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Rattan 司藤 Episode 22 Recap

Because Bai Ying’s family was taken to the hospital in a car accident, the doctor gave them emergency relief, and Qin Fang was in a complicated mood because he was worried about coming to the hospital. When he went to bed at night, Qin Fang began to dream of singing again. In the dream, Sato was sitting and drinking tea, but when he turned around, he could see that this was Baiying. Qin Fang was awakened from the dream, surprised that he always did. Strange dreams. Unexpectedly, when he came out, Yan Furui also dreamed of Siteng, and told him not to go back to Cangcheng Mountain. It was good to stay in Yuhang. In their dreams, Siteng said “end here.”

Qin Fang heard this and hurried to Si Teng’s room. Qin Fang couldn’t accept Si Teng’s departure, and rushed out shouting, buying a lot of food and overeating. Yan Furui arbitrarily advocated selling the clothes that Si Teng didn’t wear. , Qin Fang was furious, so scared that Yan Furui hurried to make tea to lower the fire. At the same time, Wang Qiankun in the Changming study was unable to verify the blood of Siteng and Qin Fang, and he was on the verge of collapse.

Qin Fang refused to give up searching for Siteng. Yan Furui couldn’t figure out why Qin Fang could lead the ordinary life of ordinary people. Why should he look for Siteng? Then he guessed that Qin Fang liked Siteng and had not waited for him. Qing Qing, Qin Fang thought of the reason Sato gave half of his power, perhaps her move was not random. Thinking of this, they immediately began to hypothesize what Baiying would do after her resurrection. Like Si Teng, she might find someone who obeyed to slow herself down. They immediately thought of the family where the car accident occurred.

The two hurried to the hospital, but one of the women who was in the car accident was discharged. Yesterday, she said she was dying. Now she was discharged. Qin Fang decided to go to that person’s house. They didn’t notice that she was on the way. , A white-haired old man is also going to this person’s home, and this old man is Qiu Shan. Qin Fang learned from the woman’s husband that the woman’s current situation was very similar to the original Situ, and he could probably conclude that Bai Ying was indeed in this house.

Yan Furui looked behind him and suddenly began to twitch at the corners of his mouth. Qin Fang turned his head in surprise, and saw Siteng who had already left. Siteng called Qin Fang to speak alone. She did not admit that it was because Qin Fang changed her mind and no longer. Joined with Baiying. Qin Fang didn’t give Si Teng time to refute, so he called Yan Furui. Si Teng had no choice but to say that she had appeared in his plan. If Bai Ying planned to harm others, she would not let her go. However, as soon as Bai Ying found the host body, she didn’t know Bai Ying’s demands for the time being, and planned to go in with Qin Fang to explore her breath.

Yan Furui, who was alone, was found by the family’s daughter. She asked Yan Furui to play with her. Yan Furui simply played the ball with her. During the period, Yan Furui suddenly saw the white-haired old man passing by, who turned out to be his master Qiu Shan. , He immediately caught up. Si Teng and Qin Fang walked into the house and met with Bai Ying who was possessed by the woman. Si Teng offered to communicate with Bai Ying alone. After Qin Fang persuaded the woman’s husband to allow them to chat.

Qiu Shan was yelled at by Yan Furui and did not pretend to be ignorant. Yan Furui did not want his master to confront Bai Ying and Si Teng, and deliberately dragged him away from him. Qiu Shan looked upstairs with unkind eyes, and did not force Yan Furui to leave. Behind them, the girl just now stared at the back of them leaving. Sito also suddenly discovered that Baiying was not with the woman. When they rushed downstairs, the girl had passed out on the ground, and they rushed the child to the hospital. Then Sito checked that Baiying had also left the little girl’s body. Fortunately, she had not been possessed for a long time, and the girl was in no other danger.

Yan Furui and his master Qiu Shan came to a corner of no one. They talked about what happened in the past. Bai Ying’s cruelty was vividly visible. Yan Furui couldn’t help but sweat for Sato. He didn’t dare to say Sto’s good in Qiushan, for fear. The master is angry. Qiu Shan reprimanded the current Xuanmen and the Xia clan for being stunned. He was the only one who did not forget his original aspirations, and Yan Furui dared not say a word about this. Baiying is constantly absorbing modern knowledge. She uses her abilities to steal money. This day, while eating, she also happened to meet Baijin.

Bai Jin is talking about his doctrines with ordinary people. He said that he has a friend of the Xuan clan named Si Teng. Bai Ying Lima was attracted. She followed the drunk Bai Jin to leave the hotel, pretending to be a fan of Platinum and him. Talking, smiled evilly when he passed out drunk. Qin Fang and Si Teng returned home after watching the movie. When Si Teng experienced a 3D movie in the cinema, because of the immersive feeling of making a misunderstanding, Qin Fang took her home and barbecued for her to eat. Watching movies at home.

Qin Fang watched the scene of the male and female protagonist kissing under the water in the movie, reminiscent of the scene where Sato rescued himself from the water, and sighed that Sato didn’t understand romance. Siteng sighed and retorted that he understood. For a second, when Qin Fang didn’t react, he kissed it aggressively.

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