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Rattan 司藤 Episode 20 Recap

Yan Furui was puzzled by the way the two of them get along now. In desperation, Yan Furuiren told Qin Fang with all his righteousness that Si Teng was going to dig Baiying’s bones on the Huafeng Pagoda in the evening. Because Shan Zhigang was absent, he was put on hold. Yan Furui didn’t care. The whole thing was related to his master Qiu Shan. He also wanted to witness the final result, but no matter how he invited him, Qin Fang didn’t want to see Siteng, nor did he want to go to Huafeng Pagoda at night.

Si Teng looked forward to Qin Fang’s appearance at home, but Yan Furui came back alone and returned to his room sullenly. On the other side, Qin Fang drove away, but left the car halfway, and walked back home. He appeared in the garden and called out Si Teng. Si Teng never understood why the day between her and Bai Ying was Bai Ying.

Qin Fang told her that Bai Ying was deeper than Si Teng Jizhi. She was able to accompany Shao Yankuan for so long, and she could even use childbirth as the only way to preserve her blood, and she could even be killed by Qiushan without revealing her feet. All this is Baiying’s layout, her purpose is not to fit with Sato, but to resurrect her. Qin Fang wanted to prevent Sato and Baiying from resurrecting. He didn’t want Sato and Baiying to become one, because he didn’t want to have a blood relationship with Siteng.

Si Teng was still determined to fit with Bai Ying, and immediately cleared his relationship with Qin Fang, and made the final goodbye. After Qin Fang returned to the office, he did not give up, and frantically searched for how to determine the blood relationship of the Xian family. Time passed quickly, and the sky darkened, and Qin Fang could not fall asleep. At the same time, Yan Furui had already followed Siteng. Siteng did not use external force at all. She continued to extend her vines, but finally fainted because of lack of energy. Yan Furui was anxious to take her away and accidentally dropped all the tools she was carrying, attracting security.

At this time, because Qin Fang could not sleep, he came to the bar to drink to vent his dissatisfaction with Siteng. On the way, he received a call from Yan Furui. Because of fear, he finally chose to save Yan Furui and Siteng, with Qin Fang’s repeated guarantees, security Just let them go. The drunk Qin Fang laughed gleefully when he heard that Si Teng had not succeeded in the fit. He still picked up Si Teng and took her home. Then Qin Fang fell on the sofa next to Si Teng’s bed. Yan Furui refused to leave no matter how she dragged it, so Yan Furui had to leave people behind.

In the early morning of the next day, Qin Fang came out of the room and met Yan Furui who had guarded them all night. He learned from him that Si Teng had not found Bai Ying’s bones last night and concluded that her bones were not on the Huafeng Pagoda. After learning the news, Qin Fang couldn’t help but wonder, and by the way investigated the construction time of Huafeng Pagoda. He stood by the bed for a while, and Siteng woke up. As soon as he woke up, he started to drive Qin Fang. Qin Fang was very uncomfortable. After taking two steps, he turned around to reason with Siteng. Anyway, he His blood can wake Siteng and heal her injuries. Qin Fang said that he would like to supply Siteng for the rest of her life, but she was so proud of Siteng that she could not accept such living by relying on others.

Si Teng did not listen to Yan Furui’s analysis any more, she focused on the lake behind her, and walked slowly. Yan Furui was sitting in the garden thinking about the place where Baiying’s bones were hidden, guessing that the bones were not in the mountains, not in the tower, or in the water? Then he suddenly found that all the green plants in spring were all withered and yellow in an instant, and he hurriedly stopped Qin Fang, who was about to leave. He guessed that Si Teng was going to absorb the nutrients in the soil to do something, so he asked Yan Furui to wait for him here. He was going back to the old house, and he would definitely be back before night.

At the same time, Qiu Shan has recovered from his injuries and left the mountains with his own equipment. Qin Fang returned to the old house and retrieved the grandfather’s diary again. He also saw the painting left by the grandfather. He guessed that there was no Huafeng Pagoda on Chijing Lake, but Bai Ying invented a virtual tower by himself. Just to mark a unique location. He brought the painting to the shore of Chijing Lake, watching the sinking sunset, suddenly had a bold idea.

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