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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 37 Recap

While Xi Niang was busy embroidering the Longevity Festival embroidery, while taking care of the housework in the mansion, Xu Lingyi was reluctant to bear the hard work of Xi Niang. He asked Xi Niang to take care of the family affairs to the subordinates, but Xi Niang was not afraid of hard work, Xu Lingyi Supporting her is her greatest help. Now she just wants to finish the embroidery as soon as possible so that Xianling Pavilion can be selected. The picture of Wanshou has been embroidered, and Eleven Niang is afraid of the tricks of the Ou family. She takes the picture of Wanshou back to her house and is ready to keep it.

In Xu Mansion, all aunts came to greet the eleven mothers. They wanted to see the charm of the Wanshou Tu, and the eleven mothers asked Dongqing to open the Wanshou Tu for everyone to see. Later, Aunt Wen came to find Brother Yu, who had always had a good relationship with Brother Yu, and when Brother Yu was about to leave, Aunt Wen asked Brother Yu to go and play hide-and-seek with Brother Yu. The two brothers came to play hide-and-seek in the garden.

Brother Jian was attracted by the gadgets on the road when he was hiding. He was led step by step into a small room. When he wanted to leave, the door of the room was caught from the outside. Locked. Brother Yu couldn’t find Brother Jian, he was very anxious, and he hurried to find Eleven Niang, who was also anxious in his heart. She went to find Brother Yu with Brother Jian, and happened to meet Xu Lingyi going back to the house, and Xu Lingyi also helped him find Brother Jian. , The two found that Brother Chen was attracted by gadgets, and they couldn’t help but be vigilant.

Xu Lingyi and Eleven Niang went back to Xikuayuan first. The two of them just saw Aunt Wen burning the Wanshou Tu. Just then Brother Qian also found it. Hearing that Brother Jian was locked in a small room, Mother Tao was distressed and decided that it was. Brother Yu and Aunt Wen joined forces to harm Brother. Brother Yu was aggrieved. He never thought of harming his brother. Seeing that his son was framed, Aunt Wen hugged her son tightly, saying that she did all this and had nothing to do with Brother Yu. Eleven Niang asked her to take the child away first, and Aunt Wen also simply tore her skin at this time, saying that the Xu family had never treated her kindly.

Mother Tao mentioned the benefits that the Wen family had gained from the Xu family over the years, and Aunt Wen mentioned Xu Lingyi’s unfairness to brother Yu, thinking that Xu Lingyi had only brother Yu in his heart, and never had her and brother Yu. No matter how much Xu Lingyi explained, Aunt Wen couldn’t listen. He had to ask Aunt Wen to take her away. When Aunt Wen left, she warned Mother Tao that Eleven would have her own child in the future. Then she would have to see Yuan Niang. Can you protect Brother Chen from the sky?

Ou Lixing came to the mansion to declare the decree and asked Xu Lingyi to bring her embroidery into the palace. The two took the decree and changed into official uniforms to enter the palace. The eleven mother presented a picture of the four spirits of the sky. This picture is exquisite in embroidery and has a good meaning. Even the father-in-law next to the emperor is full of praise. Ou Lixing did not expect that the eleven mother had this trick. He brought up the Wanshou drawing reported by the eleven mother. Now the image does not match the embroidery. He believes that the eleven mother has committed the crime of deceiving the emperor, and this drawing cannot be submitted.

Before the holy. Eleven Niang clearly told Ou Lixing that she had already reported the Four Spiritual Diagram of the Sky as an alternative. It turned out that Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi had guessed that Ou Jiahui was in a bad mood. They had been wary of it, but Ou Lixing was not there. Under precaution, he signed the name of the candidate work, but he couldn’t get a bite back, so he had to hold on to the Wanshou drawing, and demanded that the eleven mothers also submit the Wanshou drawing. The eleven mother told the truth about the burning of the Wanshou map, and the father-in-law also said that he would report all this to the sage, and the sage will decide everything.

The saint was very satisfied with the Four Spiritual Drawings of the Heavens, and also satisfied with the Xu family. He not only appointed Xianling Pavilion to participate in the Longevity Festival as a folk embroidery workshop, but also made people responsible for the district’s imposing rods for twenty, and punishing the district’s false public and private acts. Take the opportunity to beat the district home. Afterwards, Lin Shixian hurriedly entered the palace when he heard that Wanshoutu was burned. After seeing that Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi were safe, he breathed a sigh of relief, but Ou Lixing was no better. He couldn’t help but look at Ou Lixing’s embarrassed appearance. Before supporting the district Lixing back home.

Ou family, Ou Lixing mentioned to the lord the closeness of Lin Shixian and Shiyiniang, thinking that this time it was Lin Shixian and Xu family who united to harm him. Lin Shixian was single-minded and magnanimous, and the district master thought it was time to let Lin Shixian know his responsibility, he called Lin Shixian to the study, and wanted Lin Shixian to choose an official woman as his wife, so as to help the district family. Lin Shixian mentioned the festival between the district family and the Xu family, and wanted to let the district family go. The district master has always loved Lin Shixian, but because of this remark, he set up family rules against Lin Shixian. The two families in Xu district have already had a deep grievance. If the district family is in If you stop at this time, you will inevitably be crushed.

Mrs. Xu Tai wanted to withdraw from the Xianling Pavilion because of the Wanshou Picture. Xu Lingyi spoke for the eleven mothers. Mrs. Xu mentioned the crisis in Xu Mansion, and she still thinks that it is best for the eleven mothers to withdraw from the Xianling Pavilion Choose, let Eleventhink for yourself. On the other hand, Holly had burned her hand when she was saving Wanshoutu. She wanted to go to the lake to pick up a veil, but Linbo mistakenly thought that Holly could not get married because of scars. He stepped forward and hugged Holly and was willing to marry. Holly, Holly pushed Linbo away, let Linbo stop talking nonsense, but there was a bit of sweetness in his heart.

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