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Rattan 司藤 Episode 21 Recap

With Qin Fang’s home as the center, the green plants around quickly withered, Qin Fang came back tired, Yan Furui hurriedly took him to look at the wonders in the garden, even the plants in their house were already withered, Qin Fang heard this, even more Worried about cheese vine. Qin Fang looked at the withered rattan in the yard, as if he saw the fragile Sto. He sat on a chair, and fell asleep because of exhaustion. In his dream, he dreamed of an endless lake, sinking into the water and unable to extricate himself.

At night, Qin struggled in a nightmare. When Si Teng came back to see him so uncomfortable, he plunged into his dream and saw a woman who looked exactly like him fell into the bottom of the river. Qin Fang struggled to wake up from his dream. Siteng was no longer there, and the flowers and trees around him came back green again. Yan Furui marveled for a long time, and was worried about whether Siteng and Baiying would become the same cannibalism before. Siteng, but Qin Fang can understand Siteng’s helplessness, knowing that she will be very sad.

Qin Fang found Si Teng and knew that Si Teng could not bear the strength of the red umbrella in her body. He was repeatedly released and eroded every day. The situation became more and more serious. Qin Fang determined that only Si Teng and Baiying could get the red umbrella in her body. After the strength was digested, he took out his grandfather’s picture scroll, and wanted to help Si Teng find the place where Bai Ying’s bones were hidden.

Si Teng interrupted him. In fact, she had expected that Bai Ying and her were actually the same person. Bai Ying could think of it, and she could also think that it was impossible for Qin Laifu to really let Qin Laifu know about her hidden bones. In fact, she had already made hands and feet in the water, and those who got into the water would undoubtedly die.

Sato planned to go to find out at night. Although Qin Fang still did not approve of her fit, in the end he chose to fulfill his original promise to Sato. Sto looked at his leaving back with a contradiction in his heart. Qin Fang asked his friend to borrow a boat that could be assembled and asked Yan Furui to help assembling it. Si Teng didn’t let them follow. She took the lead in going into the water to test. When her cane touched the wooden pavilion below, she actually saw the scene of Qin Laifu burying people back then.

The boatmen and boatmen Qin Laifu took were all entangled in the bottom of the water by Bai Ying’s cane, and they were directly destroyed. Siteng did not move, but returned to the shore silently. Qin Fang and Yan Furui had been waiting for a long time. When they heard Siteng found Bai Ying, Qin Fang didn’t have any feelings for her happy, and Siteng was not happy. . At night, Qin Fang slept very restlessly, and hurried to Siteng’s room, only to find that Siteng was no longer visible.

Siteng had already arrived at Xizhao Lake and stood silently on the lake. When Qin Fang chased her, she hadn’t started to act. Qin Fang rushed to persuade Siteng to be herself and stop living for Qiu Shan and Bai Ying. Qin Fang told Si Teng to organize her and Bai Ying to fit together because he liked her and wanted to be with Si Teng forever. Siteng was disturbed by him. While trying to complete the fit, he was reluctant to part with Qin Fang. After hearing Qin Fang’s words, Siteng didn’t know how he reacted. When Yan Furui arrived, Qin Fang was no longer by her side.

Yan Furui was wondering why Si Teng asked Qin Fang if he could get water. At this moment, Qin Fang was entangled in the cane and came out of water calling for help. Si Teng jumped into the water to save people without even thinking about it. Qin Fang was trapped. At the bridge, Sito rushed into the water and fought with Baiying in the water. Qin Fang wanted Yan Furui to rescue him, but Yan Furui didn’t know how to drive a boat. After tossing back and forth many times, he accidentally ran into the cane that had entangled Qin Fang, which saved Qin Fang.

Qin Fang and Yan Furui came to the shore and saw Si Teng and Bai Ying fighting against each other on the water. Then they rushed to the bottom of the water. Qin Fang came to the bridge and shouted that Si Teng wanted Si Teng to come back, but one of them came up from the water. The woman in red was exceptionally weird, and she didn’t recognize Qin Fang and Yan Furui at all, almost pushed Qin Fang into the water, and then left.

Qin Fang was pulled up by Yan Furui, and sat in the same place incredulously, feeling that Siteng and Bai Ying had already joined together. After a while, the real Sto appeared in front of them, Qin Fang was happy that Sto was still there, and rushed forward to hug Sto. But Sito pursued Baiying anxiously, leaving the two of them to catch up alone. Although Qin Fang knew that he couldn’t keep up with the boss, Qin Fang hurriedly pulled Yan Furui to catch up.

Sto met Qiu Shan while chasing people. She saw Qiu Shan extremely jealous and wanted to kill. The two were preparing to do it on the road, but there was someone on the road because the vehicle was out of control. Sto couldn’t bear the casualties, so he rescued him. Qiu Shan saw The way she was saving someone was actually holding her hand, but at this moment, a red shadow flashed past the two of them, and Qiu Shan directly chased after them.

Siteng returned to Qin Fang’s home. Qin Fang and Yan Furui did not blindly find someone. They hurriedly returned home after seeing a car accident on the road. Sure enough, they saw Sitou standing at home when he returned home. Sito confessed that he gave Bai Ying. With half the power, Baiying can be resurrected.

Qin Fang didn’t let Yan Furui continue to question Bai Ying. They all knew Bai Ying’s viciousness, but they didn’t understand why Si Teng did it. He left Yan Furui to accompany Si Teng, and he planned to go to the hospital to see the situation of the family in the car accident. Yan Furui couldn’t help asking Si Teng why he wanted to resurrect Bai Ying. Si Teng did not explain to him, but said that this was a matter between her and Bai Ying. After that, Yan Furui was sent back to Cangcheng Mountain to sell skewers, obviously sending him.

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