embroider one for Linbo herself. Amber mistakenly thought that Dongqing was thinking about Xu Lingyi, and could not help telling Dongqing intentionally that he should follow his own duty.

The amber embroidered handkerchief fell in the yard and happened to be seen by Aunt Qin. Aunt Qin recognized the unfinished lotus above. She hid aside when she heard Amber’s voice and learned that the handkerchief was Amber’s sister. It was left to her, and she also had exactly one half of the embroidered handkerchief in her hand, which was left by Yuanniang’s maid, Biyu, who was before Yuanniang. Aunt Qin was ready to make good use of Amber to get justice for her and Biyu.

Aunt Qin came to the second lady’s room. She saw the second lady painting ink bamboo, she couldn’t help but mentioned the Lin painter of Xianling Pavilion, and asked the second lady to ask Lin Shixian for painting. The second lady wanted to ask the eleven mother to ask for a painting on her behalf, but Aunt Qin said about the hustle and bustle in the house, and the second lady decided to take a trip by herself and asked Lin Shixian for a painting.

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